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  1. haha umpires missing that in the back to Langdon in front of goal
  2. free kick count, 17 to 8, been happening all year
  3. Gazza was twice the player of Neita, If Neita was the player some on here think he would of kicked 100 goals in a season..
  4. Hey Flip flops I went today, my 4th time down there in the last few weeks, on arrival walked past Todd Viney on the boundary, said hello then realised after who it was! watched the new draftees, pickett played one of the match sims, he got lots of it, and seemed to always have lots of time with the ball, made the right decision and always hit the taget beautifully, stating the obvious here but he is very skillful, Jackson, well im sure everyone has seen the video footage of him running out of the ruck contest with a blind turn, well today in the match sim jackson scooped up a ground ball on
  5. yeah except for the easy set shot at goal he missed, sorry miss read, i thought u meant ANB, my bad,
  6. wow, Dylans highlights are by far the most impressove, reminds me of robbie flower
  7. now lets just sit back and watch us win last 2 games to lose pick two in the draft, Melbourne are so predictable! i know some posters will say we should aim to win, but im pretty sure Sydney will be tanking like theres no tomorrow!!!
  8. that single arm block, ist that dusty martins trade mark move?
  9. funny because i remember a similar situation a few weeks ago when a melbourne goal was touched, the umpires went out of there way to stop the game have the goal reviewd and took the goal off Melbourne, it was in compltete contrast to what happened to Essondon
  10. refer to umpires hate melbourne thread
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