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  1. I can guarantee when he signs, the headline in the Herald Sun will be " GrunDEE"
  2. Is it wrong to say the allegations are probably true?...because you couldn't make this stuff up.
  3. Pretty happy with my prediction. Maybe look at things a bit more objectively next time.
  4. Won't we see most games being played in almost empty stadiums? I don't get it.
  5. Possibly but how can you prove that Clarkson said to get an abortion?
  6. The people accused will just deny it, so it becomes a case of one word against another.
  7. Haven't looked that good since the Grand Final
  8. Never been so happy to be wrong!
  9. More than happy to be wrong. Thanks for the post
  10. Just like to say thank you to everyone who contributed to the thread and I wish everyone and their family peace, joy and happiness
  11. We might even see Jeremy Howe in a Melbourne scarf soon
  12. Amazing. Let's get to 70000 next year!
  13. It's not negative. I'm just stating that there's a good chance we won't finish in the top four. Are we going to bury our heads in the sand?
  14. We're not beating Brisbane up there so as long as Collingwood beat Carlton which is likely or Fremantle beats GWS we will finish out of the top four. If that happens we have to hope Sydney loses by more than us. Doesn't look good.
  15. That's not good enough because we'll be playing higher quality teams in the finals
  16. Sorry but we can't win it with a dysfunctional forward line
  17. Not winning it this year is a bust
  18. Enjoy the win of course, but it's important to be realistic and the reality is we're not wining it this year.
  19. We won, but we're not winning the premiership
  20. Gawn and Grundy would be quite a weapon. My problem is Grundy was one of the best players in the competition. Then he got that mega deal and has been poor since.
  21. Thank you for bringing some decency to this thread and not contributing to the hate
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