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  1. Sad news was hoping they would have made him Medi sub Hey there's no fairytales in footy we as Melbourne supporters know that all too well
  2. He's been told team won't change from last night on a plane tonight or tomorrow morning
  3. It was the 4th qrt and they knew they where on the flight home Got to love smashing the cats
  4. F### I love this club so proud of the boys we bring that pressure again and where unstoppable boys are flying with confidence now carn dees two weeks and I'm already nervous
  5. Yes a massive prelim win beats a home and away game any day of the week Carn dees
  6. So nervous hardly slept last night After watching port it just shows pressure around the ball and forward 50 and you go a long way to winning Our time to make a statement like port is now pressure from the opening bounce and watch us rear them apart go dees can't wait
  7. Really like hunt but that helps us bring in pig and bowey has shown he can go alright we just need as little setbacks as possible coming to finals Have a settled team and s mash Geelong on the first final
  8. Don't know if anyone else has said it but y don't we table a offer to clarko for 2023 he names the length and takes a club he played for to the big dance here will be plenty of clubs thinking the same thing
  9. Didn't see any of that take down the post sorry guys
  10. Saw he's put contract talk on hold till they name a coach Reckon he'd be worth having a crack at not a bad kick got some hardness about him and would die trying to win a flag Has some brain fades but some on the list have the same tendency Should get his brother to nudge him to our door
  11. How many has brown kicked then if they are resting him now
  12. To be beaten on our home deck hurts more I reckon Midfield didn't show up they had more on the line Yes we had a chance to keep our top 4 on course but that's footy when U get smashed in the middle this will happen Need to bring in brown and have him and fritch lead out of the square Goody needs a [censored] plan b too
  13. Let's change things up a bit put Jordan,sparrow,Lizzie,and Jackson in the middle to start see what happens this was my only issue with goody if plan a doesn't work there's no plan b atm mixed things up if it doesn't work it's no worse than what's going on atm
  14. When may crunch tackled Hit him so hard thought he folded him on half Was like a lift tackle in the NRL Can't show enough love for this beast he's stepped up big time this year
  15. I thought it was strange when Maxy took it out of the ruck he should have smashed it into clear space given ourself a chance to win not go for a draw we where 9-0 at the time Be ruthless not safe Adelaide where
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