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  1. We need 2 small fowards this trade period to compliment Brown. Aarts and Higgo would be a delicious combo and would not cost the earth.
  2. This is exactly what we should be doing, still early to mid 20's who can apply pressure, tackle and kick goals.
  3. Add another 8-16 minutes back onto the game clock and they are know where near a premiership after tonight.
  4. Also pay Mihochek aswell and they are miles apart from a deal
  5. Won a flag with Woodville West Torrens in SANFL on Sunday.
  6. Barry you've had more than one barry in your time with the club, i suggest you go away and never speak another word about your shambolic draft dealings at our club. You have caused enough damage. Thanks sincerely, Demonland Posters/Supporters.
  7. Everyone's had enough of it, Geelong, Collingwood and Hawthorn were the biggest advocates of this because they knew it would benefit them and keep them from bottoming out.
  8. Naysmith couldn't clean Thiago and Van Dijks boots.
  9. Pickford and Richarlson are dirty [censored].
  10. I'll walk away if that happens, how many promised properties will they have after footys over, surely can't be under the cap.
  11. How is this allowed to happen? Thats why free agency was bought it to keep the likes of Geelong, Hawthorn, Collingwood from bottoming out. can't stand the Kents
  12. No wonder he had a ripping year.
  13. Woewodin still Woewodin ooooohhh.
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