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  1. Needs to relax those hands....he is no Jackson so needs to clunk a few rather than rely on second efforts...crumbers etc
  2. Erudite....great post from another generation with nothing to prove! Keep at it !
  3. Isiah Winder from same team hands down better
  4. More connection with Ricciuto.
  5. An issue is the stability in selection needed to achieve genuine team co-op and linkage for each other....that hasnt been established over the last 2 years for a number of reasons....injury and depth mainly imo.
  6. Would be a very good get.
  7. Look how Williams turned Dusty around....could be the culture works!
  8. Once the training and playing systems become automatic...its all about on field communication to react to opposition challenges by leaders who have the gut-feel or instinct.Coaches and onfield leaders bring out natural talent which is hard for the opposition to match or beat...IMV.
  9. He takes a lot of punishment..brave but needs to be more aware.
  10. He will be hard for them to bring down with ball in hand tho...dont assume he will be all defence.
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