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  1. just need to find a way to get Weid in. I'd rather invest and support Weid and find a spot elsewhere for TMac (wing or CHB). I know it wont happen but I think they have played the wrong card here. Weid in, TMac back, Harmes in for Jones. perfect opportunity to bring in the Weid.
  2. Maybe not for this thread, but when was the last time the Dees went 5 zip?
  3. Like it. Probably only change I would make is to bring in Baker onto the bench instead of Chandler. Just adds more flexibility.
  4. If there is no standalone team from Tassie, which will need to be heavily govt and AFL funded (unlikely due to current covid situation), then the only option is a relocation. Given it is about a national competition the only option is to relocate a victorian club (Gold Coast and GWS are going nowhere). The only options really are North and Hawks, and it wont be Hawks due to their long term success. North blew a huge opportunity when they were offerred a riduclous amount of money, players and draft concessions to relocate to Gold Coast. They could have had another premiership by n
  5. cant wait to watch the transformation in Clarry, Kossie, Gus, LJ, Riv and Weids.
  6. Melsham role? wait in the goal square for someone to do the work and kick it to me?
  7. Simply the greatest.... Could you image the damage Robbie could do now on our wing....one can dream!
  8. Completely agree. It is the only way to provide a balanced, fiscally sound and truly national competition. also reduces the talent drain which would occur if a 19th team was added not to mention the complexity of an odd number of teams and reducing the Victorian bias assuming it is a Victorian team that relocates. Surely it has to be North Melbourne. The opportunity to inject mature talent, favourable draft conditions, financial incentives etc that GWS and GC had into an existing team with a good but not great supporter base should be a sound decision for all (except some Nth melbourne
  9. so, back to footy....any rumours on DFA's who we are looking at or possibly SPP intake?
  10. Our 3 picks at the draft will complete our senior list to 38. That will leave 1 spot left on rookie list (after Neitschke is selected). I understand we can also select an SPP as we place KK on the LTI or non-playing list.
  11. according to article on AFL website, we are only taking 3 picks at draft. without a change then thats 18, 19 and 28 (or whatever they end up as). That will leave us 2 spots to fill assuming we are leaving 1 open for DFA, SPP
  12. so as i see it given list size announcments: - we have maximum 4 spots left on senior list (possibly 3 if you upgrade Lockhart) - we have 1 spot left on rookie list ( 2 spots if Lockhart is upgraded) - JM indicated keeping 1 spot open for mid season or DFA or SPP - assuming no further pick swaps - we will fill all 4 senior list positions from 18, 19, 28 and 50 - did i read that KK's spot will drop off at some stage in 2021?
  13. Given this stage of trade week, I only want TMac to go IF we can secure T Phillips for the wing spot. Otherwise happy for him to stay, get fit and prove us all wrong...
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