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  1. If Tracc is out or a late out then who comes in to replace him? Sparrow?
  2. With all due respect Hutchy you do not need to start a new thread for every thought that comes into your head.
  3. The guys on the left and right know a ? when they see one.
  4. When are Weideman & Brown available? Reserves or seniors.
  5. Welcome to every preseason ever ...
  6. If you were a Stock I’d be sell, sell, selling.
  7. Dr Evil is channeling this dude with every additional report of Geelong’s interest in Smith that comes in.
  8. We have a Top 4 list yet we failed to make the finals. What am I missing here? Who or what is to blame for failing to make the finals for the second year in a row? COVID? ------ Bartlett has already stated that COVID will not be used as an excuse. Injuries? ------ We had one of the healthiest lists in the competition. Fitness? ------ We have a world class Fitness guru. Offseason surgeries? ------ Oops we've already used that one. The List? --------- Nope. Bartlett claims they're Top 4. List management ?-- Time will tell. Coaches? --------- Is Goodwin the right guy? Bartlett certainly thinks he is. Make no mistake. This is a massive statement. Heads need to roll if we don't make finals and we see an Essendon like exodus of talent.
  9. Jeff White just posted that his son is now over 6 feet. WOW.
  10. Could be over-inflating his price for a trade.
  11. This match will be over at 1/4 time. Dockers have nothing to play for. Bulldogs don’t rollover. They know what’s at stake and they’ll get the job done. we can’t cry over spilt milk. We had our chance and well and truly blew it. A win for the Dockers will cost them draft order.
  12. If the story is true and he’s breached the COVID rules then his career is over.
  13. It’s so depressing that our season has come down to this. We are our own nemesis. No one to blame for this predicament than ourselves. i truly hope that if we lose to the Bombers then none of the favorable outcomes occur as that would [censored] blow.
  14. Reckon Rivers had this week in the bag until this Crow lad came along. Oh well there’s always next week and he’s probably still eligible next year. His time will come. He’ll probably end up playing 300 games and be captain so ...
  15. Just been through Twitter, Facebook & Instagram this morning and there is not one reporter and only 2 media outlets posts talking about this. The silence is very strange. The media are usually vultures here. One must wonder if there is a directive been sent out here. Or maybe there’s nothing in it.
  16. Nice get DL. One of my favourite players. If I wore a Dees guernsey to games anymore I’d have his number on my back and not just because I still have Woey’s number on it either. I’m sure you’ll cover his injuries and recovery & perhaps the Burgess Effect so can you ask about hub life and the compressed fixture and how they plan to get him and the team through it?
  17. Seen a few people on Twitter tonight mention the Footy Record curse. It got another scalp tonight in Port Adelaide. I’d like a similar study done on Demon 2 full page spread in the Hun and the correlation with performance that round. We never back it up.
  18. Are you implying that the released team sheet is just MFC propaganda to lift supporters spirits only for a good ole bait and switch to happen on match day?
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