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  1. Despite the hard tag on Petracca in the first half the Dees midfield showed signs of purring again. Trac was fantastic in the second half. Viney continues to be a beast and remains so underrated that he will most likely be stiff once again when it comes to All Australian. He has been so consistent this season. Clarry is slowly finding his groove and I'm positive he will be back to his blistering best come finals. More midfield minutes for Kozzy is really adding pace and dynamics to our centre bounces and Salem was back to some of his outstanding best. That was almost at 2021 finals levels. More of this please.
  2. 6. Gawn 5. Salem 4. Tomlinson 3. Viney 2. May 1. McDonald
  3. Getting a bit sick of opposition coaches coming into our games with a plan to nullify some of our weapons. Obviously everyone is going to do whatever it takes to cancel out Max's influence and there is not much we can do about that. The Eagles tagged Oliver and curbed his influences. Why did we put no time into Harley Reid? Why did we not wise up to their kick out strategy? Early in the game they were pulling May out of the 50 arc but then when Lever went off they had the luxury not to have to do that. Just sick of us not seeming to have a gameplans to negate a team and we certainly had no plan B against the Eagles.
  4. By the very high standards that we've come to expect from Clarry he had a relatively quite game with some of brilliance sprinkled in. He is clearly hampered by his hand injury. Despite going into the Bye after this week should we be looking to rest him against the Lions in order to give his hand the time it needs to heal? After all the season is a marathon and not a sprint and we need those lethal hands to be cherry ripe at the pointy end of the season. If so, who would you bring in?
  5. Thought we had the game sewn up at half time and I was very happy with what I saw up until then. I know the 3 boys on the bench played in the earlier match but I would have liked to have seen more of Verrell, Brown and Tholstrup. What are your thoughts on their limited minutes and did you think we should have rested Max and a few others earlier.
  6. OPERATION: KEEP KOZZY IN THE MIDDLE. Kozzy was electric in the middle. Got a heap of clearances. I would love to see more of him in the middle in the season proper and not just at the first bounce of each quarter. Yes we need him as a crumbing forward too but until we can clone him I want to see him build up his time in the guts. He adds a point of difference to the 3 or 4 bulls in Trac, Viney, Oliver and Sparrow. Sorry Binman but I would much prefer Kozzy over ANB. Nibbler should not be attending centre bounces.
  7. I thought someone mentioned last week, perhaps @WalkingCivilWar, that this week they were doing a camp in Seymour.
  8. Thank you to all the track watchers for providing us with these excellent training reports. For all of us interstaters it is mana from heaven at this time of the year.
  9. Would love to get the panels thoughts on another Tim Lamb special with trading up in the draft order by trading picks 14, 27 and 35 for pick 11 (pick 13 on draft night)?
  10. I’ve been critical in the past of Goody not employing a tagger to negate some of the star midfielders that cause us headaches and found his comments about Finn Maginness to be very odd. He claimed that Finn is “clearly someone who doesn’t want the ball”. Is Goody not aware of the tagging role in footy? I have no issue with Finn Maginnes being used as a tagger. He did a great job in curtailing one of the best accumulators in the business and keeping him to 14 touches for the match. Thoughts from the panel? Keep up the great work guys. Love what you do.
  11. Sorry didn't see this but I'm sure you'll be all over it.
  12. The Blues turnaround in form coincided with them losing McKay and it was to the benefit of Charlie Curnow who has been sensational and will probably take out another Coleman Medal. I think our defence can account for Curnow or at least keep him to only a couple of goals and not let him run rampant. What I am more concerned about is their small forwards who have been having a little purple path during their run of 7 wins. Motlop, Martin and Owies have all hit the scoreboard in recent weeks Motlop 10, Martin 8 & Owies 7. As we are all too aware we are at our most vulnerable once the ball hits the deck in defence and I am very worried about this mosquito fleet. Who takes who?
  13. Absolutely this. I don't care how long the shows are. If I don't churn through the episode during my commute then the dogs get an extra long walk at night and the walking doesn't feel like a chore. So thank you again guys. All the questions are great and they always seem to cover the main topics and discussion points from each game that we don't get in the lamestream footy media. The stats are great and I have been incorporating what I learn from Binman into my footy conversations that mostly go over the heads or aren't appreciated by my non-demon supporting mates.
  14. Kudos to Andy, George and Binman. Another thoroughly enjoyable podcast off the back of another great win. May it continue well into October.
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