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  1. Coach got fed up and sat him on the pine most of the last quarter
  2. Ben brown has been following health orders. . So clean are his hands
  3. Oh my god. Reminiscent of 2018. Ahhhh. F U selwood
  4. Was on 7. A terribly bad segment about Cameron and smith
  5. Who the [censored] is amberley lobo? and why is this broadcast so Geelong focused. It’s our home game ffs
  6. Umpires are [censored] horrendous hold on gawn block on brayshaw FMD
  7. My wife just said she sometimes misses seeing Omac down back. 😮
  8. Cmon Dees. Bury these near dead cats 🐈‍⬛
  9. Message just got out to the umpires
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