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  1. A quick trademark search had the image below and the Tasmanian Devils Football Club both in the trademark process. So I'd imagine itll be the green jumper with that logo
  2. I actually think weed is playing his role to an extent.. hasnt been out marked and i can't remember an intercept mark from cox pearce or ryan. Smalls kick our goals, he is facilitating this
  3. Nothing on the podcast, in fact here wasn't even there for half of it
  4. The afl have filed for copyright the Tassie/Tasmania Devils and a logo
  5. To be fair.. that 78degrees melbourne gin is absolutely delicious
  6. Agreed, Ive done the SEN and TripleM commentaries, and SEN is by far the best. Huddo does the game justice that Ch7 just couldnt do.
  7. "EVERYDAY.. EVERYDAY.. EVERYDAY" Sick of their [censored]!
  8. Outgoing Fremantle midfielder Adam Cerra says he is yet to nominate a club of choice with trade talks set to officially open in under two weeks. Cerra requested a trade back to his home State at the end of the regular season, with Carlton and grand finalists Melbourne both pitching hard to sign the first-round draftee. The 21-year-old said there was plenty of time to declare who he wanted to suit up for next year after playing 76 games since being selected by the Dockers with pick five in the 2017 draft. “I’m sure that will come out in its due course,” Cerra told 10News. “It was obviously a tough decision. Firstly a life decision for me. “I have obviously loved my time, but I am looking forward now. Still, lots to happen, so it’s out of my control.”
  9. Its fantastic, i only ever crack it open after dees wins. Hopefully i run the bottle dry on saturday!
  10. Hawks kept doggies to just a 1 goal lead, with 6 minutes left in first quarter and apparently dogs have the breeze, fingers crossed!
  11. There's no way that geelong host a final this year. After no finals at the mcg last year, 5th and 6th hosting games likely interstate. The need for finals at the mcg contractually will surely see both victorian finals played at the mcg. Hell, geelong couldn't even get their game vs richmond the other week moved to geelong because of signage contracts, let alone a final.
  12. Yeah and remeber H2 Lions game?.. talls couldnt keep up
  13. First lockdown, Now moving our game from foxtel ultra hd with decent commentary, now to ch7 with bt and lingy.. fml
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