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  1. The Dogs were strange in the third quarter, they started playing like Geelong
  2. Just do what we've been doing all year. That's it.
  3. This year the players have been one big family. I would hate to see it broken up.
  4. Wouldn't we just give them a future first rounder and possibly a second rounder?
  5. Don't we need another key tall forward more than a midfielder?
  6. If this spreads to the players it's all over
  7. This is one area that concerns me and Beveridge is the master at it. He can continue to sell this mantra to his players because we're the favourites and Western Australians seem to be going for us.
  8. Geelong had six sick players. Our players could easily catch the same illness.
  9. Dogs will properly use Stefan Martin to tag Gawn. They'll use Schache as a defensive forward on Lever.
  10. Watching the dogs yesterday, all I could see was weapons everywhere
  11. They've been getting better and better through the finals. I'm hoping the two week break will halt their momentum.
  12. We had such a great win, we're in The Grand Final, but we're talking about a loss we had ten years ago.
  13. Yesterday has nothing to do with 186
  14. Why get nervous? It won't help the team win.
  15. A lot a people need to take back their angry, hate filled posts
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