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  1. Had my doubts about McKay but he's really starting to look the goods
  2. Doggies making Carlton look good. They won’t be getting this kind of space against us next week. A Carlton win is great for us. Obviously puts 2 games between us and the chasing pack. But also much better to play Carlson when they have high expectations as they usually flop when that’s the case.
  3. Wash your mouth out with soap and water. When done, give yourself an uppercut.
  4. My eyes are starting to bleed. Goalless and worst quarter of footy for the year.
  5. Has Cameron Ling ever said anything interesting or insightful in his entire life. For such a tough competitive beast of a fooballer to be such a vanilla inane pundit. Given his playing style i would have expected a no nonsense commentary style. It's anything but.
  6. Debate over. TMac plays forward. Close thread
  7. Looks like Harmes is the new Melks. Divides opinion. No changes but we are lacking fluency and look tired. One or 2 changes won't really make much difference. Viney will come straight back in when he's fit but other than that its just shuffling deck chairs. We're grinding which is what you need to do sometimes but I would like to see a run of games where we just click. It looks like hard work at the moment. Unbelieveable to be 8-0 but the loss is just around the corner. Glad we're not facing the Doggies or Lions next up. The bye can't come soon enough.
  8. Kozzie didn't have his usual impact on the ball but he kept the Sydney defenders occupied and applied plenty of pressure without the ball. His forward pressure is elite. I don;t like his staging and flopping around. He needs to cut that out of his game. I think it's counter productive because once you get a name for it the umps won;t pay free kicks that are there. He's young and still needs mentoring so i'd like to think Maxy or Steven May have a quiet word with him and tell him to knock it off.
  9. Pretty sure the brains trust don’t plan on conceding the centre bounces and definitely not by 17-4. That’s terrible. I know our defensive shape is very solid but there’s no reason why we can’t have that and win our fair share of centre bounces. They are not mutually exclusive propositions. The problem starts with Maxy. He’s off at the moment. Not winning taps and no use at ground level. At least Dogga brings the ground ball capability so looks a better option at the moment. Hopefully Max can re-discover his touch and form because until he does we’ll struggle. I think part of the reas
  10. Melks will always divide opinion. I understand why supporters get frustrated with his half-hearted efforts to tackle and apply pressure. It makes my blood boil when I see it. But. His link-up play and delivery is very good. We don’t have too many others in the team that offers what he does. As long as he keeps producing those score involvements he stays in the team for mine.
  11. You learn something new everyday. Thanks dee-tox
  12. 6. TMac 5. Salem 4. May 3. Oliver 2. B Brown (we wouldn't have won without his goals) 1. Jordon
  13. Uncomfortable, nervy match. The G was on tender hooks all game. Sydney were very good, don’t underestimate their quality, they made it really difficult for us. TMac outstanding and BOG. BB took his marks and kicked his goals. Our defence rock solid as usual. May shackled buddy and Salem very calm and composed. Thought he had a great game other than one errant handball which led to a swans goal. Centre bounce work not good enough. Can’t remember us winning too many. It’s becoming a theme. Needs to be sorted out. Harmes did ok. Gus is off the pace. Oliver hard at it on the inside
  14. Didn't read the start of the thread so no doubt i've missed the point but what's wrong with Grand Old Flag. It's a superb theme song imho. Can''t wait to belt it out when we finally secure that drought breaking flag.
  15. I believe in the Weid. He needs to keep fronting up in the VFL, take his marks and kick his goals. We'll have injuries i'm sure so he'll get his opportunity and when he does i want him to grab it with both hands.
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