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  1. Never mention Greg Healys brother by name.
  2. Tomorrow Your Homeless.. But Tonight It's A Blast.. Dead Kennedy's.. Riot..
  3. Thanx for the other ones all In one place for easy access too. Go Ds Go.
  4. I've always wanted a Premiership Tattoo. Go Ds Go.
  5. Not at least for another week Cas. I'm having the Old footy dreams at the moment. Doesn't do anything for my overall sleep.
  6. I wanna see Jack go total loop job and show me the reason we drafted him. Grand Final Day.
  7. I've been saying that to Brizzy, And Cats Supporters for a few weeks.... hahaha now I'm copping it back. And yes the dreams have started, it's all that consumes my brain. Go Ds Go Storm Go.
  8. I go see my Old Man at Deer Park and they're a different lot out that way. I wanna win even more so there's a skin graft needed.
  9. I'll have to change a few four number passwords and maybe quit work to watch the replay on loop.
  10. Petty will have to play on him as May won't be able to go with him
  11. I couldn't watch the first quarter let alone the whole match. You're a lot tougher than I am. I'll be watching the Gus and Gawny podcasts. And plenty of the games from throughout this year.
  12. Max Gawn seriously A Great Captains effort he was Superb
  13. Whorekins gets away with it every Ruck contest and nearly every possession he gets. Mutt.
  14. After reading everyone's posts one things certain for me, I'm getting very nervous and I'm gonna need the tissues regardless of the result before the nights out. Go Ds Go.
  15. It would if we are there and we Win.
  16. Coniglio has turned into Cripps. A very average player.
  17. Does anyone push players in the back and get away with it more than Tom Horkins..... not in time that I've watched football.
  18. Hopefully he gets the 3-4 weeks news as he's boarding
  19. I can't believe Richmond Picked up Parker, I thought he was pretty close. Admittedly hasn't been to bad at Richmond. And good on him.
  20. Seeing that mugs face and him twitching in line before the start of the game was another omen that happened before the start of the game that gave me heart we would win. Told the Brissy supporter at work, he plays we win.
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