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  1. Ok so this might be a little left field but there are things I'm seeing outside of the club that strengthen my belief that we will win the flag. I've been listening to the Gus and Gawny podcast for a while now and things like 'Positive Lingers, ' Win The Morning Club', 'Elite Ball Kickers (started by Chocco) amongst everything else that is thrown into how strong this group is is quite unbelievable. I don't know how many other clubs have these little things going on inside their 4 walls, but it's great to see how united these players are. We've heard all year how it's been player driven and even the footage of standards (the paper cup in the change rooms etc) and little clips of the boys at training doing the number count runs. It's all adding up. Not only was the footage great from when we won the prelim of the celebrations afterwards by all the players who didn't play, but I saw this first hand when we beat the Eagles at Optus earlier in the year. Once we won that game, all the players came over and waved a thank you to the crowd, the 2's players then came out and did a 25 min training session while the 1's players were giving them high 5's and hugs as they were walking off the ground. Seeing all this footage makes me believe that this group is very, very special. I wouldn't typically read into these small things, but the difference it makes is so clear now. I'm still nervous don't get me wrong, but my confidence in my group who are playing for each other is unshakeable. P.S - For anyone who thinks we should trade Gus, go and listen to the podcast. We simply can't get rid of people like this. He is a big gel for this club for relationships with players. He plays his role and plays it well (of course we'd all love him to have 30+ and kick 2), he's super valuable on and off-field. P.PS. - this week has felt like 8 months long
  2. Petty could cover this guy. I think he's a super talent but he has no number 2 and if we can nullify this guy then I can't see Dogs kicking a big score. They have some handy small forwards but Weightman can be contained and so can Hannan.
  3. I'll be going to the Captains Run Training at Optus on Friday morning. I'll give you all a full run down of what I see/they do.🔴 🔵
  4. Another one who needs to put in a massive game for us is Tmac. He should be able to expose his matchup (who I think will be Gardner)
  5. There won't be any changes on our end. Wonder how Dogs will line up though and who misses for them. Gawn and BB have to run Keath and Martin to the ground.
  6. I also can't see Hannan and Smith having as much time and space as they have the last few weeks.
  7. MFC backs v WB forwards = advantage MFC WB Backs vs MFC Forwards = advantage MFC Midfield - Depth (WB) (however ruck = MFC) = Breakeven Structurally we are far better than them, in the first game we beat them quite comfortably and the second game they got the win (although I do believe weather played a part that game). I don't dismiss that lose at all but I really think we were off that game, Dogs were in good form and our mids barely got up and running. The biggest worry for me is their midfield hitting the scoreboard. If we can reduce Bont and Smith in particular, it will go a long way because I don't really think Naughton will kick a bag on May and Weightman will either. Hannan could bob up for 1-2 but then outside of this who else can kick their goals? Scache probably won't. Our forwards are far more dangerous than theirs. Our backs are more robust. Breakeven in the midfield and don't allow their mids opportunity to kick goals and we should win.
  8. If anyone in VIC has a membership number or barcode they would like to offer for remuneration, please send me a message and we can chat. Not sure if this is allowed or mods will approve Thank you
  9. We’re better than them as a whole.. Our forwards and backline is far greater. Slightly concerned for our mids though
  10. He’ll be fine and play. No chance he’ll miss.
  11. May will be fine. Looked up and about post game. Even Goodwin post-game said they are quietly confident he will be fine.
  12. On my way to the game now and I’m a nervous wreck. Feeling for you all in VIC. Will raise hell for you all 🔴🔵
  13. or Jake Kolodjashnij on a tall God I hope we destroy them
  14. Hendrson out would be a huge loss Would mean Tuohy would have to play on a man lol
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