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  1. We had a real reek of trying to do too much today What was with Oliver trying to take on every tackler? Tracc trying to do a miraculous kick ever 2nd kick Kozzi trying the take on 5 players at once There is a lot of arrogance at times about this side that just infuriates me. Just do the simple things.
  2. I can stomach a loss if the effort is there Seems like we drank a bit of our own kool aid and didnt' switch on Weed has to go ASAP He isn't up to it and we need BBB in
  3. Kozzi has been playing awful the last 2 weeks
  4. Seedy kick but well done Please put the foot down on this mob now
  5. Great kick Max - far out we needed that Could of either been 22 or 11 difference
  6. Lol Gary just loves to sink the boots in at times doens't he? I understand it's his job but sometimes I can hear the joy in his voice when we're down
  7. Weed needs to show himself to the bench
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