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  1. We Sure did. Not sure how long the Tomlinson project down back is going to last for, $500k a year as a third tall looks laboursome and very slow to react, very problematic going forward. Gawn, Lever and May are the only players in our line up who can take consistent pack marks. Jackson and Tmac have to start clunking some around the logos and in F50 to release some of the pressure on Gawny.
  2. Fritsch kicked well today i thought, what game were you watching, our most dangerous forward.
  3. Vandenberg, Baker, Tomilnson, Jetta, Jordan, Sparrow, Hunt, Bedford not up to it.
  4. We can not and will not defend against teams who short kick to maintain possesion. Making Tim English look like a leviathan of the game, FMD. Our disposal has not improved one iota. Our Forward line and entry into the F50 is just pathetic. Playing for draft picks again.
  5. This is really a pissy poor effort today. Really depressing stuff. Sad thing is this is only pre season.
  6. Understand we have some personel issues today, but there are some serious alarm bells ringing. Our distribution out of the back half is terrible. We look so slow with our movement. Clearance work no existent. Yze would be fine tuning his Ideas for mid season i reckon.
  7. Geez, why can't this club gain any sort of momentum, something always f's us in the brown round hole.
  8. I might of missed the commentary and comments around our fwd mix. How did it look and perform? 3 smalls, 2 talls and Fritta the hybrid? Did the mix change much during the game? When were we at our most dangerous what did our forward line consist of? Feedback greatly appreciated.
  9. Only got to see 10 mins in the 3rd with a petracca snap the highlight, promising signs but let's just keep in mind it was a practice game. Sounds like a solid hit out but in most of these games there tends to be less defensive pressure applied than a season AFL game.
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