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  1. I've been driving my car around South Perth all morning with the windows down, volume on max playing Grand Old Flag - Dees plates and scarves also on display. The buzz is alive!
  2. I've been driving my car around South Perth all morning with the windows down, volume on max playing Grand Old Flag - Dees plates and scarves also on display. The buzz is alive!
  3. Great job by City of Perth putting on the People's Parade. Great turnout by the demon faithful in Perth. Highlight was seeing Karl Langdon introduce Alan Javovich as a Dees and Dogs player with both teams scarves only to have him take off the dogs scarf and say he was Dees through and through. Also good seeing Wowee and him still clearly as passionate and invested in the result.
  4. I was there at the prelim in 2018, sitting by myself in a sea of blue and yellow, clapping for our mob until the final siren. Last night I was at the prelim sitting with my red and blue family, clapping for our mob until the final siren. On another thread you'll see me and Byron Pickett after last nights game. My heart beats red and blue. I've got a grand final guarantee but only for myself. If anyone has a spare so I can secure one for my mrs (who I've now bought her all the gear and she lost her voice last night too) I'd really appreciate it.
  5. Fellow WA Dees, where are we all meeting for beers before the game???
  6. It was about an hour. Fired me up. Hopefully the boys read it too and it fires them up to stick it to spex.
  7. You've missed the point on this in your first sentence.
  8. No but there's an expectation they give credit where credit is due. We were minor premiers and all this bloke frothed about all year was Richmond Essendon the Bont and Geelong
  9. Equally as mindless. His working know of Melbourne is Gawn, Oliver and Petracca are good players and we haven't won a flag for a long time. A chimpanzee could write what he writes. Where's the insight. At least make an effort.
  10. Is Damien Barrett the laziest ever ‘journalist’? This is everything he said in his Sliding Doors column this year. I’ll let you be the judge. If you read the rest of the teams week to week you see who his darling teams are *cough* Bulldogs *cough* Geelong *cough* Richmond *cough* Essendon. 1. IF ...his first season as a Demon was a good one ...THEN ...Ed Langdon's second year in the red and the blue is looming as outstanding. One of the hardest runners in the comp, beginning to use the ball very well. 2. IF ...it was Matt De Boer last weekend until he suffered an injury ...THEN ...for Clayton Oliver on Sunday at the MCG it will be Mark O'Connor attempting to shut him down. On a beautiful roll at the moment, the Dees and Oliver. Tipping it to continue. 3. IF ...Trac, Clarry, Maysie, Maxxy, Kossy, Jakey and Fritta have been rightly getting the headlines for the stunning beginning to 2021 ...THEN ...Burgo deserves plenty, too. Darren Burgess that is, head of high performance at the Demons, who has this group humming. 4. IF ...the comparisons with Dusty have been coming fortnightly if not weekly for a season and five matches now ...THEN ...no better way for Trac to make it a daily consideration than a massive performance in the Anzac Day eve match. Backing him in. 5. IF ...the Dees have extraordinarily got themselves to 6-0 without Ben Brown ...THEN ...look out from here. A new dimension. 6. IF ...Trac is now contracted on massive coin through to the end of 2029 ...THEN ...I hope the Dees have been able to set some cash aside to also keep Kozzy on the books. His is the long-term signature they really need. With Pickett, we’re witnessing the emergence of something we may have never seen before. 7. IF ...all the pre-season plans had big Ben Brown and Sam Weideman in the key forward posts ...THEN ...it's yet another massive positive for the Demons that they boast an 8-0 scoreline before getting the chance to unleash this combo. Weideman in for the injured Jackson for Sunday's game against Carlton. 8. IF ...the focus, albeit understandably, is subconsciously on what could be the match of the year on Friday week against Western Bulldogs ...THEN ...that might pose a small problem on Saturday at Adelaide Oval, against the Crows. 9. IF ...Maxxy Gawn is already a four-time All-Australian ...THEN ...he's tracking beautifully to add a fifth. Looms alongside Bont as the most important player heading into this week's Friday night lights. 10. IF ...there are definitely bigger headline-grabbing names at the Demons than Ed Langdon in this history-shaping start to 2021...THEN ...it is arguable that there have been too many more impactful players in this startling run. Unfortunately missing with concussion for Friday night lights against the Lions. 11. IF ..the Dees have handled the Western Bulldogs and Brisbane in the past fortnight ...THEN ...Collingwood on Monday at the SCG won't pose a problem. 12. IF ...in the off-season Ben Brown was viewed as a key to what was to unfold in 2021 ...THEN ...it's time to unleash him. Injury, then form, ruined his first half of the season. Could still emerge as an X-factor. 13. IF ...Harmes got the job on Libba and Hibberd the task on Dusty ...THEN ...I wonder who will be sent to the Package on Saturday night at the MCG. If Stringer maintains the form he displayed last weekend, both will be required. 14. IF ...it's Trac and Clarrie getting all the Demons mentions in Brownlow conversations ...THEN ...I don't know why big Maxxy is being left out. Finished equal fourth in 2018, and is quite possibly compiling the best of his 11 AFL seasons, which has already seen him earn four All-Australian jackets. 15. IF ...I thought Tomlinson going down was catastrophic ...THEN ...it was merely a blip on the radar. For it has unleashed Harrison Petty. 16. IF ...Maxxy Gawn has responded to every single challenge he's faced in an extraordinary AFL career ...THEN ...there is no doubt he will do so, again, in his latest threat, that of being the game's best ruckman via Sean Darcy's surge. All-Australian jacket No.5 coming up. 17. IF ...Bont in my eyes is THE standout player of 2021 ...THEN ...Trac is second to him. And Trac still has five matches to catch him, beginning Saturday night when he lines up inside the MCG square against him. After that moment, Bont will go one way, Trac the other, as they both inevitably go about controlling their team's fortunes in this fascinating 1 v 2 ladder clash. Cannot wait. 18. IF ...the one downer in the pool in Tokyo this week were the questions which flew over the best combination in the women's 4 x 200m freestyle ...THEN ...the Demons can relate to that as they continue to try to get their forward line to gel. 19. IF ...there may have been mitigating circumstances ...THEN ...there was still no justifiable rationale for Jack Viney's sustained forearm/elbow on Sam Collins' jaw/neck. Lucky to escape with a two-week ban, not three. 20. IF ...you miss one week with a back injury ...THEN ...that's not cause for alarm. But when you miss a second, that is. Dees need Tom McDonald to fix that back. 21. IF ...there are Demons supporters obsessed by omens ...THEN ...Saturday night's one-versus-two match against Geelong at the Cattery carries great importance. A win means the minor premiership. The last time that happened. 1964. 22. IF Melbourne was to win the 2021 Toyota AFL Premiership and Nathan Jones doesn't play ... Then more proof that footy fairytales are rare. This one would be a hard luck story for the ages. 23. IF Jake Bowey is channelling anyone as he begins his AFL career ... THEN it could be Tiger Jack Graham. Bowey made his debut in round 20, game No.5 was a qualifying final win. Tracking beautifully to be part of a premiership in his seventh match. For Graham in 2017, it was his fifth, after being given his first in round 22.
  11. I know someone involved high up in the fitness at that club. 2 sets of rules for certain players but will not name names (but just look at particular physiques and its obvious). The coaches have tried and tried to get them fit with gym and diet but those players wont be told and staff have given up.
  12. There were about 4 posts whinging about the 50 metres but about 16 posts putting them in their place telling them it was there every day of the week. Quiet suprised. Very very few blamed the umpires. Critical of their stars and ruckman in the last quarter.
  13. From Big Footy, 21 pages of grief - - Our fortress is now a sandcastle. - I don't even have any analysis to give for what I just watched. I just feel deflated. - The lack of attacking intent in the final quarter is an utter embarrassment to the football club. Can take losing on the siren or being overrun in the last quarter but the refusal to try and score to put the game to bed was cringeworthy. - Bye-bye Rhys. - What a terrible morale boost going into finals, choking a 44 point lead, losing 3 out of 4 qtrs and demonstrating that we have no clue what to do in a close game with minutes left on the clock. We had players back, so how the hell was Gawn basically able to mark uncontested when he was their biggest threat in the f50 at that time? Our achilles heel yet again is dominant ruckman, Gawn killed us in the 2nd half. - How the fu** do you leave Max Gawn almost completely unmarked 15 metres out directly in front with 30 seconds left on the clock?!!??!! - That was the most pathetic, weak effort of the year. A complete and utter disgrace. - The cats completely [censored] the bed. To lose 2 of the last 3 at GEELONG tells you all you need to know about this team. We’re not up to it. I hope I’m wrong, but I won’t be. Losing tonight wouldn’t have worried me; but losing like this is not acceptable. DISGRACE. - you know each year when you have that moment where you think "we cant win the flag" ? yeah..I just had that moment. - This is literally the worst timing I’ve ever seen to have such a deflating loss like that. - Lever and Gawn murdered us. Too arrogant and lazy that last quarter. Did everything we could not to win it - I dont care what anyone says or thinks about that performance, we played 1 good quarter and stopped completely after thinking our sh*t didnt stink at half time, this is an area we are renowned for, mental fragility and dissappearing players, Rohan was absolutely woeful tonight and gave away free after free trying to take mark of the year and Atkins was just as bad, no awareness, constant chipping backwards when you have guys ahead of the ball, no brains, its this sh*t that makes supporters lose their ******* minds, i for one wont buy into the "oh we put the cue in the rack" [censored], we were thumped by a far better side apart from 10 good minutes. - Biggest choke since Greg Norman at the 1996 US Masters. Heck, Chuck Norris wouldn't have been able to find half our players who were missing in action that last quarter. Pissweak. Better come out swinging next week against those Port flogs. - Gawn played one of the all-time great individual quarters. - Dads army cooked by the end of the year again, we need more oldies for next year. - Port will beat us unfortunately.... to have a home crowd will be such a huge advantage. - Their midfield is miles better than ours. - If thats how you finish the home and away...game over. - Dangerfield had zero touches in the last quarter. When he goes cold, he gets hypothermia. - Some important things to consider. 1. Melbourne had a full fit list, we have some very crucial important players out such as tuohy Duncan Stewart. Would the game have been different if we had them? 2. The Melbourne midfield is a genuine superstar engine room, ours is not. This will potentially be a huge problem. It simply lost us the game in the end. - Clayton Oliver has been superb both times we've played them this year; he annoys me - probably only because he is so good - but right now in 2021 he is one of the best mids going around. Gawn's last quarter was match-winning. - Petracca and Oliver are superstars. Guthrie and Dangerfield have been just as dominant. You also have to take into account Smith and Menegola's form line since the bye. - We lost this game because we have an old side who are feeling it. This is why we did so well last year with a shortened year and quarters. We would have played in another grand final had the season repeated. But the season does not go for 21 weeks, it goes 26 weeks and that is why Scott has a 40% finals record. - I'm honestly pretty surprised by how good they've become, even though I've begrudgingly rated Oliver and Petracca for a while. They can play better than tonight, too; Fritsch, McDonald, young Luke Jackson; they have some weapons; Pickett is a major pain in the [censored] too. They'll take some beating. - They are young as well. Average age of their best 22 is 24.7 years. Only one player over the age of 30 and he's not even in their best 22 anymore (Hibberd). lol, it's no wonder they could have played out another quarter had there been one tonight. Demons have an ominous feel about them. If they don't win it this year, they will have another good crack it over the next few years. - Two key things happened. 1. Melbourne got on top in clearances/possessions big time. 2. When we started to get a bit of the ball we didn't really try to score. - Oliver is the kind of player you can build a great team around. He's a monster, absolutely relentless. He shows what we really lack in the younger players on our list. - Incredible effort by Melbourne. We didn't lose that game, they won it. In the first quarter they had us. We did well to stand toe to toe. The 10 minutes of scoring in the 2nd was nice. People spoke about how professional Geelong were in coming back against st Kilda. Well we weren't playing a top two team like Melbourne were. Thier effort around each contest was frenetic for the whole game. The exact sort of stuff we struggle with. Port do the same thing but not to that intensity. It's going to be an interesting finals. - Missed the game but if I was a Dee I'd take a lot from the game. Coming into the finals knowing we gave a major competitor 6+ goals start and overran them on their home ground would give them a real boost in confidence. Had a gander at the stats, seems Cameron didn't do a lot. - Despite what many on here have said, Melbourne were the better team all night. They were inaccurate early on, and then some sheer brilliance from Paddy, Sel and Stanley, for a 15 minute period in the second, took us 39 points up at half time. If we had of played that frenetic way all night, then absolutely we would have been kicking ourselves for losing. As it stands, we played that way for 15 minutes, and the rest of the time we played conservatively.
  14. Another 30+ touches and a goal from Jeremy Sharp. Exactly what we need.
  15. Free kicks 4-15 half time dogs favour. Apparently they can throw the ball and hold it and hit us high and thats ok. Right.
  16. Anyone else who could make AA? Ben Brown with a ripper 2/3 season?
  17. Boys if you're reading this, lets shoot for the stars and go for best single year of any team in AFL history. Seize the moment. In 2007, Geelong had: 1. 9 All Australians + coach 2. Brownlow - Jimmy Bartel 3. Norm Smith - Steve Johnson 4. Rising Star - Joel Selwood 5. Premiership 6. Minor Premiership - 18/4 Keep playing for each other and be committed 110% for the next 5 months and i reckon we could have: 1. 9 All Australians + coach - Petracca, Oliver, Gawn, Salem, Langdon, Lever, May, Fritsch, Kozzie (one if not the youngest AA - Wingard & Riscuuitto were young) 2. Brownlow - Petracca 3. Norm Smith - any of the AA's 4. Rising Star - Dogga 5. Premiership 6. Minor Premiership - 22/0 7. Coleman - Bailey Fristch C'mon boys - engrave your names into folklore!
  18. I would be offering the following players as trade bait: - Viney: surplus to needs - McDonald: badly out of form - Hunt, Nibbler, Omac (if they have any value)
  19. Backs Adam Saad Age: 26 Games: 108 Role: attacking defender Pros: speed, disposal Cons: price Zac Williams Age: 25 Games: 112 Role: attacking defender Pros: speed, disposal Cons: price Forwards Jeremy Cameron Age: 27 Games: 170 Role: tall agile forward Pros: goals, experience Cons: very pricey Jack Gunston Age: 28 Games: 207 Role: tall agile forward Pros: goals, experience Cons: getting on Middle Isaac Smith Age: 31 Games: 210 Role: winger Pros: endurance, disposal, experience Cons: really getting on Andrew Gaff Age: 28 Games: 213 Role: winger Pros: endurance, experience Cons: very pricey
  20. Mental health is a real thing but I’m genuinely concerned AFL clubs are using it as an excuse to protect players who get done for testing positive. Anyone remember buddy and the ‘rumours’ doings the rounds a few years back? As recently as this week we all heard about the shame that is the AFL drugs policy. Mental health is serious and effects so many of our friends and family and it’s such a shame that there’s now a cloud of doubt around AFL players now.
  21. You removed my post last night about a video doing the rounds of Jesse with his pants down and his mouth moving like a pendulum on the basis it was yet to be reported. Well it looks like this morning it now has been by the Age. https://www.theage.com.au/video/video-sport/video-sports-hq/freemantle-suspend-jesse-hogan-20190318-5chiw.html
  22. Jack Watts once told me he liked my chest.
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