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  1. Hawks kept doggies to just a 1 goal lead, with 6 minutes left in first quarter and apparently dogs have the breeze, fingers crossed!
  2. There's no way that geelong host a final this year. After no finals at the mcg last year, 5th and 6th hosting games likely interstate. The need for finals at the mcg contractually will surely see both victorian finals played at the mcg. Hell, geelong couldn't even get their game vs richmond the other week moved to geelong because of signage contracts, let alone a final.
  3. Yeah and remeber H2 Lions game?.. talls couldnt keep up
  4. First lockdown, Now moving our game from foxtel ultra hd with decent commentary, now to ch7 with bt and lingy.. fml
  5. Kelli Underwood is a horrendous caller. Hopefully we can even this up before half time with the wind.
  6. Why would you want to in this thread? #200
  7. "We're not close to having a conversation with melbourne at the moment" - Rosich I dont mind either way if he stays or goes, however i think he is genuinely just taking his sweet sweet sweet sweet time in making up his mind
  8. An absolute morgue at the perth airport before the red eye atm
  9. Don't need a lift, but I'll be on the same flight, lets hope its an enjoyable one!
  10. Is it true its a 50/50 split, because ive booked flights over and am crapping myself that i wont get a ticket
  11. I can't stand "GEE-long ch ch ch Gee-long ch ch ch" makes me angry just hearing it. Give me back2back smashings
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