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  1. yeah definitely need to draft some one for midfield during midseason draft. Whether good to go or young with potential. There's not much in the stocks at Casey. Seston looked the best of them last week but he's more HFF.
  2. would add bite to forward, but also insurance if someone goes down in defence, to leave Petty as a forward
  3. It was a good win, but I don't know why, when we get 5 or 6 goals in front we play defensively and try to save the game That was a great opportunity for a 10 goal win that we missed. Be glad when Bowey comes back and can take Billings spot.
  4. This game and West coast are probably our best chances for 100 point win. Other teams will do it to them so we have to as well. Percentage could be king at end of season. Fill your boots Dees!!
  5. I always said Jefferson had a huge upside to come. This is just another step on the way.
  6. I think this will be a watershed game from him. If he is going to succeed as a second ruck to Max he has to gain possession and kick goals which is what he did. Might not be this year but it was great to see.
  7. Hustwaite Moodie and Steele seem to be the best of the younger brigade at Casey
  8. Having a tall, mobile and hard hitting backline makes a huge difference and helps out the smaller players so much.
  9. Schache out for Fullarton. Fullarton is not only a better ruckman but also a better overhead mark. Even if he doesn't take the mark he would rarely be marked against. He also kicked many goals last year in VFL Hore for Bowey. Our backline is our strength and you can't afford to take players from other positions to play there and expect to have the same cohesion. Keep Salem in midfield. Playing him in the back half in the last quarter against the swans allowed their midfield to take over. Picket for Spargo (could also be Chandler but Spargo was less of a contributor). Billings for Woewodin You need a sub who can come on and make an impact with run and aggression even if they don't actually get the possessions. Woewodin had an impact last year whereas Billings was on for nearly a half and you hardly noticed him. Laurie for AMW. It's about time for him to see what he can do even if it's only as the sub. That's 5 ins but if Picket, Bowey and Laurie are forced and you don't count the sub, it's really only the one unforced change (Schache for Fullarton)
  10. I thought Spargo was only second to Viney in the midfield. Putting him on the HBF when Bowey went off cost us all the drive we were getting and the Swans midfield over ran us. It was a bad coaching decision. I would rather see a direct swap of Hore or Adams for Bowey. Pity Turner is injured.
  11. 21 of the available players seem to pick themselves. There might be a couple of either/or such as TMac and Thomlinson. I hope they give the last spot to someone either new or old who has shown improvement, rather than just potential.
  12. They were all great. Every player has strengths and weaknesses. None of them will miss out on best 22 because they are not good enough. So different from all those lean years we had.
  13. I had to ring the club membership line and they sent me an email with the log in details. You have to sign up for $35 a month after the 12 month period but you can cancel that after the 12 months. Maybe they'll continue the package deal.
  14. likewise great deal plus nominal membership.
  15. Windsor's 2 goals. Last time I remember having a wingman who kicked goals was Robbie Flower at 1.1 per game. No way making a comparison, but it was great to see.
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