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  1. Flower was a champ and so is Maxy. It’s fun to debate who is the better but perhaps we should just be grateful we’ve had these 2 run around in the red and blue (and all the other champs mentioned in this thread as well). It’s not like we’ve been over endowned with too many greats over the past 50 years or so (imagine the debates that Hawthorn supporters can have by comparison 😢)
  2. 2 AA’s so obviously a very good player as is. Improve his kicking and add goals to his repertoire and he’ll be an all-time great. Looked in really good shape yesterday, primed and ready to go. A brownlow chance maybe?? I don’t know what to make of comments that he is uncoachable. Hopefully Ooze and Chocco can figure out what makes him tick. A genuine chance to leave, he does seem to have an independent air about him. Hopefully this team can finally gets its act together and deliver consistent finals appearances. If not I reckon he’s only 50/50 to re-sign.
  3. I wasn’t joking Binman I’m all for give a little to get a little. It greases the wheels. If moving the game meant we got a concession down the track such as switching an away trip from inter-state to the G (for example switch the Eagles game to the G this year, I mean the WA govt are going to be painful to deal for the AFL) I would consider it. Or we give up this game for an additional 2 extra games at the G later in the season? I wouldn’t give up a G game for no benefit but expecting all games at the G is probably a bit too ambitious 😁
  4. Imagine being stuck in a room with these three for a few hours. A fate worse than death. Cornes I understand, he’s a pure grifter, but why the hate from Andy and Bob. I listen to them most evenings and don’t find them too bad. Not my favorites by any means but I certainly don’t have the visceral gut reaction I have every time Mark Robinson opens his mouth. I turned against Gerald Whatley as well because of his guilt by association with Robbo.
  5. Just watched the replay. Plenty of positives and I thought a pretty even contribution across the board. Our big guns look reasonably sharp, showing some nice touches and link play. Good to see some peripheral players like Chandler Jordon and Sparrow getting involved and making a case for Rd 1 selection. Harmes and Baker nearly but not quite. Hunt good going forward but defensively I think he’s a liability. Still not sure whether the forward mix will work. TMac looked ok. Looks like Maxy will push forward more rotating with Dogga. Delivery at times was aimless, particularly in t
  6. I think Marvel can still accommodate all Dees fans who want to go, if not then I wouldn’t be in favor. As a gesture of goodwill to the competition I don’t think it’s a bad idea (I mean it doesn’t cost us much) but my concern is then that it won’t be reciprocated. We got stitched last year with our trips to Cairns and overall itinerary so I would expect favorable treatment if/when fixtures are rescheduled or hubs are needed this season.
  7. Big call to say best player Perhaps the best player of the 21st century thus far. AA selections would suggest such. or maybe he's the best ruckman we've ever had.
  8. You may be right but this is a very definitive statement. What makes you believe the project won't get off the ground. Not having a pop i would just like to know your reasoning. This board (and Peter Jackson before them) have set there stall out very clearly that the MGC precinct is where the base will be. Surely they would not risk looking so foolish if it falls through (more wishful thinking on my part perhaps).
  9. True. They have natural advantages being a one club AFL city/big town
  10. I do wonder about the wisdom of that move.
  11. I think so too. He has always been so bullish in his remarks. I looked at the recording of Pert's speech at the AGM this morning. He spoke about deciding what to do with the Bentleigh club in the next 12 months or so. If the MGC precinct gets the go ahead then the Bentleigh club will be flogged and the cash tipped into the project. No point holding onto that asset if a social club is under construction. Plus we'll need the proceeds anyway. I think the indications are that we'll get the green light.
  12. Have you heard something OD or just a hunch?
  13. I think this is a key point. If we re-locate to Casey then our whole brand has to change. I don’t think it makes since to have a club which carries the name of the city to be located in Casey or any other outer locality. It would be like re-locating Sydney to Penrith. And I know it’s not the same as the swans or the Lions moving to a new city but the old ties and connections will eventually fade away. If we move to Casey we would have to become a team of that locality which reflects the people and identity of that region. We would be going from what is considered an affluent supporter bas
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