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  1. would have to be the tallest Casey side ever
  2. 3 things 1. If we hadn't dropped 3 simple marks that led to 3 goals for them 2. If we hadn't pulled the jumper for 3 goals for them 3.If just Fritsch (and there were many others) kicked straight we would have had 4 more goals. While they also made some mistakes, it would have turned it into a thrashing.
  3. We can't beat St. Kilda kicking 10 goals. yet we have someone at VFL level who is kicking multiple goals. Our forward line would not be any worse if we take a punt on Daw. Fritsch is the only other consistent multiple goal scorer. TMac can go to the wing and still impact the scoreboard. Spargo and Jones both played well but spargo doesn't add to scoring unless inside 20 metres. One of them has to go, as Jxn and Picket are safe. Viney should help with the clearance problems. We need the same number of midfield players as St. Kilda also have an abundance. Harmes fumbled a bit, miss
  4. Re midfield. On a player by player basis our midfielders had more of the ball than those from fremantle, yet we were smashed in the clearances. You can take that as a glass half full or empty. I see the possibility for massive improvement. Whilst both sides ran out of legs in the last quarter we were better off because we had more players who could go through there. Good endurance runners like Langdon, Picket(surprise), NB, Oliver and some others were very important. Re crowd. my own experience was to go with friends as a guest (but couldn't)as they are afl members. The website sai
  5. same as in Bulldogs game - very instrumental in scoring passages.
  6. That's just about as good a side as you could select with the current injuries. Salem, Brayshaw, Jordan, Neale Bullen and Picket to go through the middle with Harmes, Langdon, Petracca, Oliver and Sparrow gives you 10 pretty good runners that could make all the difference in the last quarter. You could also add Spargo, Rivers and Hunt to that group. Not too many sides with 13 possible midfielders. I think Petty will be the emergency - Oscar showed the value of a tall there. If a runner goes down you can cover it, but not if we lose one of Tomlinson, TMac, May, Lever or Jxn. AVB is a
  7. I've got a few wraps for him. Yes when we had a seconds midfield against the dogs we got smashed and he was number 2 or 3 in that. But it is what you would expect. If he becomes number 4,5 or even 6 it is a huge difference where his opposition is not so good. I watched the bulldogs from level one at Marvel and he was sometimes out of position at the centre bounce where the bulldogs took the ball from their defensive side to get the clearance. Then I went home and watched the first 2 quarters and last quarter (we were thrashed in the 3rd) where generally we were on par with the bulldog
  8. Oliver would beat Jordan every day. Petracca would beat sparrow every day. So its no wonder they were beaten by a talented midfield of Bulldogs that has about 10 players that go through there including the wings But if they are behind Oliver, Viney, Petracca, Langdon, Brayshaw, Harmes (and apparently Picket) they become numbers 8 and 9 instead of 3 and 4. I wouldn't be too hard on them until we see a few games with them all together. But I certainly don't see much optimism in our forward line. Apart from being small and slow, who apart from Fritsch could kick more than 3 goa
  9. It was a practice game and when many of your best players are out, you take the opportunity to see what the next level of potential will show. The trouble was we lost it at the selection table. When you rely on the CHF or F/F in Jxn to be the fill in ruck, so that you just have one tall forward -Tmac and a whole lot of lightweight four footers, there is just too much pressure on that next level to get any idea of what they will be like. Why they didn't pick 2 of Brown, Daw or petty to play half a game each beats me
  10. anyone know when the VFL practice match is, where some of the guys from rehab are starting.
  11. I guess there won't be a B game as the others will be playing VFL practice match on the Saturday.
  12. One thing I left out of my training report because I'd already said a bit about rosman, is that he covers the ground. You know how some players get involved in something, stop and think I need to go there but are then too late. Rosman just goes. It's a breaking the lines thing. I think it's instinctive. Langdon does it for us.
  13. Went down to Casey and watched through the fence. Don't know why you can't get into an area that could be partitioned off on the outer wing for supporters. Other clubs seem to have supporters around the grounds. A couple of rehab groups. Brayshaw, VDB, Viney and Hibberd doing laps. Bowey, Smith, Petty and Brown doing exercises, run throughs and similar on the outer wing. Bowey Petty and Smith together with coaches doing various drills whilst Brown just ran up and down the boundary line. B Brown doing a lot of body work drills with Stafford whilst other training going on.
  14. That mark is better than anything leon rimes has done https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2315294268743397
  15. has anybody put a current list together yet? With the three new guys.
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