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  1. Buckenara has lost the plot. Plenty of howlers here but rating Langdon and Baker at the same level has to be the worst. Harmes looks well out of place in C grader company and rating Tracc a B is laughable coming off a season where he was top 3 in the comp. It’s not clear from this list if Buckenara’s even watched us play. But I can see how people with a glass half empty mindset might like the assessment.
  2. That’s a pretty good assessment, although I think a touch harsh on both Max and Clarrie.
  3. I think bringing in Brown would just require us to re-think our mid-size and small forwards. Brown is a clear upgrade, and a big one, on every other player in our forward line. And has better consistent form than both Jeremy Cameron and Joe Daniher. The problem is that none of our mid-sizers like Fritsch, Melksham etc. are good at locking the ball in our f50. It’s why Kozzie is so important and why we should think about playing Viney and Harmes forward more.
  4. Big goal kicking forwards and pressure aren’t mutually exclusive. Richmond have two guns and Geelong have just landed Cameron in addition to Hawkins. So there’s room for big guys who kick goals in pressure sides.
  5. Tall forwards sure get you to grand finals though. There were two Coleman medallists and an All-Australian KPF playing tonight. Do Geelong make the GF without Hawkins or Richmond without Reiwoldt/Lynch? Don’t think so.
  6. I think the idea of replacing an entire Board in one go is a terrible idea and entirely destabilising. That said, I think we could happily lose a few of them. With one exception, the Board is a bunch of same-age, same-gender old world types of overlapping, and in some cases, modest skills. It’s definitely not a new-world Board and I can’t imagine our Board meetings are particularly dynamic. Personally I think it could use a modest shake-up. I’m not sure how I feel about Green’s appointment but just the fact that we’ll have someone <45yo is a win.
  7. I think the point is... based on the high statistical likelihood that there are current AFL players who are gay, it is disappointing that there isn’t an environment of sufficient tolerance and comfort that would support such a player coming out. But we are straying from the topic of the thread (I think).
  8. Love your work Wise, but I reckon you’re giving Nev a rough ride. Pretty credible poster imo, not sure why you’re so tough on him. Personally I like hearing info that’s well informed but not fully baked - it’s like getting a progress update and helps you understand the approach the club is taking even if the cards don’t always fall. Anyway, as you were 😉
  9. If you’re going to attack another poster for being dumb, a tip would be don’t then go and agree with the substance of the post in your own comment. i didn’t say Kelly was tagged for the whole game, only that Collingwood used a hard tag. Kelly had 1 disposal to quarter time and Collingwood set up their win in the first quarter. It worked. I’m also not saying Harmes should tag every week but there are certain circumstances where it makes sense. Just because something is going out of fashion doesn’t mean it should be shelved completely. Anyway, agree to disagree.
  10. Collingwood used a hard tag on Tim Kelly last night - worked pretty well I reckon. There are certain circumstances when a hard tag makes sense, especially when you have someone like Neale or Bont who can completely destroy you. Harmes is a jet at this role and the perfect size, waste not to use him that way.
  11. I can buy into this. Especially as there are unlikely to be large cuts to list sizes. He started late and the lack of vfl has robbed him of development a year after significant injury. Still... last legs.
  12. I doubt it, there was too much media noise about his game early in the year... I think it takes time to break the stigma. I reckon that's why May didn't make it as well. Perform to this level again next year and he's a lock.
  13. Could just be they’ve botched a huge opportunity to play finals, despite working their arses off, and that disappointment is only 3 days old
  14. Delist Oscar McDonald Josh Wagner Corey Wagner Kyle Dunkley Kade Chandler Trade Tom McDonald Brayden Preuss (if he could yield a decent pick) Retire Jetta KK Re-sign Petty Hore Fritsch Hunt Viney Rookie changes Lockhart (upgrade) Nietschke (downgrade) Smith (downgrade) Last chance Spargo Hannan
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