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  1. Great another injury plagued Nth player on our list
  2. Mfc = jinx will this club ever get the rub of the green??
  3. Scully not the 1st or last player to leave an afl club for a larger contract ... blame both the Afl for wanting an expansion club to be successful ASAP plus the MFC who’s culture was pathetic at the time. Very overrated & gws payed way overs. Hawks like other successful clubs not wanting to bottom out continue to top up eg the Cats, will bite them in the rear end eventually.
  4. The appointments of Williams & Yze are great but also interesting...in particular with Goodwin recent events & one wanders wether the club are putting plans in place for Yze & Williams to mentor him
  5. Drove past hawks new home training facility to be build in Dingley a fair way from Glenferrie
  6. Didn’t watch members forum as away with work, but seems as the usual all talk whilst every other Vic clubs are getting multi million dollar developments for their home training bases & we have zero! Was the cairns debacle questioned in detail as who was responsible for the crazy scheduling of landing less than 4 hrs before the game kicked off vs the swans?? Was our leadership questioned as why they continue to lose to bottom teams and do we have a culture of getting ahead of themselves??
  7. Great get no nonsense approach & great developer of talent...the excuses are no more with Chocco, Yze & burgess
  8. I lived in port all my life followed vfa port as same theme song & colours .. the Port Ground is ripe for development & the whole area is getting developed with fisherman’s bend project with thousands of new residents & new schools etc ..the opportunity to get in the local community & build supporter base is huge, partnership with port Melb fc in the vfl were both teams could train under one roof along with the admin is a huge upside..Would be & feel more like a suburban club not a club part of the MCC.
  9. Only club not to have a home training base under one roof ... whilst watching multi million dollar upgrades to other Vic clubs... good question to raise at members forum.. the gap is getting wider & we are falling further away from the competition!
  10. About time the whole club just shut up & say nothing & let their footy do the talking...
  11. Only a matter of time before the mfc could find a way to be in the news again for the wrong reasons ... was happy seeing the pies implode with the treloar mess
  12. So Tigers, Nth, dogs & cats getting millions for home base development yet the mfc going around in circles once again ... getting left further & further ... will never win a flag
  13. Club needs to stop these type of BS fluff! Enough talk & let ur winning do the talking as been hearing how excited they are for over a decade!
  14. Both clubs have announced 40 & 36 mill upgrade of their training base whilst the Mfc will continue to train in a paddock & Casey. Pert declared by 2024 we will have a home base but we just continue to be left behind and we have the worst training facilities in the league now!
  15. Still holds great value & can work himself back into the side as a kpp ... will make everyone earn their spots
  16. How do the hawks get away with pick 65 for him & mfc just can’t? how do the doggies get Treloar & get 300k if his contract & we can’t .. we miss finals again & only get 1 trade done.. understand we traded for earlier picks but not enough done
  17. Chasing a flag & topping up with 2x 32yo in Higgins & Smith to add to how many 30+ yo on their list? High risk?
  18. The big clubs continue to get bigger .. state gvt assistance vs no home training base for the mfc until 2024... we are so far behind... https://www.afl.com.au/news/523907/new-40m-boost-to-complete-gmhba-stadium-upgrade
  19. Have been critical of JM & club was criticised when they traded Hogan but I think he was on the money for this - Matthew Lloyd says he has huge concerns for incoming Giant
  20. Saints have been very active both last year & this year ... they continue to bring in talent we appear to be in slow motion
  21. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHFBsc0JXuX/?igshid=1xte146fvtq8y
  22. That’s the issue bottom clubs will pay overs to attract players... the system is actually working against bottom teams even more so!
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