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  1. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 6th Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals):4th B&F top 5 (1 point for correct inclusion, 1 point for correct place): 1.Petracca 2.May 3.Oliver 4.Gawn 5.Brayshaw Leading goalkicker: B Brown Most marks: Gawn Best first year player: F Rosman Most improved player: Trent Rivers All Australian 40-man squad selections (1 point each): Oliver May Petracca Gawn All Australian final 22 selections (1 point each): Gawn Petracca May Big Ben Brown will kick his biggest g
  2. Surely we need to bring in a tall forward, and Melksham has got to be moved to a HFF instead of deep forward, he can actually deliver the ball in an 2018 was ranked towards the top for goal assists. Lockhart, Smith & Hunt have to go. AVB needs run in his legs, but we have enough of his type, we need some skill. The issue for me is Lever. Whatever money he is on, he isn't earning it. He's been as badly beaten as Lockhart /Smith and I couldn't tell you the last time he took an intercept mark. Time to turn up the heat on him. Can't believe I'm saying bring back OMac...god help us al. In
  3. I would imagine that Weid would have been training all summer with the forwards up until Max went down, maybe with longer stints with the mid group afters Preuss went down. He's being played out of position and not where he has presumably been training for the majority of the pre-season. Give him a break.
  4. I'm not thrilled about this like many other posters. I think he is good one on one, takes a good mark. Granted, he has massive brains fades and at times makes poor decisions. The two when weighed against each other make him an average player - but he's an average player I would rather keep. I think the club is banking on May being fit all year (when was the last time this happened), Lever regaining pre ACL form and Marty Hore filling a gap too. Lots of what ifs there and I think that is the main reason why a lot of posters are anxious about letting a know quantity - despite his limitations - g
  5. Agree with all this except Oscar. Surely Josh Wagner comes in before him.
  6. I reckon that's a fair point too. I think though, when fit AVB, Hannah, J Smith in particular give our forward line a different look. And you would imagine would be in front of C Wagner, Spargo, Lockhart, Garlett
  7. I'm not sure if this or something similar has already been posted, apologies if I have missed it. The reality is, I challenge any team to have almost half or just over of their best 22 out and to be competitive. Yes, we had half a team of players who aren't AFL standard and it showed. It has also given us an opportunity to see what some players are made of when we are missing all these players. I, like everyone, entered this season hopeful and optimistic. I was furious when I left today, angry that the team had AGAIN dished up complete rubbish. After having time to calm down, I had a thi
  8. God, it's like shuffling deck chairs. I cannot believe I'm about to write this but here goes... In - O McDonald (for Reiwoldt or Lunch hahaha) Garlett, Lockhart Out - Spargo, C Wagner, J Wagner or J Lewis
  9. I have to disagree re Hore. I think he is absolutely up to it.
  10. Long time reader - rare poster. I go to every game in Melbourne (except Geelong because f that). I've been there through the all the highs and lows, I sat through every week of the Neeld years (god help us all). I'm almost as disappointed with where we are now as I was then. At least in those years you expected to lose every week because our list was a shambles. How does a team go from a PF to third bottom after 5 rounds? I've been a massive critic of Oscar McDonald (and to a lesser extent Frost). It doesn't matter what defenders you have back there at the moment, the mid-field is
  11. I would move Petracca back to a half forward role, with no midfield time and put Tyson back in. Probably at the expense of Hannan. Spargo went missing for the entire first quarter and isn't hitting the scoreboard. I'd bring Garlett back and give him a crack. And...I can't believe I am about ti write this. Frost has to come in. We are too think down back to handle Dixon, Westhoff & Watts. Frost to Dixon, O Mac to Westhoff, J Smith to Watts. In - Tyson, Garlett & Frost Out - Hannan, Spargo, Pedersen.
  12. Without stating the obvious, we need to knock off a Pt Adelaide or a Sydney otherwise even if we do make it, we are just going to be Pt Adelaide circa 2017 who were just making up numbers. Would I rather be making up numbers than 10th? Absolutely, but our worry is clearly that we haven't beaten a quality team all year (Adelaide and North Melbourne don't count IMO)
  13. 6. Gawn 5. Hibberd 4. Jones 3. O Mac 2. Jetta 1. Melksham
  14. Fritsch reminds me of Cameron Bruce - just appears to have a lot of time. Love the way he floats across packs. I will take Spargo's intensity and 2 goals any day of the week over Garlett's pathetic efforts since the Brisbane match. Thought out backline stood up - and jesus, O McDonald. I have been calling for his head for however many years, he is playing really well. I will be interested to see how Weid, T Mac and Hoges all play in the one forward line - but I wouldn't be dropping Weid. Based on today, one of Tyson or ANB needs to go for Trac. Most likely ANB surely.
  15. He looks devoid of any confidence. Every time he goes near it you re waiting for him to f**k it up. I feel with him like I do watching Oscar, no confidence, heart in mouth and waiting for him to make the error. Saying that, Oscar is doing bloody well, Level is stinking it up and I bet Oscar isn't on anywhere near the coin Lever is.
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