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  1. Zero wins from three return bouts so far this year... clearly other teams are going to school on us. We need to bring both our A pressure game and decent disposal efficiency to beat anyone. When we do we can absolutely beat anyone. But we also need to take our chances in front of goal and haven’t for a long time. Ben Brown was a culprit tonight but I thought he showed glimpses of what he can be for us. He feels a bit like Lever in his first season to me… NQR but could be a real weapon if he gets back to full fitness and confidence.
  2. Is ANB the dumbest player in footy? Reckon we’d have a few in the top 10 but he’s unbelievable
  3. Wouldn’t have this shot if Hibbo didn’t fumble under limited pressure
  4. I get that bro. Just don’t get how you see that happening is all.
  5. You could argue we’re kicking ourselves out of the top 4… 13.20 in the last 6 quarters of football. Flip that around and we win last week and are 50/50 tonight.
  6. Give them all to Sam Frost. He’s the main reason we didn’t walk away a complete laughing stock. Good to see that trade paying dividends.
  7. I disagree with those saying the draw is as good as a win. We had the chance to put a game and % between us and Geelong if we’d actually come to play. Instead it’s 2 points… so one slip up and they still jump us rather than 2 chances. We’ve let an opportunity to put a stranglehold on top 2 slip tonight which is just super disappointing.
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