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  1. That mark is better than anything leon rimes has done https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2315294268743397
  2. has anybody put a current list together yet? With the three new guys.
  3. Just what we need. A cheap back up ruck with a bit of mongrel in him.
  4. Even without his speed he is the most important small/medium goal kicker in the list on last years averages per game. Others might look better but he gets the results.
  5. We need either he or Tom in case either of our key backs fall over
  6. Totally agree. He might turn into a 30 goal a season small forward, but much too early. Lots of promise.
  7. He never had the ability to get the ball and go. Whenever he took a mark he would just back pedal then look to see where he could go. No urgency in his game. He was another one who wasn't developed properly to get his full potential.
  8. I'm in 2 minds. With zoning, switching and many other variables, sides are just too good at creating mismatches. The days of having 77cm defenders is just too easy for forward set ups to take advantage of that. Unless you are someone special like Short at Richmond who really hurts you offensively is the exception. Lockhart could do that, but hasn't shown it yet, but certainly has 2 years of development to come til he can reach that standard. I like his commitment, so maybe he will.
  9. Simply we need him incase either of our 2 main backs go down. The only way we could trade him would be a 3 way deal where we pick up another key defender. Same with brother Tom. We can't have him and Ben Brown as both are one trick and can do nothing when the ball hits the ground. That's why Jackson is so important.
  10. If we just want a back up for max, geelong have got a few -some of whom will probably be delisted. Then we get a good player for Preuss from GWS. Win/Win
  11. I hope they take a punt and play Gawne at CHF and put Preuss in the ruck. We don't lose a lot that way in the ruck but you saw what happened when May went forward in the last quarter with a guy who can compete hard in the air. Brown (as well as he played) just stuffs Weid up and Weid is the future. We can't afford to take May from defense. We are really missing Jackson or an improved Petty. The Defense should tighten up with Hibberd replacing Smith who I hope never plays another defensive game for Melbourne again. I don't know who had the great idea of turning him from a promising
  12. If no Preuss , Jackson or Gawne and considering Smith has been emergency often recently, they might use him as a foil against English. I don't know if he has rucked before but he would certainly have the leap over English at Centre bounces. He gives a lot away in height though. Oscar could match him for strength but doubt he could keep up. Other than Bradke, there's not many choices.
  13. how does melksham still get a game ahead of Tomlinson
  14. you can only have 4 of the 8 on the bench. Pickett, AVB, Smith and Jackson for me. The last 2 simply because you've got to give them at least 2 weeks to show something. ANB, Jones Hibberd and Hannan miss.
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