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  1. As a Spurs fan in the EPL I also frequent the thefightingcock forum to have a read of the comments from the fans to understand what others see and hopefully get a greater understanding of how the team is playing and what needs to change. The main difference is the censoring of swear words, or lack thereof. But apart from that the sentiments are mostly the same: The coach can’t coach, Sack the coach etc. etc. The tactics both Mourinho and Goodwin have employed have now been worked out and are being countered by opposition sides. They both worked like a dream beforehand (Dees in 201
  2. So is the fixture real??? is the AFL planning on turning the fixture on its head again? Just waiting for a couple of COVID cases and boom.....Dees hub in Cairns for 3 months If it seems to good to be true it probably is!!!
  3. Is this thread another way of asking how Goodwin keeps his job? If so, then I think we can only assess after the season given extenuating factors can cause unforeseen results. If we have an injury run like this year (lack thereof), then top 8 has to be the pass mark as Bartlett has already stated. If COVID is alive and we are in another part of the country for extended periods, then it will be game style and ‘brand’ and whether we see another port loss. If we lose key players (Gawn, May, Oliver, Trac, Brown) to season long injuries early, then again the ‘brand’ will be what saves Go
  4. I do think that Lever and May exceed Frost and Omac in what they provide the team. What I don’t know is the opportunity cost for the team given their far greater costs (salaries and draft picks traded)............
  5. Me too. Also worried brown may not be the answer to our bomb it in style.
  6. Just a rumour - Gil planning on changing Anzac Day games to suit an Oscar awards presentation after the orchestrated drama created on trading night.
  7. Agree. Seems crazy 😜 We must have a plan to recruit through the draft or organic growth for the other wing.
  8. What’s your point? yes stuff happens from gov’ts every day. Pretty sure we can be aggrieved that an opposing team reaps benefits from that decision?
  9. Doesn’t make it ok though. A lot of $’s for something that’ll be used 10 times a year with the economic benefits going to the cats.
  10. Disgusting. It frustrates the hell out of me. Is it that cookie is better at applying for grants than the rest? Or is there a hope to get a sporting event in the near future and Gmhba is required for a tender bid? what I hate most is the marketing spin as it doesn’t even support the Geelong locals......
  11. You forgot to mention your brother who isn’t a member celebrating another flag......
  12. Cameron didn’t do much last year either though
  13. Wish Richmond had of lost and dimma teared up. Bring on 2021 go dees
  14. Stanley was read like a good book. Dusty knew exactly what was going to happen next
  15. Geelongs 2nd qtrs have killed them in both this GF and their final against port. Most of the possession and play in forward half but didn’t capitalize. both Port and now Richmond have run over the top and they don’t have any answers.
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