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  1. Anyone that needs a ticket its a category 1 Section 331 $500 ticket purchased + 10%
  2. Anyone that needs a ticket its a category 1 Section 331 $500 ticket purchased + 10%
  3. Hi guys and girls just wondering how i would go about this, any info appreciated. Also how can i order selected days of the Herald Sun or do i need a subscription? Thanks in advance.🇭🇹
  4. I tried decorating the front of my house, that was the easy part now how do you crop these pic down to size? 😂
  5. Im sure the plaudits will come Nev's way absolutely deserves and will remain at the club in an off field capacity working with our young players/ indigenous culture. Jones and Nev are ingrained in our club culture and its important that they are found roles if they wish to accept the clubs invitation.
  6. Still butchers the ball alot, happy with our midfield mix. Nothing to see here.
  7. Caro fairly and squarely put back in her place today by the players instead of her shooting her mouth off why not wait and see. The club were very good in 2018 why would this change now?. Looking for a headline grabbing opportunity during a GF build up.
  8. Don't understand why you would go after a 30 y.o with a shot back, he's a 3 time premiership player who would not have the hunger to come back and put his body on the line.
  9. Wouldnt mind grabbing a banner also, please send links🙏
  10. My Dad came to Australia back in 1964 and guess where there boat Dock in at? You guess it Perth, WA. My Dad has never gone back to Perth ever and 57 years later I venture to Perth for the very first time. Make of it what you will.🙏🙉
  11. There has been a rare few occasions in this great game Aussie Rules that a single individual has experience every single different emotion attatched to being a professional footballer. One of these individuals played for our Grand Old Club and goes by the name Jonesy. He has rode a journey that has not being overly pretty but has been marinated with sheer hunger, determination, skill and perseverance. His team mates will run out Saturday Week at 5.15pm in the Grand Final @ Optus Stadium, whilst he will be hurting at not playing on this grand occassion nothing would bring him greater joy that watching his teammates on the grandest of stages. This could be his everlasting legacy that he leaves behind at the MFC as a source of motivation energy to lead his club to its 13th Premiership. God bless you and your family Jonesy, your Legacy will live on forever. Thank you for being the source of hope and leadership during our darkest periods as a club. Signed your bald headed brother from another mother. Paul.
  12. I said to my kids I'm adding something new ever 2 days they were happy thinking this is like christmas. The Missus is best pleased, not.😂🇭🇹🔴🔵✅❤
  13. Happy Birthday Garry Lyon, its like I've known you since i was a kid as you were displayed on my bedroom wall. Enjoy the next 2 weeks.👍🇭🇹🍻
  14. Its a lock Daz, only media identity to get an exemption over to WA. As soon as it was mention on his show On the Couch i knew it was a lock.
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