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  1. You've got your head in the sand if you think AFL players don't do drugs, including Melbourne players (jack watts for example). Murray just got caught
  2. I disagree. He's hard as nails, fast, tackles, never fumbles, good kick inside 50, and kick goals. Plus he's under 24. A poor mans brent harvey for mine.
  3. Agreed, his price may be an issue. However, if there is a will there is usually a way, i.e. beams & collingwood last year
  4. pick 8 for papley, maybe a 3rd/4th rounder back?
  5. Has there been any acknowledgement in the media that GWS want pick 3, or is this isolated to demonland? I feel like this scenario, if true, should be obvious to people in the business; but i have not heard anyone mention Green or a gws/melb pick swap.
  6. what do we do if we get 6 and 11? i would happily give up one of these for Papley
  7. I think we need class up front, of any size. As we have seen in previous years collingwood, richmond (2017) and west coast have been contending with different mixes of forward sizes. I think Harmes could be moved to play a large percentage up forward. Hes got good size, and would give us great ground level presence, plus loves a goal. This would free up a spot in the middle for Gus, whose form dipped when moved to a wing. I think we also need to pray that Fritsch, Trac and Weid take the next step. Only time will tell.
  8. If he can get 23-27 touches a game, he is a great chance for AA ($51 on SB). One of only 3 AFL players rated as 'elite' in disposal efficiency in 2018. Potential emulate Laird, Simpson, a better Brent Guerra even? I've huge hopes for the kid
  9. I would have liked melbourne to have negotiated harder, and then accept 5 & 23 in the last minute if that was the best offer. Anyway, it's hard to know what the circumstance were behind closed doors. Like i said, we did okay, a par. But we didn't dominate the trade period like essedon last year, or freo and hawthorn this year.
  10. If we had publicly stated that we were trying to get May without selling hogan, or at least made no comment the narrative around the situation would have been very different. Would freo have bought it? Who knows. But surely worth a try imo. Winning a flag is that hard, we need to maximise every area of the club, including dealing hard at the trade table.
  11. It is actually is exactly like poker. A list manger from another team refused to answer question saying "I can't answer that as it will give away our hand" on traderadio. I think we did just okay, and to go around saying we had an amazing trade period is wrong. Jesse hogan was a "straight flush" and we got 5 & 23 for him. Like it or not hogan is worth more than that
  12. They were categorically two seperate trades. MFC did okay, Hawthorne and Fremantle did the best of all the clubs.
  13. Mate, your acting like i'm up in arms. Like, i said it's not the end of the world, and i don't know why Melbourne played their hand like they did.. maybe there was mitigating circumstances. If your so affronted by opposing opinions i recommend leaving Demonland.
  14. I can see the big picture, jesus. Just because we did well to get in May and KK doesn't mean we didn't let Hogan go cheap. In my opinion we showed our hand by admitting that we needed Hogan out to get May. Hogan was worth pick 5 & 14, and fremantle had those picks. We accepted pick 5 & 23, it's not the end of the world but it is unders.
  15. Hogan was not a trade for May and KK. Hogan was worth more than pick 6 and 23, that part of the trade freo got the better deal. However, pick 6 for May and KK was a steal, and GC got unders.
  16. Everyone saying our team is better is underselling how special Hogan might turn out to be. But he wanted to go, and considering trauma he has been through, we had to let him go
  17. We definetly lost the Hogan deal, but 6 for May and Kolo is a win. Once again GC are the ones who got truely shafted
  18. I doubt we will get cerra, but I have connections to him and word is he would want to come home to Victoria
  19. Hopefully another team sweeps in and offers overs for May. Then we would not be so desperate to get Hogan out, and Freo would have to pay 5 and a future first rounder... Oh the look on Bell's face would be priceless
  20. Actually I called you that for Insinuating racism to win an argument. Please reframe from quoting me
  21. Yeah for sure, but maybe they think cumulative cost for Hogan Picks/Price/Years is too much. Maybe if Hogan's management agreed to 5 x 5 they would be happy to give 5, 23 and 30. But who knows
  22. He didn't say we should buckle, he just thinks that is the only way it will happen.
  23. I read it as though Freo were not prepared to cough up that much money, that many years and those high picks. And therefore Freo called the negotiations off. And that they would offer Hogan the 8x8, but not give up the draft picks. I could very well be wrong, the article was ambiguous. Having thought about it more, it is a poorly written article, but that doesn't mean there is not a lot of truth in it.
  24. Yeah, it's kinda looking like a positive for us. Maybe we will be able to extend his contract..
  25. I don't really follow why the article was bad. Freo wanted Hogan. Freo gave Bell a job. Bell felt hogan wasn't worth 5 & 23 if they also had to sign him for 8 x 8mill? That seems logical to me. 8mill over 8 years is a risky deal to give anyone.
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