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  1. I really need to ask the question. When was the last time Hannan played 2 good games in a row? I don’t think he even played 2 good quarters in a row when he played for us.
  2. I think we are fine, our age profile is great across the board. Petty can absolutely be the next May in a couple of years and Lever is only around 25. I’m wrapped about this, TMac is a key pillar in our forward line and, as a few have said, this is almost certainly a win/win giving him some certainty and us some salary cap smoothing.
  3. Yeah, I couldn’t resist making the point but the original poster is quite right, at least in principal, the deal virtually always gets done
  4. Also, if he is looking for $700k then perhaps Carlton is the only team dysfunctional enough to pay it. He is a talented kid but seriously? What is this, his 3rd or 4th year? He is hardly the kind of elite game changer you’d give that kind of coin to. Maybe in a couple of years, but not at this point.
  5. How could Cerra seriously be looking at a without a coach or a CEO, or a football program for that matter? They can’t even have that much room in their cap given what they are reportedly giving mid range players like Martin and Williams. Not to mention Mackay and Cripps.
  6. I can’t agree with this. At least half the time Beveridge out coaches himself. His strange insistence on flexibility and playing people out of position has put a random element into many games, often to the bulldogs detriment. Grand finals are usually pretty simple affairs, won and lost in the ability to dish out and handle pressure. Their midfield is all we need to worry about, not their coaching. They bat deep and they can definitely bring the heat. I’m backing us to soak it up and return it with interest. We already have the blueprint for how to stop their run and gun game. We lost round 19 in forward half stoppages (their forward half). We leaked 7 goals that way. We have made mistakes this year, no doubt, I haven’t seen us make the same mistake twice though. This is going to be a high pressure game but it is unlikely that tactical coaching is going to have a big effect. Both us and the doggies showed our respective opponents what unrelenting pressure looks like this week. In 2 weeks it will be an arm wrestle to see who cracks first. I’m shaking off the old MFCSS, I believe in this group, I know what they will bring. The question mark is on whether the doggies can match us. Good luck with that doggies
  7. It’s only reasonable that she move out for a couple of weeks
  8. I think your point was addressed in the original post. There is home ground and then there is Kardinia park. It’s shape and weather make it a very difficult place for visiting teams. Add to that the normal HG advantage that it is virtually impossible for visiting fans to get tickets and you have a crowd factor very like Adelaide and Optus. The post you are responding to was spot on. That advantage seems to contribute heavily to their home and away result. You can tell because their finals record tells a very different story. Either the home ground is a big factor or the game style doesn’t stack up under pressure. Nothing else explains the discrepancy. Regardless, we are going to tear this crew a new one.
  9. He barely needs to duck, he's only about 5 foot tall. Other players are encouraged to use their natural traits to win, why can't little guys do the same?
  10. i have a horrible feeling this thread is going to coax Dr D out of the woodwork to produce yet another factual prediction of doom and gloom. I believe his last one, based on his ability to know more about football than any other numbskull on demonland, had us dropping from 1st to finish 5th and feeling grateful to be in the 8 at all. My skills as a budding Nostrodamus have Dr D predicting we exit the finals in straight sets 😜
  11. To me, this is an absolute dead rubber. We have the double chance regardless and we are going to be playing interstate regardless. We’ve proven we can beat anyone in the top eight, there is nothing more to prove, we’re ready. The only thing in front of us is confidence and form going into the finals. I think we’ll get it done and I think BB and TMac Will start to click. Come on Dees, let’s get this done and move on to the big stage.
  12. I actually think Smith has real potential. He is not in contention for May's spot, he is competing for Hibbo's. I don't have a strong feeling either way but I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets another shot at it this week. He has amazing closing speed, I saw a couple of incidents where he had given his player seemingly too much space but then closed it down and got the spoil. He needs more game time to work on his positioning and settle with the others. For me Sparrow for Viney is a no brainer. Sparrow looks lost out there, I suspect he will eventually pull it all together but there is no way we can take him into a final series. If TMac is back then it should be for Milkshake who really just picks and chooses when to go too often. My other question mark is around JJ at the moment. He just isn't playing with the same energy and flair that he was earlier in the season.
  13. How good is it to be taken seriously by opposition supporters?! They are actually afraid of us. This is weird, I could get used to it though?
  14. while I was browsing some stats from the game I came across Harrison Petty, how was this for defensive numbers?! 8 intercept marks 12 possessions 91% disposal efficiency 8 1%ers he is really starting to get the job done
  15. You can use your phone or tablet and cast it to your tv using chromecast or apple tv
  16. I'm a bit bored today so I will engage with this a little longer... You are attempting to present as fact, or self evident and obvious, a poorly formed opinion based on absolutely nothing except perhaps your own pessimism. I would characterise the responses you are seeing here as not so much people being defensive, as calling bull$#it on your statements. There is considerably more evidence to support us making the top 4 than there is that we will get knocked down to 5th. To support your negative statement you provide the startling piece of evidence that you typed your opinions into the ladder predictor and got back the expected answer. You then jump into those of us who disagree by accusing us of not being impartial. Pot, Kettle, Black...
  17. There is no evidence for your opinion, just your own negativity. We have already beaten the Cats and Dogs and quite convincingly. i see no evidence of a form drop off. Players come into and out of form in games across the season, if the outcome is consistent winning, that is all that matters. To use the positive spin, our way to goal is very difficult to predict. Some weeks it comes from traditional forwards, some weeks from midfielders. In 12 out of 14 games we have kicked a higher score than our opponent, our losses have come due to our own drop off in intensity, not being worked out and beaten.
  18. Everyone is busy just selling the narrative that suits them. 'You have to be able to dominate weaker teams', 'Defence wins premierships', 'The Dees can't score enough to win finals' In the end the only score you need is one point more than your opponent kicks. Everything else is just a narrative that we all apply after the fact to pretend that we knew all along it was going to happen a particular way. As for where we will finish on the ladder, not only is your statement negative and defeatist @Dr.D it has absolutely no grounding in fact. If you are actually a Dees supporter I just feel sorry for you. Even after we have beaten every top 8 team we have faced and lost to none, you still can't get a little excited and believe in the boys. Poor you.
  19. I don’t think there is any sensible way to compare teams across eras. Styles change so much and some of the teams we are comparing current players and teams to were actually amateurs with day jobs. That 2000 team was never going to win the granny. Essendon were utterly dominant that year. Prior to that we could never seem to get everyone on the ground at the same time, Lyon, Ox, Jackovitch, etc were always injured. And so their form fluctuate significantly. This team, so far, has done what no other Melbourne team has been able to do for 50 odd years. I think this could be our best team ever (compared to the other teams it faces) but let’s have this conversation after September, there is only one real measure of a team’s greatness.
  20. I think it is having a whinge about people having a whinge ?
  21. To the letter of the law he needs to contest the mark. In practice, as long as the blocker doesn’t take his eyes off the ball and is in a realistic position to contest, they don’t pay it.
  22. Yes one of Kozzie, Spargo, ANB or Melk needs to lock down on Daniel. He is their distributor out of the back line. Whoever is playing the distribution role out of the centre needs to be shut down similarly, usually Macrae and Bont rotating.
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