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  1. I think Chunk will play. Medi-sub though. JJ unlucky
  2. as much as id hate to admit it, I wouldnt be surprised, given our draft pick situation that in order to get Cerra, we might give up Brayshaw who might be happy to go. Im sure someone will start the Brayshaw to Freo conversation again!!
  3. read an article recently (cant recall where) which said Maynard had put talks with pies on hild until season end and clarity on coach althugh industry sources said he was highly likely to be going to Dees.
  4. Jacko needs a rest - Weed in - TMAc to move to Jacko role Jordon needs a rest - Jones in Dont want to make any more changes which might unsettle noting following must lift - ANB, Harmes with Melk and VdB ready to go.
  5. Harmes in for Vanders; Weed in for Jackson (needs a rest and recharge for finals) Over the next couple of weeks, would be good to find a way to rest Rivers, Jordon, and ANB and bring in combination Jones, Sparrow, Melksham, Vanders to cover to be prepared for September
  6. A bit out there, but Is it a bridge too far to play both BB and Wied? TMac to move to wing where he was intended to play this season, drop Sparrow and either Brayshaw or Harmes?
  7. I think we need a little perspective. 9-1 and if the OOB was paid we are probably 10-0 still. Delivery to Fwd line was ordinary and yes a couple look tired. no need to panic. Salem in for jetta (easy); Viney (assuming fit) in for Jordan (just needs a recharge i think); Sparrow for Melk (just no pressure from him when needed - fair weather footballer)
  8. has to be in Weid, out LJ, TMac to take LJ role. Do we give Sparrow a run in lieu of Melk?
  9. If majak gets called up before Weid start imagining him in Black and White!
  10. just need to find a way to get Weid in. I'd rather invest and support Weid and find a spot elsewhere for TMac (wing or CHB). I know it wont happen but I think they have played the wrong card here. Weid in, TMac back, Harmes in for Jones. perfect opportunity to bring in the Weid.
  11. Maybe not for this thread, but when was the last time the Dees went 5 zip?
  12. Like it. Probably only change I would make is to bring in Baker onto the bench instead of Chandler. Just adds more flexibility.
  13. If there is no standalone team from Tassie, which will need to be heavily govt and AFL funded (unlikely due to current covid situation), then the only option is a relocation. Given it is about a national competition the only option is to relocate a victorian club (Gold Coast and GWS are going nowhere). The only options really are North and Hawks, and it wont be Hawks due to their long term success. North blew a huge opportunity when they were offerred a riduclous amount of money, players and draft concessions to relocate to Gold Coast. They could have had another premiership by now. I can only see a North relocation as the only long term viable solution for North, the national comp and footy in Tassie. The sooner everyone gets on the same bandwagon the better for all concerned.
  14. cant wait to watch the transformation in Clarry, Kossie, Gus, LJ, Riv and Weids.
  15. Melsham role? wait in the goal square for someone to do the work and kick it to me?
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