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  1. 6 minutes ago, rpfc said:

    Max needs to be quiet on things like this, and the Grundy future. Just inviting unnecessary pressure.

    Listen to the press conference. He speaks beautifully. Always with the team and his teammates at the fore of his thoughts. Even managed to excuse the All Australian selectors for their obvious disrespect to him  and at the same time made them look fools for overlooking his captaincy of the squad with his eloquence. 

    I just hope he makes them look even more foolish with his deeds this final series.

  2. I would rather we win and play whoever. I even have a preference not to play the Pies.

    The Pies at the G will be a formidable task and I would suspect that whomever they are playing they will get off the leash at some stage and go on a goal stomping run and with their feral fans it will be hard to overcome. Not saying it would be any less at Ports ground but really with almost every Demon supporter having the game at the G as their preference it is becoming a classical case of "Beware what you wish for."

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  3. Maybe Bobbie, not saying you're wrong but offering an opposing point of view, is depth overrated at times?

    We took a while to cover Oliver but when we got a mix back in the middle that worked it's arguable to think we were better. This week Newcombe and Lewis were out for the Hawks yet Worpel stepped up and others from the Hawks helped out. Would they have beaten us with those two in the team. I doubt it. Last week my Carlton mates were carrying on about their outs in Cerra, Walsh, McKay and others, would they have actually won the game (coz they didn't) with those players in the team? Not sure. 

    Fritta who is our best forward over the last 3 years by a fair margin comes back in to the team hopefully this week. I thought we were just starting to cover Petty in the second half against Hawthorn. Will we be better with Fritta back? Certainly in the long run but again it may take a while. 

    Of all Collingwoods outs I think maybe the one they missed the most this week was Bobbie Hill.

    Some teams can cover loss well if they have a ready player. Some players are irreplaceable and no amount of depth can cover their loss.

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  4. Could maybe try and get Darcy from Fremantle as he and Jackson don't seem to be working that well and they can't give up on Jacko. In an ironic twist we could give them back their second rounder. Darcy is at least a better forward than Grundy.

    From what I've seen Verrall is a long way off.

  5. I blame myself for falling in love with such a stupid game.

    Its exciting, has great skills, tough. The game has everything, but is ruined by umpiring.

    Saturday night was great and in the end the Blues fans were delirious with joy. So many of them singing the song at the top of their voices. It was their turn to get the "rub of the green".

    What is sad and frustrating yet comical is watching fans shouting for frees that aren't there. Umpiring has become so random that anything goes. The Blues crowd next to me were shouting and complaining when on the far side of the ground Hibberd punched the ball out of play. I'm shouting at them, they're shouting at anyone. It's a mess.

    Hmmm! Maybe random umpiring is good for the game. At least we don't have a ground announcer come over the public address system "Quiet Please". I hate tennis.

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  6. I was talking to a footy dude who barracked for Essendon and I said they have once again been a dissapointment. He disagreed and said Scott has 10 wins which is good for their list which is poor.

    Anyway long to short we both thought it would be interesting who rises first, Hawthorn or Essendon. Long time rivals and completely different list management strategies.

    I secretly hoped we could see both clubs in a Carlton v Melbourne "Kreuzer Cup" style scenario. That'd be a good year.

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  7. I think he is still a year or two away from his peak as a footballer so I'd keep him if possible.

    If you look at him up close he still looks like a kid, he still needs a good pre-season to develop further strength in his body. I hope we have seen the last of Harmes in the seniors and I also don't think Laurie will make it. It will be nice to have Jordan coming into the peak of his career in a year or two. I would hope and suggest he is a required player.

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  8. Theres a clear and simple answer to this.

    White ant Geelong until they win 3 spoons in a row, then no-one will care playing down there, no one will go and there'll be 8,000 adoring Cats fans watching their team lose by an average 186 points across the 3 year period.

    Well I can dream can't I.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, A F said:

    Mate, you realise the orange wave is back, right? We need to ensure exits are blocked and we retain territory. Best way to do that is smalls. We've lost one small already in Spargo, so this should give us the best chance to nullify them.

    It's not a very sexy word Nullify. Great word though. To nullify, make zero. ANB the Nullifier. I'm going to nullify you.

    There should be more 12 year olds wanting to nullify their opponent. Instead they all just want to kick goals after the siren and win the game.

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  10. 1 hour ago, binman said:

    Not sure how long you have been following the dees, but we have a very different definition of what could be considered a disappointing team.

    I have been following the dees for aprox 45 years but started going to games regularly in 1978 (by myself back then - no one i knew barracked for the dees).

    That year we won the wooden spoon. Fun times. 

    We had a stellar year in 1979 and really started our march up the ladder, ending the season in 11th. Not bad until you consider there were only 12 teams. And that time Fitzroy thrashed us by a still record margin was such a gas. 

    But boy o boy, was 1980 awesome. We were marching up the ladder! Jumped up to 9th (in a 12-team competition)!

    Oh, oh - 1981 wasn't much fun. Yet another wooden spoon. 

    So bad were we that we came within a bees whisker of merging with the Hawks and the oldest sporting club in the world almost ceasing to exist. 


    The Neeld years.

    Et cetera; et cetera; et cetera.

    Hopefully, you get my drift. 

    In all seriousness, we are currently 4th on the ladder with an ok injury list and a soft run home.

    We are currently equal third favorite to win the flag (but will enter the finals as favorite IMHO).

    We are $1.40 to make the top 4 (by way of contrast the Cats are next best at $6 to make the top 4 and the Saints, who are only four points behind us, are $7 to make the top 4). For context, we are 1.40 to win Sunday and Winx ran around at that price.  

    A serious question - do you rate the Pies?

    Well, a reminder, we beat them, the favorites for the flag, just two games ago! Can't have your cake and eat it too - if we are a disappointing side, the Pies must be pretenders not contenders. 

    But really, in what universe could this current dees team, premiers in 2021 and finished second on the ladder at the end of the 2022 H&A season (and yes, we went out in straight sets in the finals), be considered a disappointing team?

    Not in my universe i can assure you. 

    Well thats a trip down memory lane. I've barracked for the dees for the last 55 odd years and have lived through all those dissapointments year on year. My mate from Kindergarten barracked for the Dees and we still go along to the G most games, we're both 62, have lovely families and long suffering wives.

    We were at the game for the record loss to Fitzroy. When we were around 16 we would go to a few games then when our season was done for the year we'd go off to the races. My mate says thats the only good thing barracking for Melbourne gave us was a love for the races.

    I think the day of the Grand Final loss to the Hawks was the worst. I ended up so drunk and being kicked off a tram in the city into the arms of police and shouting "leave me alone! I barrack for Melbourne" They let me walk it off.

    2021 was extroadinary. I never thought I'd live to see it. I had smug Hawks and Tigers supporter in-laws and just thought there was too much against the smaller clubs for them to ever see success. 2016 gave us hope when the Dogs won. But what a year.

    I'm only mucking around. Playing devils advocate against peoples hope. I like taking a position and being proven wrong. I don't give us much hope this year. Happy to be wrong. As for Collingwood, they were terribly undermanned against us. Replace that Finn McGuiness or whoever he is that replaced Ginnivan and we probably lose. But it was a good win. I was very happy.

    I don't think Collingwood will win it either by the way, I think Port and Brizzy will finish top two and get through to the GF. As a betting man I'd give you 50-1 (which I won't, I'm a punter not a bookie) for us to win 8 of our last 9 games. I'll take a position and say we'll win 5 of our last 9 games. Happy to have a bet on closest to the pin.

    Hope you win. Go Dees.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, binman said:


    Don't mention the switch!!!!!!!!!

    Way, way too triggering for some. 

    By the by, here's how I see the next few games - which will involve intermittent switch flicking before  the switch gets permanently flicked.

    Nine day break into the giants game (and travel, so essentially forced rest) - attacking footy and run all over the giants (who are coming off their bye). Look a different team than the dour, gassed unit in the 4th quarter against the cats.


    Six day break and travel into the saints game - much to the chagrin and consternation of many DL posters, another dour, defence first match with little fast transition from the back. 

    Fortunately the saints, with their dour, deliberate ball movement and defence first game plan can't exploit our lack of run - particularly at marvel with its lack of space.


    Six day break into a Friday night game at the g v lions - dour, but not as dour as the saints game.

    Some fascinating variables: the lions are also coming off a six day break, but unlike us have to travel; 8 point game (could well determine if lions get a gabba final week one - potentially against us); lions are slow and so won't be able to exploit any lack of run we have the way, say the dogs would; the G factor.

    50 50 game. 

    Round 19 - 24 - hello moto; starting with a 9 day break into the crows game, we have a great run home with only one short break - six days between the roos and blues games. Two travelss - tassie and Sydney. But the Sydney game is followed by the pre finals bye, so no post game impact.

    Unleash the beast and a return to the offensive power of rounds 1-5 (and round 16). Wow. David King says we changed our approach. DL posters say the same. No mention of 'scoring problems'. 

    Win. Win. Win. Win. Win. Win.

    Happy days.

    That is some crazy rose glasses you've put on there Binman. Are you taking the [censored]. Surely. How can you have such faith in such a disappointing team? 


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  12. 9 hours ago, Stiff Arm said:

    Mate, your last three paragraphs are simply hyperbolic sweeping statements. None of it is based on any evidence, just the liberatarian ramblings of someone who thinks authorities shouldn't intervene to minimise its citizens "losing the plot and doing bad things" (whatever that means).

    I mean honestly... "the do-gooders of this world are the same type of people that "took the children away" in their era" ???

    Reminds me of what Deeluded used to write!

    Well then Mate, I think I might like Deeluded. And yes thats a pretty good summary of my ramblings. Sorry I didn't fact check. But I don't have the finances, unlike our Government to commission a report and spend millions working out that

    1. advertising can have an adverse affect on children and...

    2. gambling has the potential to ruin lives.

    As to who took the children away it's a well known fact it was the church that wanted to "save" the children and bring them up as good wholesome christians. They genuinely thought they were doing the right thing. Just like it's the government of today, trying to save us from ourselves. 

    Mind you they've had their successes, banning smoking and compulsory seatbelts. But I'm just rambling again. Sorry they upset you so.


  13. I worked in the racing industry for many years and still bet weekly. I love the game and hate the ads just as much as everyone else. I also bet on the footy as many do. 

    The issue of the people that dictate what we should be doing or not with our lives is worse. The do-gooders of this world are the same type of people that "took the children away" in their era. The fact that anyone is so arrogant to think they live better, know better, are better, than others are quite possibly the worst people in the world.

    All this report will be just like the billion dollar fining industry we have in this State. Its all based on "statistics of the dammed". ie they take their stats from the poor people out there who end up gambling their house away on pokies or unstable people who get behind the wheel of a car and destroy lives.

    The end result is we see a different set of adds on tele. Nothing else changes. People still lose the plot and do bad things.

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  14. Watching Tomlinson versus Petty, Tomlinson is a very good chip kicker of the ball. Hits targets and his last two games at both AFL/VFL levels show that. He needs to come back in as we showed again the long down the line uber predictability too much against Geelong. May/Lever look around to short pass then always go long down the line, more and more so under pressure. 

    Petty is probably better against talls, especially resting rucks. I think we've upset him in his development this year trying to create a swingman and for mine they need to play him as a forward at VFL level. BBB was great in the VFL and he got to the backline and up the ground a lot. I think that is how they want Petty to play so send him back to the VFL and get him successful there before bringing him back to AFL level. Having Petty, JVR and Smith as a forward line is just crazy as they don't have the experience individually let alone as a cohesive unit. 

    Bring BBB back in as his forward craft will help us a lot and his accuracy can really help settle us into games.

    I agree our 4 small forwards isn't working. I'd drop ANB. He could really benefit from a stint at VFL level. Instruct him to practice being clean with the ball and more creative. Look to attack more as he needs to bring more to the AFL side than tackling. Smith could play his role as he is worth pursuing as a forward. Also playing only two smalls in Chandler and Kossie is worth a try as well. It may actually free them up and increase our scoring.

    Out Petty, ANB, Spargo

    In BBB, Tomlinson and maybe Bowey, 

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  15. 6 minutes ago, NeveroddoreveN said:

    It is actually gobsmacking how arrogant our coaching department/Goodwin are in these regards.  We seem to want to win or lose in our own "unique" way.  Just ignore what other teams have done successfully and try and bash them into submission with a gameplan that that is barbaric at best.

    I strongly dislike (hate) how we say things like "that wasn't the Melbourne way" and "we need to get the game on our terms". Goody says this sort of thing all the time , the players say it and we the supporters say it. 

    It's most parts rubbish. Do you think Scott goes into the rooms after the game and says "gee how lucky were we, Melbourne didn't play the Melbourne way tonight."

    True pressure came on and we crumbled. Is ANB fumbling the "Melbourne way?" It certainly seems to be the ANB way. ANB is now a player who doesn't really want the ball anymore. He'd rather wait till his opponent picks it up and then tackle them. His 1 wood is tackling. Forward line pressure. All very well but how about we create goals rather than stoppages. He needs to be a player in his own right, not just some bit part player deferring to the "stars" of our side. Playing a role. Bad coaching. He could be so much better. Some of these "role" players need to be given more responsibilty. You be the man. Stop relying on others.

    We are going nowhere.

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  16. Thats it. We're done.

    People will laugh and carry on about negativity but this is the first time this year I've posted such negativity because I wasn't sure until now where we stood. But once again Scott has shown us up as absolute pretenders.

    As an example Spargo comes on and plays fake tough man and gives away 50 metres. He should have spoiled. How many times did Geelong spoil the ball. Thats tough. Not what Spargo did. But no-one will tell him off. If he spoils that ball like he should have, everyone gets around him and is energised. Instead he'll get dropped.

    Look at Rohan. He was about as quarter as good as when he came across from Sydney and their coaches turned him into a good footballer. 

    Tanner Bruhn in his 11th game for the Cats starred out of the middle.  

    We'll win enough to play finals and may even look dangerous as we head into finals but make no mistake.

    We are pretenders. 

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  17. 11 minutes ago, Deebauched said:

    yep,   back your players in. Cannot omit Smith or Tommo after their recent winning efforts.  No change to team unless Oliver is given green light by medical staff. Petty to VFL for a game or 2. Didnt Bowey get tossed around by cats last year?

    Yes it was one of Scotts strategies to be very physical with Bowie and not give him any time with ball in hand. Really unsettled him and he had problems for the rest of the year. They will more than likely try something similar with McVee. I'm not sure this is a good game for Bowie to return.

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  18. The thing is this game is one of the very modern great rivalries. And the AFL are disrespecting our standing in the game and the rivalry by playing the game at KP.

    2021 we showed them up and it was one of the reasons for Geelong's change of game plan and man-management systems. Chris Scott hates losing and although I dislike him and half the Geelong team, he plotted and planned to take us down in 2022. We were soundly beaten, looked like we didn't even see what was coming and were totally out coached. It was a cornerstone game for Geelong's assault on the flag and our meek finish to the year. 

    So ...1. Why are the two past premiers only playing once this year and 

             2. Why down at the cattery?

    The AFL are totally disrespectful to our club and should be asked to explain.

    Don't think this won't be a cracking game of football. If we don't understand how important it is to get the ascendancy over Geelong  we don't understand the gang mentality of footy. If we are to win the flag this is a must win game. If we enter the game like last year just thinking we'll win, even though they are down this year, they will have plans and be super switched on. We have to beat them and kill off their 2023 campaign. This is nothing to do with whos out there but the attitude of every player to win. If we don't we are kidding ourselves.

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  19. 41 minutes ago, Rodney (Balls) Grinter said:

    Except Razor Ray. 

    He's every Ch 7 comentators favorite celebrity umpire.

    I've even seen kids running around in bright yellow T-shirts with Razor's number on the back.

    Love you Ray - now F off.

    To highlight how random umpiring can be remember last week when Grundy in a ruck duel out bodied the North ruck who then scragged Grundy as he lost his balance and fell to the ground. Razor came in to give a free to Grundy who didn't wait for Razor to award him the free but just grabbed the ball and ran back getting ready to go. Razor more or less in a show of petulant power one-up-manship awarded the free to the North ruck for Grundy slinging him to the ground. Max then followed Razor down the ground chirping at him. I would love to hear what he said.

    Anyway I'm sure Razor changed his mind to teach Grundy a lesson. But what is much worse is that the frees nowadays in over 50% of occasions can go either way. They are just random.

    Virtually every other sport on the planet has upped their game to improve the spectacle, reduce bad umpiring mistakes and let the players decide the outcome of matches. The AFL meantime think the  problem lies with us.

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