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  1. I don't plan to. 3.70 to 1.26 any suggestions on how much to put on next week against the Hawks.
  2. I've now lost 4 bets in a row. I'm hoping it continues next week. Go Dees Go.
  3. Seriously these umpires couldn't be more putrid. Richmond are toast.
  4. Agreed PMan pretty ordinary game so far at least it's close
  5. Heeney's toast... Broken hand supposedly from the coach himself.
  6. If they're letting us go to the footy FFS just let us buy a ticket and go to the footy.
  7. Apologies for being off topic but my Boss was talking about Rusty Nails today, wouldn't happen to be part of a cover band back in the day.?
  8. From the Goalsquare. Nice to see him get a couple last week, Happy for him to be resting there in the goal square instead of the pine.
  9. More than any club including WC over in WA.
  10. And I'll take Geelong having 5 goals or less next halftime next week.
  11. Just wanted to thank The HawthornFc for taking Frost out of our Backline. Cheers.
  12. 6.Oliver 5.Salem 4.Petracca 3.Gawn 2.Tomlinson 1.Langdon
  13. Great excitement brought by Kozzy tonight but if anyone who never saw Jeff Farmer play, just look at Liam Ryan, he reminds me of Jeff every time i watch him, he's the exact same player and my favorite from any other club. Dynamite.
  14. We could be scary good if we got it all together. Thanx Dees for taking my money, I deserved it. Hopefully there's plenty more weeks of you doing it again.
  15. I just like to be compensated for losing, and as you know it's more often than not.
  16. I can't remember the last time I put money on us. I always bet on the other team and am happy to lose the money to bag the 4 points. Win Win. C'mon Dees take my money.
  17. I think we're fast enough just don't think we kick the footy well enough. You're fast enough if you can move the ball efficiently and effectively.
  18. No the club struggles because the players don't win often enough. Not because people do or don't turn up to games.
  19. Any Love for Anthony Ingerson. He wasn't no flash, but he was a very handy key Backman who wasn't beaten to often if I remember correctly. Great spoiler. Someone kick me.
  20. No...Well one positive is Melbourne will win me more money this year as I bet against them every game.
  21. I was really impressed with Jake's first hit out, has a real nice action and didn't miss too many targets by foot. Seems to want to kick it too which was pleasing. Hope he gets a chance in our next game.
  22. I dont know how many 50's are in that clip but he's surely gonna get penalised. The rules are already too hard for me to follow.
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