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  1. It doesn't make it right though Dazzle. Extenuating circumstances and all.
  2. He'll be playing VFL this week BBB along with Vines and Jonesy. A big game this Sat should ensure he is back in for the Bombers game.
  3. We are built for the MCG, until a team knocks us off at the G im good with what I've seen so far from us this year.
  4. Today was the perfect storm for Coll, make no mistake its a terrible loss to have against a struggler playing their GF for Bucks. Psychologically at the back of the players minds after the Bris game there was a 2 week period to take the foot of the pedal. At what other period of the season are the players going to get a chance to do that? It's all systems go after this break time to take in all that has happen thus far to ponder and plan our Premiership assault. Mentally and physically we looked flat and not appeared up for the contest. In the grand scheme of things its no
  5. If Weed survives this then he definitely has something on Goodwin. There is no hiding now Contract or no Contract. I think it is overwhelming now, time for a spell Weed.
  6. He's been given a fair go now Daz, He can't complain about the run he has been given, the time has come for BBB.
  7. Weed has got half a game of Footy to keep his spot, we can't continue to persist with him not enough output. has got to lift. He has been give a month now.
  8. Got the touch of the R5's v Hawthorn about it.
  9. Carlton's recruitment strategy has been nothing short of a Deebarcle. At no point did they target midfield bulls which they have none of, (Cripps aint a bull) hence the courting of Oliver. They have skewered their strategy in regards to age bracket so much they will not have a sustained tilt with the same core group, its all over the shop. I can't thank Jason Taylor and his crew enough with the selections and strategy they have gone with. Salem, Hunt, Trac, Clarry, Petty, Neal- Bullen, Spargo, Kosi, Action, Rivers, Viney, Harmesy(rookie), Gussy and Weed. In a 8 year period
  10. This result has zero relevance to us at all.
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