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  1. I would have clicked like on this, but my wife might secretly be watching
  2. Roosy was on the AFL Facebook page answering questions this arvo (https://www.facebook.com/AFL/), He was asked about VDB's intended role, he replies "Aaron did have a good first year, and certainly we missed him when he was injured. Hopefully he will play another key role as a forward and at times gets injected into our midfield group". Points to those who had him on the HFF.
  3. Loved Titus O'Reily's Twitter post on this "Chris Yarran won't play for the first third of the season. His teammates have yet to announce which third of the season they won't play."
  4. Not a bad thing we've got then in Round 1 at the G.
  5. I like the idea of him moving into an academy role like he had at Sydney before coming here (if that's where we're headed)
  6. I loved the R19 game last year against the pies when VDB cleaned up Pendlebury - he (SP) got up very gingerly - Vanders loose wave 'sorry 'bout that' - hard (very) but fair. Love him.
  7. Maybe it was Dawes in the Plucka Duck costume doing the ad where he skateboards down the hill (at 3.6 secs for 50m)
  8. At 1:45am this morning, I clearly saw the Dees giving the Hawks a 90 pt thrashing at the 'G in a Prelim in front of 85K....something about Angus Brayshaw dashing through the guts that really helps my sleep.
  9. Could not give a rats ass. In the case of these two, less is more
  10. I had to double check it was actually his right foot pinky toe... looking good. Happy days!
  11. Love it Steve - it's a very eloquent "nah.....yeah"
  12. I wonder if Colllingwood will get a top up player from the AFL....
  13. Agree with all the above comments, but I also think it's not a bad thing for the boys to be training with an understanding that they're about to get nailed to hone their skills and instincts.
  14. I don't know if you were at that game, dieter, but it was absolutely p*ssing down. I thought the guys played good, hard footy in the conditions and certainly played them better than Ninthmond (especially when it got really wet). Agree with your observations in general (although I don't think Watts is a waste, but could do better). Can't wait for this year's Anzac Day/Eve game..it was really well done last year.
  15. I love Mick Malthouse for giving him to us for free (sorry, I realise this is a Jesse thread).
  16. I love the anticipation of Jeffy running full tilt inside 50 and wondering if he's going to (a) shank one sideways to Hoges unexpectedly or (b) kick a goal or (c) miss. We're definitely improving, so many options!
  17. JV - I go to AFL smart replay, all games from last season are online. Has handy markers below the vision where you can skip to goals etc. worth also skipping to hoges' first goal against GCS in round 1 (3Q), lovely passage of play.
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