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  1. Well done umpires. Pay [censored] frees all night so that our players can’t take a tackle and reset.
  2. ANBs prior opportunity was 0.0000000001 seconds
  3. They play dirty the dogs….surprised they are so loved by the umps.
  4. Not surprised. Think we have more capacity to lift than them. They got lucky with some of their goals. Get the handball receives cleaner and then we will make space for transition. Gawn also needs to play the percentages, to many hit outs or punches went straight to them. Looking forward to a big second quarter.
  5. Great goal Christian - looked like dry weather football
  6. Lucky for us we have to worry about the bottom 10 teams in finals 😉
  7. Just the post I saw - phone wasn’t refreshing nicely. And not really the performance (hence the emoji) that warrants us to go back to top of the table
  8. Why didn’t Gawn kill it to the boundary?
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