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  1. Great response from the loss last week
  2. His Stats were very low ... on wanders what’s up with him????
  3. Maybe they lost the selfless acts last nite, going for individual glory rather than choosing a better option
  4. Gutless??? Very harsh... defensively off and dropped many marks that they normally take, maintaining winning 10 games for any side is very hard in a hard Comp and crows thumped the cats... should have won & im sorry umpires played a role.
  5. We’re not at our best tonite defensively but I’m sorry just watched how the umpiring was pathetic not paying holding the ball in the middle which resulted in a crows goal & the deliberate...Sure we were up by 16 points but games turn and you can’t have umpiring decisions like these!!
  6. We have played good footy to win 9 on the trot, at same stage they were going to drop off, the test is next 2 weeks dogs & lions....
  7. pretenders will know next 2 rounds....
  8. Reality is hard to maintain wining for 10 weeks and though 16 points up how did they let it slip??? Hope this isn’t a start of a losing streak
  9. Correct went to a 22 rounds in 1970, so prior to this they played each other once then played the twice the teams from round 1-7 so another compromises Comp
  10. https://www.fishermansbend.vic.gov.au/ Expecting 80k in population growth by 2050, no brainer to have the port Melb ground redeveloped....
  11. Unfortunately the club has inflicted unhappiness for 55 years and we have history of dropping these games to teams below us...
  12. All clubs cop injuries but just wonder when will the footy gods ever shine on us ??? First May a defender now a forward & both on fire!
  13. Reading the Age I just hope winning a flag For the suffering members and holding longest premiership drought doesn’t take a back seat for her using the platform for gender equality. Don’t disagree with equality but hope she’s doing this role for the right reasons.
  14. What are the positives when you can’t kick or hit targets??? It’s been our Achilles heel for last 5 seasons yet nothing changes! Let’s see if the mfc we know has turned up once again.
  15. The MFC we all know has turned up thus far ... let’s see if anything has changed
  16. Watching the swans on how fast and well they develop players vs ours is utterly frustrating and begs the question why??? Want be surprised if they win a flag before we do
  17. We all know how Saints supporters are feeling
  18. Swans won a flag in 2012 & dogs in 2016 and both have bottomed out somewhat and have managed to rebuild/top up/ develop their lists to possibly contend this year based on their form right now ...MfC still working on consistency to win games and play finals .. enough said
  19. Gawn is rucking for the opposition teams ... we’re is our elite midfield winning his domination in the ruck???
  20. Whilst it’s a win the reality is our kicking going into fwd 50 is poor and hasn’t changed for the last 5 seasons, yep first game understand that but we would have lost against a top team. Question is it game plan? Drafting players who can’t hit targets, development, all of the above?
  21. It’s night & day when you compare and ours just take much longer...
  22. Our whole development programme has issues... look at the dogs Bailey Smith 20 yo vs any of our early picks who are no we’re near him
  23. Pretty clear that need fwds who can mark & score ., who are ours?
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