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  1. Hawkins should’ve finished the lions off. Three gettable shots sprayed
  2. They (Geelong) have had the rub so far.
  3. Mentioned on SEN on Sunday that you don’t push a door with bent knuckles. Was 100% intentional and deserves to get a week (or 2). Is such a peasant act. But most of my issues are with the two umpires who could’ve have stopped the tussle by blowing a free kick. Oliver was all over berry and berry contacted high. But in all that they didn’t see a free kick - FMD!!
  4. A lot of good points raised by all. No one contributing factor. Hard to say whether the year was wasted…..will be determined whether the learnings are taken on board. We have a nucleus that can win several more premierships. I trust that next year we will bounce back and we will be a dominant force again. (I want the 2023 premiership market to open, I’m that bullish). I think we wanted to replicate 2021 too much. We set up our season perfectly but then the unfortunate injuries hit. Burgo’s mantra of playing through the niggles was not the right plan. As mentioned we have the cattle at vfl, Gawn|Brown|Lever|Tracc etc. who suffered some sort of set backs and all should have been rested to hit finals cherry ripe. The replacements aren’t stars, but are serviceable and can play roles. The cats managed their stars and it pains me that they are still in contention and in the box seat. We needed our selection panel to take a mature approach in round 18-21. Whilst I am still disappointed, I can see on the horizon.
  5. Can somebody please plant anti inflammatories on these commentators.
  6. Cause he gets the sack? Just like their throwing he has somehow avoided scrutiny for only just scraping into finals from playing in the gf the year prior.
  7. With Gary Rohan kicking goals in finals. Geelong won’t choke and collingwood might lose a close one. AFL worlds gone crazy
  8. Cmon Dees. Big last quarter. Run hard. Kick straight. Let’s do it
  9. Didn’t think the umpiring could be worse than last night
  10. It’s so sweet seeing hardwick angry. The clam.
  11. Hahaha. How insulting playing the tigers song
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