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  1. The stats I provided are from this past year. But hey, you go with your eye, we are living in a new world where alternative facts are all the rage.
  2. This is one of those myths that seems to get a bit of airtime on DL that I’d like to call out. I doubt we have a better midfield kick than Gus, and that is on both sides of his body. Last year his kicking efficiency was 67.6%, that is around 15% more efficient than Oliver and 11% better than Petracca. No one on our team with significant midfield minutes disposed of the ball anywhere near as well by foot unless you count JJ on the wing (around 73%). i don’t mind people criticising our players if it there is an actual issue in their game. But there are a lot of completely inaccurate criticisms here that seem to become like a meme. This is one of those.
  3. Nibbler is a total enigma to me. His transitional running and positioning I know is really important to our game. In 2021, when he got the ball, he did good things. In 2022 when he got the ball he would often make bad choices or cough it up. There is a bit of me that just thinks we should get rid of him, but I just don’t know how we would fill the hole. When he strings it all together the way he did in our 21 campaign he is an absolute lock. I don’t know why the difference between his best and worst is so big but it is very frustrating. The coaches definitely see something I don’t though, there is no way he would have been in my top ten for demon players last year. He’d have been lucky to make my top 20
  4. This is absolutely hilarious. I don't think it even makes it to the level of opinionated click bait. It is just a very ignorant statement from someone who clearly doesn't know Ed and his role with the Dees or doesn't understand football very well.
  5. With no evidence whatsoever to back me up, I’m going to suggest that Howe comes in and adds what we have been missing in the high half forward role.
  6. This is probably one of the hard calls that the coaches need to make. He makes great decisions with the ball and he tackles really well, in 2022 he just didn’t do enough of either. I can’t work out whether it was injury, form or whether something else was asked of him. Either way, it can’t just be left like this. We need more from his position.
  7. As I said, people started speculating on Jacko very close to the draft. It seemed something leaked around the last week from memory. in 2020 Knightmare had us picking Sam Berry and Issiah Winder. According to this: https://www.afc.com.au/news/841315/cal-twomeys-2020-phantom-draft-top-30-late-picks-your-clubs-whispers Cal Twomey had us linked to Caroll and Max Holmes and Laurie going to GWS.
  8. All I know for sure is that the player that JT selects is unlikely to be named as the player we will select in a Phantom draft. I haven't seen a phantom draft with an accurate prediction on a demons pick in the past few years. Although in 2019 the media did start to twig on Jacko getting very close to draft day, for the longest time we were linked to Young and Weightman though. I never heard us linked with Bowey and Laurie in 2020 and Howes was supposed to go in the first round in 2021. I'll be interested to see ho we do pick up, we should be getting nearly close enough for actual leaks to start coming out.
  9. I don’t want to be a [censored], but doesn’t this get said every year?
  10. I think we are well placed to have a solid tilt next season. The biggest piece in my opinion was getting a second winger in place with good decision making and sharp foot skills. Lachie Hunter is certainly that. Improving our ball movement and delivery is significantly more important that getting a contested marking beast into the forward line. Last season there were a couple of serial offenders for killing ball movement and momentum, what makes it super hard is that they are not bad players, they have other great skills. When you can't get enough speed on the ball though, you are always going to face into a cluttered forward 50. In those instances we have a simple, high percentage strategy that everyone constantly complains about but is absolutely effective if you want to play a forward half game... bomb it in to the left forward pocket and bring it to ground. This strategy will be even more effective when it is always either Gawn or Grundy at the tap, so grit your teeth DLers because even if you don't like it, it is a solid strategy. If we have some ball users like Hunter, Bowey and Salem in the possession chain we may not need to resort to this strategy. We can risk the corridor and play with some more dare. It is not just foot skills though, which is why I mention those 3 in particular, it is speed of decision making. I think JVR will see some game time next season and I am really interested to see Howes on the big stage. He has some great traits but I have no idea about his ball use and decision making skills. The VFL final gave us a sneaky look at Wowoedin (sp?) and he looks to be made of the right stuff so anyone trying to lock down that half forward, occasional midfield rotation spot best look out. I'm excited for next season, it will come down to fitness and injury as always but we should be in it up to our eyeballs.
  11. This is just not true. At the end of 2020 we traded in Ben brown. At the end of 2021 we drafted JVR. BB worked brilliantly for us and was a key contributor to the flag, unfortunately it looks like his knee was getting the better of him this year, I have no insight as to whether they can get it right for next year, neither does anyone who has posted on this forum that I have seen. JVR is developing nicely, let’s see how he goes next year. I would bet any amount of money that we are working hard on this problem through this trade and draft period. Just because the media circus hasn’t led with a story on it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Whether we succeed, that’s another thing altogether.
  12. No, that is what they started with. they now have future 2nd and 3rd round picks tied to Nth Melbourne’s ladder position as well as their own future 1st round. Talk seems to be centered around Current 13th plus F1, F2(nth) plus probably some pick swaps
  13. I think it is time to slip you onto ignore. You must just be trolling. The only alternative I can imagine is that you have absolutely no idea and feel a desperate need to share your ridiculous opinions.
  14. I’m really struggling to understand your point. How can you possibly be critical of a journalist publishing a background piece with similar accusations to a current major story? Possibly the only major story running right now on the AFL? You obviously have a barrow to push. Are you trying to make the point that it is wrong of her to write an article surfacing additional information on the currently biggest story in football? I think you’ll find that she is employed to do exactly this.
  15. We can only speculate on ‘why’ but he had done great moments playing for us. I’m just going to remember him blasting out of defence with Langers using the old give and get. I’ll also always remember that 70 meter torp for a goal against Adelaide. Hee always seemed like a pretty relaxed, good guy. I wish him so the best at WC with the usual caveat - not against us
  16. This is just factually incorrect. We have THE strongest VFL team in the competition by a significant margin, they only lost one game for the year. I'm certainly not in a hurry to lose Hunt, he has a significant point of difference for us but we have depth in most areas bar key position forward, we are pretty well stoked for small to medium defenders. You can't always pay everyone what they want and sometimes other clubs value your players more highly than you either do or can afford to match. this won't be the last one like this if we stay in the premiership window for a while.
  17. That is really encouraging and bodes well for our continuing growth and being a destination club. Unfortunately it does not support the dominant doom and gloom Demonland narrative that our culture took a hit this year due to - select your choice of negative reason du jour: dinking own bathwater, terrible coaching, not giving players in the 2's reward for effort, etc. So, can I ask you to edit your opening post to be more appropriate for this site by finding a negative cultural angle to apply. Feel free to misquote the article, most people don't have access anyway
  18. Not at all I was responding more generally to a point raised earlier and quoted in my post where a poster was hoping that journalism would learn some type of lesson and become more responsible. Maybe you should get in the habit of actually reading posts before you start facepalming and getting on your high horse…just a suggestion
  19. Pity we don’t have a troll emoji in the reactions 🧌
  20. There is nothing official. All the media sites just report each other’s rumours so take everything with a grain of salt. Both afl site and SEN have reported that we will extend hibbo and Melksham by 1 year. No source given in either case.
  21. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this but we are moving strongly and unwaveringly toward the exact opposite of what you hope. The media are less accountable now than they have ever been. They use ‘clever’ wording to ensure that they are just relating other’s reports or opinions. Most so called journos are little more than keyboard warriors with a following. On radio and television they are rarely actually journos, they are ‘personalities’.
  22. I’m not sure we have yet. It has been reported repeatedly that we WILL offer them one year deals but there has been no official announcement that it has happened. TBH there has been very little in the way of actual announcements. My sense is that there are a lot of possibilities in the wind and we are keeping our power dry until we can see hire this might play out.
  23. I can think of a ton of set plays that would be available to us with 2 very mobile 200+cm marking targets on the ground. Plays that no other team could do. People seem to limit their thinking on a resting ruck to deep forward or deep back. To me having Max there for the kick out target or the next kick is his real value in attack. In defence, his ability to intercept transition kicks is where he shines. As an example, if you added Grundy on the ground with he and Max on the defensive side of either wing at a kick out, not only would they not know who to defend, the non receiving ruckman could transition forward and toward the corridor for a comparatively safe inboard 45 kick that would absolutely open up the ground and provide new leading lanes for our forwards. Since they are both excellent tap ruckman dropping an interceptor behind play to quell a run of goals would not cost us at the stoppage. If you have 2 dominant marking targets in the middle of the ground, you don’t necessarily need a pack marking forward, you can much more easily open up the ground and start attacks from the fat side rather than having to stay down the line on one wing. i have no idea how serious we are about Grundy but I can see many ways this could work for us if we get him.
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