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  1. Melbourne has a curse regarding foot injuries. I would think it would be incredibly unwise to rush him back. We will have to make do without him, I think, but luckily Collingwood don’t have a heap of tall forwards.
  2. It says heaps for the depth that we had last year – and I think, probably still do – the Bedford, Baker, Weideman , Hunt are all doing extremely well at other clubs.
  3. I think alcohol is a problem - it certainly was at Entrecote.
  4. Really good posting, binman, and it’s also great to see this thread back on track after a little diversion. I’m looking forward to the remainder of your hypotheses! Talking to someone last night, and thinking back on a bit of history, it seems to me that one of the huge factors in 2021, was the fact that we did the hub life much better than any other team. And that contributed to the absolute team commitment and joint purpose that we had. That was, of course, really damaged at Entrecôte restaurant. And I’m starting to hear that there are other issues – minor ones, but issues nevertheless – around the club. Apart from anything else, our captain is running two wine bars, there are other players with other similar interests, other social matters, and I just wonder if a lot of the cohesion has been lost. The trouble is, I don’t know how we get it back again. (If WCW is reading this thread, I am sure she would have some pretty good insights as to whether I’m right about this, and I would love to hear them.) Perhaps one way to get cohesion back would be to have a couple of cracking wins against good teams e.g. Carlton, and then Collingwood. That might really help. On the other hand, it is a real problem that once again, we really don’t get a bye, which would’ve been an opportunity for, perhaps, the whole team to get away for a few days to a holiday vacation together. But obviously that’s not going to happen.
  5. That Petty time frame is looking ominous. Foot injuries are the Melbourne curse!
  6. Well, we were right in it in both games…..
  7. I haven’t seen him at Casey, but would Verrall perhaps work as a key defender, to replace May? He looks to have the perfect size for it.
  8. And me. The AFL has no faith in its product so they keep trying to “improve” it; most steps are backwards. I mean, really: why can’t we have peace during the breaks so you can discuss the game with your companion?
  9. I agree but most clubs don’t trade them away! -so better late than never.
  10. In the draft we need to find and prepare a replacement for May in the next year or so - someone big and strong.
  11. Looking at Blakey’s game for Sydney on the weekend, I was thinking -that is the style of game that would suit Rivers perfectly: he should study it. It could make him a very powerful weapon.
  12. Unwillingness to play BBB/persistence with highly limited role players? BBB is the most limited role player in our group. I don’t want to bag him; he was a key in 2021 and he is obviously a wonderful person. But as a player: yes, he kicked 4 goals against Brisbane but Andrew’s murdered him and was BOG, setting up attack after attack - because BBB is too slow and awkward as soon as he doesn’t mark it. Lack of creativity in midfield rotations? We have been mixing it up time and again, to make sure Clarry and Tracc aren’t worn out by the end of the season. Draft outside mids? Didn’t we recruit Hunter?
  13. Once again, the doomsayers and anti-Goodwiners return. Sure, we have some problems. I agree we need a third tall defender, but the Petty experiment up forward had us as the highest scoring team in the league. Much as he is not in the top rank, it seems to me Tomlinson has to come in next week so that Lever can go back to his floating role. Pickett into the midfield simply didn’t work; the stats established that. If anything, our loss of clearance work is probably because we are mixing up our centre bounce combination very regularly. A couple of tweaks and I am sure this team can return to its glory. I do think Joel Smith in the forward line might be an idea as an experiment, just for a bit of a change.
  14. Almost every time, Gus got the ball, he handballled backwards to a player in trouble. And then he missed that critical shot at the end. Sorry, no.
  15. TBH, it wouldn’t have been a 15m kick or anything like
  16. That’s right, isnt it?! Viney steps up when required -a champion.
  17. Another way of looking at it is that we made them look second-rate. As with Sydney: they were going well at the time but we broke their spirit and since then injuries have also killed them.
  18. Now I get it! Sorry - dumb post by me earlier. im amazed that there wasn’t a kill last weekend in Tasmania…
  19. Wasn’t Neil Balme sacked by Joe Gutnick?
  20. I think his dad didn’t have any particular skills, but recognised that and trained and worked to make the absolute best of what he had. It sounds like his son is the same.
  21. Reading this thread, we lost by ten goals with no winners and no positives. In the game I watched, we lost by four points. We were slow to begin and we don’t play as well in the wet, but against a quality team playing at their peak in front of a rabid hometown crowd we managed to have a SEVEN GOAL quarter and end up losing by a tiny margin. That’s what I saw……
  22. Yesterday I thought we were getting good tap outs but just not connecting with the mids -which can surely be worked on
  23. If Tommo were given a few weeks in a row in the seniors you might find that he went back to his early 2021 form - and that would provide us with a good solid third tall defender
  24. I don’t have a Ferrari or a Rolex, so I wouldn’t know…..
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