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  1. I learned a new word today. Bumboozer: A kind of large marble in children's games. Not what came to mind when I saw bumboozer in Wiktionary but there you go.
  2. The latest from the HUN below. I reckon the pies are trying it on but without written agreement how do you go about proving what was agreed? It’s the pies word against the doggies. I think it’ll be the AFL or the courts who’ll have to adjudicate. Also, how does it work in practice? Would the doggies have a contract with Treloar for the full amount and a side agreement with the Pies for their contribution? Or just the one agreement involving the 3 parties? Could Treloars and his manager be the tie-breaker. Wouldn’t they have been privy to the negotiations? “Figures close to the stando
  3. you just beat me to it @DeeSpencer
  4. A Tassy team would be no different to any other team as regards retention. If they’re successful they’ll retain and if not then they struggle. The same argument could be said if the AFL were starting a team in Geelong now. All the youngsters want to leave, who would want to live in Geelong rah rah, whereas as in fact, Geelong is cited as a lifestyle choice, amongst its other selling points. Why can’t Tassy be the same? Hobart is a beautiful spot.
  5. And another thing, the assumption that a flag at the Hawks has a lesser value than one he would have won at the Dees is bogus. A flag, is a flag, is a flag. Pretty sure Brian Lake wouldn’t swap his 3 peat with the Hawks for a flag at the Dogs.
  6. Not saying that any D’lander is a hypocrite (God forbid), but in the interests of full disclosure and transparency I think we should all declare, before passing comment on chip, whether we have ever a) changed jobs in our life b) choose an option which resulted in a greater financial return to us c) choose an option which provided us with greater opportunity I tick all the above. He gave 7 good years of good service when we were a rabble, (the last year club and player had separated in spirit) and we got pick 3 when he left. Won his medallion at the Ha
  7. It’s a mystery to me why Tassy hasn’t been given a team yet. Its footy heartland. Participation rates are the canary in the goldmine. Ignore at your peril Gil. It would be a shocking dereliction of duty to ignore the base and lose Tassy while wasting time and resources on a vanity project in the Gold Coast. Btw this Godfrey bloke appears to be just the type of hard headed realist needed to head up a strategic review of the Suns.
  8. The very public nature of his departure from the pies and the continuing wrangling over his salary can’t be doing Treloar’s confidence any good. It’ll be very interesting to see if he can settle back down and produce decent footy for the dogs in 2021. I won’t be surprised if he under-performs.
  9. I think his kicking is fine. He’s had off days for sure like every player but broadly his stats match-up with his peers. It’s the double grabs that are the big knock on his game imv. Cut those out and he’ll be a real threat for us. I don’t think the MFC have done a good job developing Sam. KPF will have off days. It’s important to persist and Goodwin hasn’t done that dropping him after some bad games, not picking him at the start of this season, which has obviously dented his confidence. Sam has had runs of games where he has been very good so he definitely has the ability. This year
  10. For those who aren't bothered to read the story I’ll summarise it for you: The car started. Then he drove it away.
  11. Fair enough Axis. Good points well made. Still reckon less talk and more action is the way to go though.
  12. Pickett, Rivers and LJ were developing nicely.
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