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  1. 9 minutes ago, Jjrogan said:

    Hawkins 50m was clearly there. 

    The rule is if you ask the umpire to look at the scoreboard (replay), that is dissent.  Made clear as mud in the preseason. Tom Mitchell looks at the scoreboard and ask the umpire to look. 

    50 metres under the new rule all day long.  Players, especially captains and senior players, would do well to learn the rules of the game.  

    Come on, it wasn't even a free. Then 50. No-one wants to see that. That was bad umpiring. And everyone is meant to sit in their seats and shut up. 

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  2. Last night was truly terrible umpiring. So biased.

    My favorite was when Keefe got a 50 for a late jump into his back (which was there) and he got taken from the half back flank to 25 metres out. It had to be 80 metres. It was so far I thought he got given 2 x 50 metres but I don't think so. I think it set a new world record! "Longest fitty eva" Well done that umpire. 

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  3. I agree with all supporting comments with regards to Max.

    He has made a bit of a pledge to try and play off in a Grand Final and hopefully the ultimate success, on the MCG.

    He is only interested in the 4 points. We are 2 for 2, maximum of 8 points. That is his focus. We will have to go through tough times yet this season one would assume and Max will be there for us. He is the best Captain in the league and one of the major reasons I believe we can go back to back. He is much loved by his players, his coach and us.

    In Max we trust.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    While the concept of full-time professional umpires has some attraction, I struggle to see what umpires would do every day during the week and during the off-season. There's only a certain amount of fitness required (and they already seem to have that). Perhaps if being full-time involved a secondary role, such as mentoring junior umpires or working with clubs so everyone fully understands the rules, might help. There might not be enough work for all the field umpires to become full-time, but perhaps we can end up with a mix of full- and part-time umpires with every match having at least one full-time field umpire.   

    I still think, by the way, that the low hanging fruit which would improve umpiring more than making them full-time, is an overhaul of the rules to eliminate as much as possible the subjective assessments wherever possible.  

    I like the idea of having a mix of full-time through to part-time umpires.

    There isn't a problem and in fact a need for full-time umpires given we now have AFLW. Also admin staff at schools get paid a package for the year but get all school holidays some maybe 13 weeks off or something. 

    And I 100% agree with your second point.

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  5. 10 hours ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Firstly, there was no intention of sarcasm on my part. My apologies if it read that way.

    I think the addition of any technology that stops the flow of the game is detrimental to the end product. I'm not even sure that the use of technology to assist with goal umpiring decisions is worth the delays that they engender. 

    Generally speaking, I think the umpiring standard is pretty good but not perfect. I expect perfection in a 360 degree, fast game with rules subject to interpretation is expecting too much. I think the AFL could help the umpires more by trying to eliminate the subjectivity in decision making. The best example, and I think the rule that bugs people perhaps more than any other, is the "insufficient intent" rule. I'm not in favour of a "last touch" free kick as it would discourage players going for the ball. Perhaps we eliminate that rule altogether and live with the consequences or we make it a free kick if t goes out of bounds without being touched and has travelled less than 30 metres for a kick and 15 metres for a handball. The umpire then doesn't have to consider the subjective question of intention, although there would still be the assessment of distance required (and sometimes whether it was touched, although that's no different from decisions made now regarding whether a mark should be paid).

    The most important point I want to add is that I do not believe in any way that umpires are biased for or against any team. It is stated far too often on this forum. 

    I agree with most of what you say, especially the inconsistency around the subjective question of intent. But I don't agree that the umpiring standard is pretty good. I believe it is poor and with good coaching and getting a more consistent interpretation of rules it would improve markedly.

    The problem is demanding too much time of umpires off field in teaching them properly when they are not full - time employees. If they were full -time they could be held more accountable, we could have more analysis of their decision-making process and stop with the constant re-affirmation of some of their hopelessly poor decisions.

    In many ways they are responsible for the look of the game. 47 frees on Wednesday night were paid. That's a big stat. And its total control of the ball for 10 seconds before play on is called. A good team like the dogs can take that scenario and before the opposition gets a chance to intercept or bring the ball back into a disputed situation again they have scored. That was exactly what happened on Wednesday night when Petracca was called for holding the ball in the first quarter. Now your mate with his twitter account might say that was a technically correct decision, but theres no way that rule was interpreted as harshly on any dogs player for the rest of the night or practically any player across the weekend. 

    Good teams overcome bad umpiring, and Melbourne are a good team so I shouldn't get too annoyed, we are in a position to create our own destiny, but I am struggling to watch other games because of the random nature of umpiring.

    We underestimate the impact bad decisions can have on a game. The AFL need to publicly acknowledge there is a problem and take steps to improve the standard.  

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  6. 3 hours ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    I'm interested in the idea of making better use of technology to enhance the umpiring of Australian Football. It's now used to assist goal umpiring decisions, although whether it is as good as it needs to be is a lingering question. We also have umpires able to communicate with each other on the field and off the field (as we saw in the Melb v WCE game when the game was suspended because of lightning). Could you see how else technology could help with umpiring? For example, do you think the game should be stopped while the umpires review a replay of an incident to determine whether a free kick should be paid? 

    By the way, I don't buy your propaganda argument. I don't see how a Twitter account that criticises umpiring decisions is propaganda for the umpires. 

    An ex AFL umpire? I'm not sure if he is sponsored or not as I haven't seen the twitter account but I like how you and another poster shared his tweets with an example of one in support and one that he thought wrong. I didn't mean to belittle your post. I just think there is enough press out there suggesting the game doesn't have a problem.

    As to technology and your slightly sarcastic comment about trying to introduce it to a game as fast and chaotic as AFL, it is hard to do but maybe it's not too big a stretch to have technology helping with distances, ie 15 metres of marks and 50 metre penalties.

    But let me ask you. Do you think the game is adjudicated well enough or do you believe it could and should be improved? Do you think the umpiring is consistent across each game and across the league? 

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  7. 1 hour ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Whose propaganda? 

    That's pretty easy to see. The AFL/Umpiring Dept are under a bit of pressure to not be seen as the worst umpired sport in the world.

    It's not an excuse to say it's such a hard sport to umpire, umpires are just human and make mistakes just like the players, or it's just part of the game and we have to accept it. 2022's version is suggesting everyone including the players should stop arguing and just move on. It's propoganda.

    All other sports have for the large part embraced technology and made changes to improve their sport and any frustration around the umpiring of their sport.

    Take tennis for example. The days of McEnroe are consigned to the past. The 3 challenges per set and Hawk-eye technology has settled it all down. But what is important is this. The governing body of tennis recognised there was a problem and worked to create a solution. Job well done. Everyone, from players to audience see the system as fair and don't question decisions. Also the release of pressure on umpires has been enormous.

    Rather than admit there is a problem and asking the public to bear with the AFL while they try and fix it we are fed lies. Which just makes me angrier. But I love your nom de plume "La Dee-vina Comedia" as that's what the game probably is and me trying to get an improved version of umpiring is like asking them to change the ball from oval to round.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    Thanks for bringing this Twitter account to my attention. Assuming he's an AFL accredited umpire as he says he is, it makes interesting reading. I'm also amused by his pinned tweet given the name of this thread:


    It's just propaganda. Keep telling lies and over a period of time people will either believe it or give up complaining because they're sick of untruths constantly being projected over the top of  the truth.

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  9. I much prefer the players not being allowed to argue the point with the umpires. You can see they want to and it's hard for them to stop themselves but as a result a lot of bad decisions just slip through and the public aren't as inclined to boo and carry on.

    But they have to improve the standard of umpiring.

    As for Cody Weightman, he saw Smith coming at him, so actually made a conscious effort to go for the free rather than the mark. When Smith baulked and ran past, beside, under him, Weightman was already bracing for contact. I thought he may have been burrowed from behind but it was all his own actions. Squib. No free.

    And Naughton is a great player but the free against TMac where they were all going for the ball and Naughton who was out of position just flew off to the side, was staging. They should be doing revues after each game and picking these things up and notifying the Dogs that those actions won't be tolerated and they are going to stop rewarding those acts. 

    But they don't. 

    The footballing public are on to Weightman, even the Dogs supporters see it, but the umpiring department seem blind to his constant actions of going for the free rather than the ball. 

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  10. I'm happy enough it's not season ending.

    If we are good enough to be in the top 4 or 6 when he returns then get him cherry ripe for the second half of the season. I know we have too many back-men out at the moment but I think Hunt, Tomlinson, Joel Smith get a chance to play and prove themselves and Brayshaw and Tom McD were great in defence on Wednesday night meaning Bedford gets his chance up the field.

    In a sense theres no use having great depth unless you get to use it and develop it.

    Having said all that does anyone know the timeframe for Petty, Rivers and Lever to return?

  11. The only award the journos have a say in is the Rising Star. Is that right? Is it a panel or heaps of AFL hangers-on voting on it?

    Either way if they think Daicos will be Rising star then he only has to be somewhere nearly as good as any other eligible player and he will win.

    Their sycophantic ways are embarrassing. You can just hear the commentary every time he touches the ball. And they know it's Collingwood so only injury can stop the fools.

  12. I thought it was good for us. With the proviso we take the lessons and prepare for the season.

    Carlton were good. Their midfield with Walsh back will be scary good. Their backline with Oscar (who played well and kept having small jokes with the Melbourne boys) and Williams and Saad were getting free way too easy. They had us on toast.

    Yet in the second half we tightened things up. Our backline started holding with second stringers, we tightened up on Saad and somehow we got back into the contest.

    Max was enourmous.

    Our midfield is the worry, but with our best backline in (especially May and Salem) we can hold a side when our midfield is beaten and slowly get on top.

    Was the loss we needed. No injuries. Well orchestrated MFC.

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  13. I love how they knew they needed to get better at contested ball in the middle and how they've gone about it.

    Daisy to the forward line, Paxman about 70% outside now and with Mithen, Hanks and West doing all the in and under grunt work, we are a seriously good contested ball team. West adds so much, she's great, just get the ball going our way. 

    Libby Birch is a great back player and the speed of Goldrick in defence and Bannan on the wing is okay. Zanker is good to watch, she can be seriously good (the pick up on the run in the last then off to Harris for the soft free) but she also does a lot wrong. Her development is important to the team, she is nowhere near the finished product yet.

    I think our forward line is good around Harris, Daisy and Hore, but one more target would be good. Adelaide's defence was super and they shut us down very well, we will need to develop other avenues to goal to seriously challenge them.

    I think if we keep improving like the mens team did in 2021 we can win it. The big difference is I always thought the mens team's best was the best in the league but I don't think the girls are the best team in it yet. Hopefully they get to finals and have a good series. Go girls.

  14. On 1/28/2022 at 10:18 PM, picket fence said:

    Unbelievable pick up! One grab mark ,has developed his game and become a better player given his ability to roam far and wide, something Norf never developed him into! Deadly accurate goal kicker, 3 in G F you dont reckon the Norf Brains trust would be absolutely peeesed of at their shocking miscalculation. PLUS WE GOT HIM FOR FREE


    Don't want to rain on your parade Picket as it's nice to be on the receiving end of a good trade. We've had our share of bad ones, but I think this was a win/win sort of trade. Ben Brown was going nowhere anymore at North and had become Mr Flopsy as he was double teamed all the time and found it an easier option to try for a free than go for the footy. It's great he got the chance to revitalise his career, there were many doubters, especially from oppo clubs, but he got fitter and embraced change and the team ethos and got his reward. As did we.

    North though have two really good forwards that have developed well in Larkey and Zurhaar. That may not have happened if they had of hung onto Brown. I think they are winners from the trade too.

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  15. The thing I like about this list is Luke Dunstan is at 26. Second Saint on the list behind Brad Couch. I heard it said Ratten didn't like Dunstans turn-overs and the big knock on him was his disposal, but considering the company he is in on that list he is a pretty good ball winner and fits in well with our territory gained football. Looks like he is a really good pick up.

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  16. I don't see Richmond as a threat at all.

    For me the two Sydney teams are the main threats. But on paper we are superior to both those teams.

    The hunger is an issue though. Our contested ball was where our game started and you need desire and purpose to keep it up for a long season. We will most probably have at least one form slump and if we can get through and still finish top four we will be hard to beat. 

    Goodwin was good at teaching them to reset. After each game and even quarter, but after a season it's back to zero. That's a big reset, but hopefully they will go again. I see some big wins and a much higher percentage this year as we blow a few teams away. Each time we do win by a big margin the commentators around the game will be fawning all over us. It is a big danger getting ahead of ourselves. We are the team to beat but make no mistake, there will emerge at least one other team who will believe they can beat us and win the Cup. 

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  17. 6 hours ago, old dee said:

    Sadly I think he is a VFL talent DJ. If it does not happen this year it never will. 

    Weid I think was actually smart to sign a two year extension with us. He is still young at around 24-25 yo and will be free agent and in his prime for his next contract. 

    If he had of gone to a Gold Coast for more money he would have been exposed and much more demanded of him and a likely scenario where he fails. By taking a modest wage at Melbourne he can continue to develop and not get over exposed. He could still become a good player in the right team when he is at the peak of his abilities. Will that be at Melbourne? Not sure. He has another two years to prove he has value to a club. And Melbourne will want to make him a good prospect if for no other reason than to trade.

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  18. Just watched the videos and was super impressed by Kate Rothey our president. She spoke so well. I think if any of the boys disrespected a female in any way she'd rip them apart. She has a real warmth as well. Her good wishes and inclusion of Glen Bartlett was great to see. She is a very good leader. We are a good club in good hands.

    Go Dees

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  19. 1 minute ago, CYB said:

    if i was Gary Pert, i would be seething. This is not a good draw from a commercial perspective or from a general week-to-week proposition given we just won the GF - i dont know what else we need to proove. We play entertaining football.

    I don't mind playing the top teams twice - its only fair given we have 23 rounds with 18 teams. But to get WC and Geelong away yet again is farcical. WC doesnt phase me as it once has, but the Cattery is a hard place to win. We also don't play at our home ground for 5 consecutive weeks and have yet another final round game away. Seriously WTF.

    The two biggest commercial games for us are both away (tiges and Collingwood) and our home games are against interstate sides. There is no cash in for us after winning the flag. It's like they want to prove we are a second rate club who's numbers won't stack up.

    Disgusting and disrespectful draw for the club. 

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