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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Do you think it is Max or the mids? I agree his taps are sharked to often. Is it his predictability to tap to a time (ie centre circle clock) or our mids play flat footed and don’t use their body to protect space?
  2. Damm mobile memberships….not gunna microwave the phone. In all seriousness’s we looked tired. Akin to the Essendon gather round match last season. They jumped us with their thuggish behaviour and we fell into our shells and were never confident to take the game on. Transition was nonexistent as our mids never gave our forwards a chance. Kicks on their heads or to the defenders advantage. Don’t get me started on the umpires. They must have a big collect coming their way. But the loss was all down to our preparations that looked inadequate.
  3. Terrible umpiring again. Was after the kick. The [censored]!!
  4. Petracca held after disposing. No down field free
  5. You have to get him high for it be a high fend. Clown
  6. Jeepers even channel 7 laying in to us with the “Quiet Dees”
  7. Wouldn’t want to be Richmond. Our 20 day bye will have us well rested and firing on all cylinders again.
  8. They see fritsch run underneath the ball but miss hipwood with his arm around mays neck. Both were frees. They only penalized one of them
  9. Cameron didn’t touch it. Unrealistic attempt not called.
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