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  1. 6. Stubblety-Oliver 5. Stubblety-Petracca 4. Stubblety-Harmes 3. Stubblety-May 2. Stubblety-Jackson 1. Stubblety-Brown
  2. Strange one this ... the less he plays, the better he gets.
  3. MFC predictions Ladder position at the end of the H&A season: 3rd Position at the end of the season (e.g. stage of finals): Premier after winning grand final B&F top 5 1. Christian Petracca 2. Clayton Oliver 3. Max Gawn 4. Jake Bowey 5. Ben Brown Leading goalkicker: Ben Brown (74 goals) Most marks: Ben Brown Best first year player: Jake Bowey Most improved player: Oskar Baker All Australian 40-man squad selections: Gawn, May, Oliver, Petracca All Australian final 22 selections: Gawn, May, Oliver, Petracca, May Big Ben Brown will kick his biggest goal tally against: North Melbourne Biggest winning margin:81 points Biggest MFC story of the year: First premiership in 57 years Other MFC predictions: Christian Petracca’s Brownlow Medal Jake Bowey pips Rowell for NAB Rising Star AFL predictions Premier: Melbourne Runner-up: Richmond Wooden spoon: North Melbourne Biggest improver: Melbourne Biggest slider: Collingwood Brownlow medal: Petracca Coleman medal: B Brown Rising star: Bowey
  4. So this is where we stand. PRIMARY LIST: — Oskar Baker Toby Bedford Angus Brayshaw Ben Brown Bayley Fritsch Max Gawn James Harmes Michael Hibberd Marty Hore Jayden Hunt Luke Jackson Neville Jetta Nathan Jones James Jordan Kade Kolodjiashnij Ed Langdon Jake Lever Tom McDonald Steven May Jake Melksham Alex Neal-Bullen Clayton Oliver Christian Petracca Harrison Petty Kysaiah Kropinyeri Pickett Trent Rivers Christian Salem Charlie Spargo Joel Smith Tom Sparrow Adam Tomlinson Aaron vandenBerg Jack Viney Sam Weideman 34 TO BE UPGRADED TO PRIMARY LIST: — Jay Lockhart 1 ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY A — Mitch Brown Kade Chandler 2 TO BE PLACED ON ROOKIE LIST: CATEGORY A: — Aaron Nietschke 1
  5. If you’re asking questions and want serious answers, might I suggest that you don’t ask on a strictly rumour thread.
  6. Yes, of course. He will most likely receive a mention in my next article once the trade period begins. I’m assuming that the Bulldogs will, at some point, offer some sort of trade - most likely draft picks. The Dogs could be willing to effect a reasonable trade which might enable us to upgrade our first pick because they will be using selections to pick up Jamarra Ugle-Hagan. The points available to match a bid are going to be more important than their exact placement.
  7. And on Monday, I’ll be going for the Suns to beat the Pies.
  8. I suppose my preview theme about the final humiliation hasn’t aged well.
  9. Jed Kemp, Matt Johnson, Tyler Brockman, Taj Woewodin and more impress in Subiaco’s colts pre-season win over East Fremantle
  10. Demons won the game by 8 goals. That’s all the info that I have at the moment.
  11. I don't think we've had many results going the way we would have liked so let's hope we get through tonight.,
  12. Heaven forbid they make us go to Cairns. What do I call the match preview? Further north of the border? Enough, please.
  13. Press conference in front of Bill Ponsford’s statue. Please leave the statue alone.
  14. Since we are due to play both Essendon and Sydney in the next few weeks, one would expect Goodwin watched the game closely. I hope that he’s worked out a forward strategy that doesn’t involve us in constantly kicking to a one on two situation in front of goal where we constantly cough up the footy time and again. I didn’t see much of that in the game at the SCG or anywhere else other than our forward line over the weekend. This has to be fixed.
  15. Thanks. I was going to apologise to Linda for any responsibility in her being pregnant but it didn’t read well. Fixed anyway ... and apologies to both ladies. ?
  16. Good to see that Preuss has been working hard during the off season so far. This time last year there was a lot of talk about the respective roles of he and Max under the new 666 regime but in the end, he spent a lot of time at Casey and with our KPF’s falling down, it all unravelled. Could his fitness be the key to a renewal of hope for the set up we expected to do so well for the team 12 months ago?
  17. There’s a lot of talk round here that Melbourne should split its pick 3 with the GWS Giants and take pick 6 and something else but I’m suspicious of this because in car dealing language, the pick is a lemon ?! Check out the chart from the AFL Draft Guru site Historically, players who have been selected at 3 have played an average of 132 games compared with 57 for pick 6. At pick 7, the average is almost more than double at 133 games. Pick 6 is jinxed - we tell GWS no to that pick. https://www.draftguru.com.au/
  18. I was in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda this morning and to my horror, I happened on the Gatwick which appears to be undergoing some change. Who allowed this and where are the former residents?
  19. The Trade Period runs till Wednesday. The Free Agency Period is now officially over.
  20. Apparently returning to his local roots. Wishing him good luck for the future - nearly two seasons out with hamstring issues is no fun.
  21. Well, the official Free Agency period has come and gone and the world hasn't come to an end. There hasn't been all that much activity with Tom Lynch being the big fish among free agents. There were some other fish caught and nibbles for a few others but it wasn't all that much of a big deal in my book and there are 10 free agents left without a deal. The next lot of free agents on the menu are the delisted free agents but they don't come into play yet.
  22. Pretty sure it’s Bugg’s turn to play the senior emergency role.
  23. Check out WJ's post of 29 July in which he discusses Murphy on this thread.
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