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  1. Dimitar Berbatov. That’s exactly who I think of whenever someone is described as laconic. Somewhere along the line people have mistook laconic for laidback. Not sure when but its been going on for a while now and particularly by commentators in the EPL.
  2. He’s gettable and would solve a need but of the realistic options Saad is preferable for mine. If we target anyone at the pies it should be Daicos. Long shot I know but if cap space is so tight for them you never know! We could get lucky.
  3. I didn’t pay enough attention when we recruited him tbh but if this is his level of output then it’s a black mark against our recruitment team for sure.
  4. Looks like a win win trade to me.
  5. Daisy Pearce shows these three up every week. They should put her on the selection panel!
  6. Well done Trac. B&F and AA. Fantastic season.
  7. Melksham Fritch AVB have had their performances rightly panned this season but Tomlinson has slipped under the radar. He’s been a major disappointment. 5 years at $500k is a big investment. I want to see a lot more from him next year. I suggest he’s paired with Steven May this pre-season so he can learn how to turn a bad first season into a successful second.
  8. Tomlinson, weid and Jackson can pinch hit. Not sure where Bradtke is at. I think this is the year to trade him to maximise the return. Giants and Swans are pretty desperate for a ruckman and Pruess is by far the best back-up in the comp. they don’t grow on trees so I’d drive a hard bargain. Swans have pick 22. I’d aim for that.
  9. Beautiful kick and much loved character. Didn’t have the temperament of professionalism to optimise his undoubted talent but 174 games is still an outstanding effort. Will always be welcome at the footy club. Thanks for the memories and best of luck in retirement Jack.
  10. Why should any capable, sought after, ambition footballer hang around Melbourne in the hope that the club will become successful. In a short career we’ve just wasted 2 years of their time. We’re a middling, mid ranked club. Our coach is second rate. We’ve completely and utterly failed to build on our great run to the prelim in 2018 (it was a fluke, a mirage). All the momentum from that run was killed stone dead by the abomination that was 2019. Some improvement this year but nothing to suggest we’re building something lasting. Nothing to suggest we’re building towards a flag or top 4. Ser
  11. I think he’s a very good option. Strong mark and an accurate kick. And he’s still only 27. I think he’s worth a second rounder. Not sure how much coin he’d demand but if we can move Tmac on then he would be a definite upgrade.
  12. I love Maxy but I reckon Steven May is our captain
  13. The vibe seems pretty downbeat. May and Viney speeches short and muted.
  14. No qualms with the decision. Best of luck to all 3. I hope they’ve put some thought into and prepared for their post footy careers as a I can’t see them getting picked up by other clubs. It’s a tough time to be looking for work.
  15. I was hoping you would give some reasons why he should be retained. I would genuinely like to know. I haven’t heard too many valid arguments other than financial (never a good reason), stability (stable mediocrity?) or we need to stay the course (triumph of hope over experience). Another year of Goodwin is going to be another year of the same old same old. My view is he isn’t up to it. After 4 years in charge I expect to be a top 4 team. We’re nowhere close. Win/Loss 14/25 last 2 years nowhere near good enough. Missed 3 out of 4 finals series. Not good enough. Cannot b
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