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  1. Andy Lovell appointed tonight. nice selection
  2. Your also way off in the fact that Ben Mcevoy plays for murray bushrangers
  3. id step on libba and he wud look like pancake
  4. Did anyone go today? It would be nice for a brief report on how some of the guys are going. I wonder if anyone has bulked up at all and how are Meesen's skills?? Thanks
  5. why? Neaves is crap.. we just got Meesen and we dont need another ruckman
  6. intresting he actually kicked 49 goals this year. people have forgotten his 8 bag goal against nathan carroll
  7. melbourne did talk to myers at the draft camp and are intrested aswell
  8. but how good was travis johnstone that night.. 4 goals! never the same player after that.
  9. yes i have seen him play plenty of times and his disposal lacks class and his pace isn't flashy at all.. yes good vfl player but c'mon if simon godfrey played a full year of vfl footy he would have carved it up and people wud want him drafted without even watching him play. If Neville is as good as people say then he would be on a afl list by now. i think u just judge him by what u read about him in the newspapers. summers is just as good as Neville
  10. al neville would be just like drafting simon godfrey all over again
  11. no way! bails wants young players not old washed up ones
  12. can sum1 post a pic of sampi on the heard sun.. i haven't got the chance to see it yet and i wont have the chance to go down to town today again. that would be cool
  13. summers is also a dee supporter.. not that it matterd much
  14. jonathon simpkin from sydney is training at melbourne
  15. Besides Ash Sampi, I was wondering if anyone has heard about any delisted players training with us? Players like Todd Grima and Cam Howat would be worth a look. Thanks
  16. this bloke is pretty much the most well liked bloke in he team. everyone loves him! you can tell he is just gonna give it his all this pre season! i love body and i hope he turns out to be a gun. he could maybe take bellys spot ( his best friend) which wud free him up to the midfield GO BODEY!
  17. http://melbournefc.com.au/Season2007/News/...px?newsId=52890 he actually sounds very exciting! 200cm tall with pace and gut running ability is very promising.
  18. they all look great! was there any invitees there??
  19. we already have a thread on this
  20. i love mark williams! hopefully his experience of blooding good players will rub onto us more better we are doing really well off season!!
  21. it shows u hardly play footy.. tagging isn't an easy job
  22. from what i ahve heard around the traps we are actually showing intrest in Ryley Dunn
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