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  1. Yes, I remember. ridiculing, who was it? Reimas? In that interview he did right at the beginning, according to mcveigh, sneering at the delisted player, they only ever had vitamins, and everyone knew that. Liar or uninformed. He is an unreliable witness. As for Darcy saying that he believes in second chances, take that to its logical conclusion,let essendon off with a slap on the wrist, cos they didn't mean to cheat! The discussion was frustrating in the extreme, soft, predictable and totally unenlightening!
  2. Just saw the Roos comments on Classifieds... He's coming, no doubt. That was a man telling a lie!
  3. I agree with all of this, however, what is fair in the afl? Clubs have received a free ride from the afl, via the fixture for years, leading to huge earning potential, and all advantage that comes from that. So, we get a priority pick, in a year, where last Saturday, we could only manage 19 inside 50s, infamously breaking an afl record. In context, Where's the harm? Sydney get their salary cap allowance, as did Brisbane when they won their consecutive flags, GWS will continue to receive theirs well into their years of inevitable success. It's a crappy system, but it's our crappy system!
  4. Keeping options open for Brisbane Lions, I would have thought
  5. Great topic. Agree with all the above. I was born to it, brought up on it, and despite 10 years overseas, have had it with me all my adult life. Like many here , also have inflicted my children with the same! What keeps me going, it has to be hope. And for that reason this year, around the time played tigers, hawthorn, I couldn't summon the motivation to go to the game. Reading that jack watts wanted to leave, James Frawley, the same. there seemed no hope. Then queens birthday, we went to fed square, first time for us, met some of the players, including josh Tynan, who was so keen to get a game and prove himself, Jack Grimes, so frustrated with his injury and inability to contribute, and so many fellow demon faithful, the obvious was obvious, and that this is the last time to lack motivation to go to the game. So we have been ever since, as we do year in and year out, and have enjoyed our win against the bulldogs, and a really exciting effort against the swans. It is no doubt part delusion, but ultimately it is hope. And there is no second team!
  6. Well done Dees, so glad we didn't let them blow is apart in the last quarter. How hard did our backs work! And like the rest of you, I'm jumping on the Fitzy bandwagon!
  7. First post of yours, I wholeheartedly agree with!
  8. Talking about it on SEN at the moment...
  9. The emperor has no clothes.
  10. Yes, he is the key, everything else would fall into place, membership, sponsors, retaining players, attracting free agents, and confidence! Come on, PJ work some magic, and get the demons Paul Roos. Best challenge in footy!
  11. I'm probably an optomist, but I feel, the clarity with which PJ explained the decision, bodes well for our future. He's there, he knows, dare I say it, we have to trust his judgement. Can you imagine CS saying all that about us being a liability or an impediment to the entire afl & their stake holders?
  12. We need a big personality at the club; coach, CEO, president, champion senior player, to promote and raise a positive profile of the club. I argue we have none of these. Malthouse, could have done this, so could have Judd, maybe PJ will do this, but I have no doubt, that Jeff would definitely be able to do this for the club. Only problem, could we stand his gloating when we win the flag! I say, YES!
  13. Yep, pretty much my thoughts, until... Reports that Watts, Sylvia, and Frawley, want out. Neeld, is not able to sell them the vision, and we simply can't afford to lose these key players , especially Frawley. His loss would be devastating.
  14. All true. Reports of dozens camped outside Aami stadium since early this morning, bored senseless all day, making complete fools of themselves, crossing back to wherever they came, to report...nothing! Remember a couple of weeks ago, back page story Cotchin says he will give it up if and when they win a premiership, media talked nonstop about the implications of said statement, and then days later discussed the media's treatment of the treatment of said story. Insane! They are a joke, but I guess so are we all, because we are the ones that consume it. I'm embarrassed, but can't help myself...
  15. I largely agree with you. However it was the news last week, that Sylvia, Watts and Frawley, are wanting out, that, in ascending order of concern, alarmed me! Despite everything that you rightly say, about the situation Neeld inherited, if he can't sell the vision to the key players, then he must go.
  16. Bit late on this, sorry... I agree with your last sentence, but, I've got to agree. essendon supporters are not my favourites. Watching them last week against Brisbane, their supporters booed at every Brisbane possession, even when they looked like winning. It reminded me why they are one of my least fav teams, lots of examples like this over the years. And I, like probably everyone on DL have some close and dear friends, who barrack for them, I sympathise with them, smiled with gritted teeth, as they expressed relief, when our association with dank came out, and generally avoid talking about footy with them!
  17. from: http://www.sen.com.au/display-article/Moloney-I-might-cry-like-Goddard/58186 I wish him well, but hope he loses this Sunday!
  18. Apparently it is the compounding pharmacy, in south yarra, that dank has used before. A Compounding pharmacist mixes ingredients together to make the prescribed compound, rather than dispensing prepackaged tablets from a drug company.
  19. My thoughts exactly WP. Enough is enough. As you say it is bewildering. Our apparently very talented and well credential board and club admin, when discussing their approach, after the essendon thing blew up, came up with "Let's lie to the AFL" Brilliant! And this after the tanking debacal is truly unbelievable.
  20. Yeah, goodbye coaching/fitness group
  21. Thanks for the laugh! Early start tomorrow, so bedtime for me. I'll wake up in the morning to realise its all just a bad dream!
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