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  1. 29 minutes ago, DemonWA said:

    Not a thread about tyres.

    Lots of doom and gloom on here but personally I think our season was far from a waste or a disgrace. 

    Backing up from a flag to win 10 on the trott at the front end (when people were hoping we'd be drunk on bathwater) and then to finish 2nd is a very decent result. Clarry winning gongs for fun, and the AA side littered with Dees. VFL side as dominant as any that I can recall. 

    If we had had a season like the doggies or tigers I would be carrying on like alot of the hand wringers on here. Flags don't grow on trees and you don't get a armchair ride to a dynasty just beacuse youn win one- some fair weather supporters need to realise this and get behind the boys for next year. 

    Don't worry I'm sure we'll all be back next year. But to call people "on here" hand wringers and fair weather supporters is ridiculous considering the obvious issues with the team and the disappointing coaching efforts to try and address those issues. 

    To win 6 of our last 14 games for the year is disappointing.

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  2. Goodwin has got us back to 2nd on the H & A ladder and (if we beat Brisbane) to a prelim in 2022 so it's a pretty successful year but you don't need to be a brain surgeon to see the faultlines running through our team and it's almost impossible to see us beating the last two opponents to win the thing this year.

    We are probably the 4th best team in it.

    So he mose well keep loyal to these players till we go out but if we lose to Brisbane all rain and hail and cataclysmic unrest will pour forth in the name of CHANGE

    So, ah, good luck guys.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Kozzie4PM said:

    I've been to manuka a couple of times and it's a great little ground. It would be perfect if there were 7k diehard giants fans to give it some atmosphere. There's generally 500 Melbourne supporters, 500 giants and the rest are neutral meaning it's kind of a weird atmosphere. You feel like you're in the minority in actually caring about the game. 

    I agree. I was there for 4 days and with all the museums, a game of golf and the footy it was a good trip. I electric scootered to the game. They get snow in the middle of winter though. 

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  4. I don't think a pick around 14 can be considered enough, no matter what it's packaged with.

    I would have thought he is worth conservatively, a pick in the top 5 or maybe up to 7 at worst and then a back of first round pick as well ie 16-20. But pick 14 as the best they're offering is a disaster for us and should not be entertained.

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  5. 35 minutes ago, Stiff Arm said:

    1st round pick around 14 plus perhaps what they get for Lobb (early 2nd rounder?) Would like Meek in the deal too

    Some will scream that it's not enough. It'll never be enough. But that's what is realistic given what they have.

    I'd actually ask for their future 1st rather than this year's. Take the gamble Freo might slide in 2023

    I'm screaming!!!!

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  6. 17 hours ago, Jontee said:

    From a demons and genuine footy fans perspective, I think this has much merit, as I dont think Jobe could coach backpackers to the airport.

    He does make an excellent coffee though

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  7. 26 minutes ago, Canplay said:

    Bowey in to replace one of the pressure forwards - Spago or ANB -  we need his kicking skills into the forward line and both lads out of form - particularly ANB.


    Agree. Bowey gets more of the ball than Spargo and is a like for like. Is fend offs a stat. Harmes did 37 today for Casey, but would add grunt. Weidemann was very good today. Spargo my only out, was poor mostly last night.

  8. 2 hours ago, Smokey said:

    MFCSS used to be warranted around here. These days I just see more and more new usernames popping up and being increasingly negative, and talking in ridiculous absolutes i.e. we can’t win this year (even after a win) 

    Unfortunately the quality of this communities members is slipping by the day. So many new members that are mostly unable to add anything of depth or interest, just repeated negativity in an almost troll like manner. Sucks really. 

    Some people are glass half full and see the negatives in life. For anyone who loves positivity the series Ted Lasso is a fantastic show. As a negative personality person I love it. I would love to be more like him. But I'm not. And while I'm reasonably well adjusted (thank you) there are a lot of people where their negativity can overwhelm them.

    I think your post is borderline bullying telling people how they should think or feel. What arrogance. And to be on here doing that means you are not a truly positive person yourself. Just pumping up your own tyres at the expense of others.

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  9. They'll argue Ahh Chee got concussed as Cripps fell down and hit him in the head, which was accidental. The initial jump and hit to the head was not that malicious, no free kick given (of course) and not an act that would have concussed Ahh Chee.

    He'll get off I think.

  10. I think what happened on Friday night was we went into the rooms at half time and the coaches once again said, "Defense! Defense! Defense!" 

    We all know the narrative, "we need to get the game on our terms." etc,etc.

    And we come out and try and shut the game down. We are so focussed on defense, we can't score anymore, the opposition, who still remain close, get bolder, gain confidence and run over the top of us.

    This is a bit (well okay very) simplistic, but terrible coaching.

    We aren't playing to win. We are playing to a "brand". Our brand is defense. Our brand or mindset needs to change to win at all costs. Good teams get in front by 20 or 25 points and hold. If the opposition get inside that margin they go again and get it back out to 20 or 25 points again.  We can do the first part, but we get stuck trying to hold. 

    Goody needs to give up on this stupid defensive mindset coz its killing us. Go out and play football and WIN.

    We are being seriously outcoached at the moment.

    Imagine an interview with one of our players after the game on Friday night. 

    Commentator "Wow, that was awesome. You kicked 10 goals in the first half, then came out and kicked 3 for the rest of the game. Inspiring stuff. Tell me ........, what was the message at half time. What did Goody say to you guys to get you to play like that. It must have been inspiring alright"

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  11. On 8/2/2022 at 7:33 PM, binman said:

    You might well be right. 

    But one of the things I really dislike about not factoring in the impact of  training regimes and preparation on a team's performance is how, in the absence of doing so, often the footy media's and fan's default explanation ends up a variation of mental weakness/soft/got ahead of themselves/didn't turn up type rubbish.

    It's just so mind numbingly simplistic and lacking any nuance.



    So you're calling out Adam Yze now. Wow I think you might have "got ahead of yourself", yourself.

  12. I thought Joel Smith played really well in the second half for Casey. He took a couple of lovely marks and got better as the game wore on. The danger with him is he flies indiscriminately. But thats better in the forward line and he remains a chance if BBB or Fritsch gets injured.

    The main quandry this week is Harmes. I suppose he is in the mix with Jordan, ANB and Sparrow. I like Sparrow a lot but admit he does make mistakes. As do all four of these players.

    I think the other way to get all four of these players in is to move Brayshaw back and drop one of Hunt or Rivers but I hope they aren't thinking like this. I liked Hunts game and am happy no-one is wanting him out. And the back seven with Salem, Rivers, Hunt, Hibbo, May, Lever and Petty (with Bowey as the reserve) were great against Freo and can hopefully keep it up and keep Gus in the mid/forward rotations.

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  13. I reckon he's great and although he's never been AA and is rarely in medias minds when they talk about all Melbournes good players, he is one of the best mid forwards in the league.

    The two others that maybe he could be compared to are Heaney from the Swans who is a star and Rosey from Port who is being talked about as AA and would have to be given a HFF if he was to make it even though he spends most of his time now in the midfield.

    Oliver is a definite lock for AA, Petracca probably as well, then Max probably still holds the ruck but English is a chance (not much), I think Brayshaw and Fritsch are the next Dees players in? May is a chance, as is Langdon  and Kossie but they may miss and Lever won't make it this year.

  14. 15 minutes ago, von said:

    I reckon we just don’t want it enough. Happy with one. The stars have all signed their big contracts and are just going to coast through to retirement now. Brayshaw is about to sign but it will only result in him settling in to mediocrity for 5 years before moving to Perth. Jackson is gone and we will get nothing back but a Brent Grgic type. Can’t see us being relevant moving forward. You’re right with the bulldogs and look at the wins losses and percentages for the year. Backs it up perfectly. Strong observation. Not to mention how well they stacked up against us last year when it mattered. Bevo is clearly a mastermind, not the unhinged madman some have claimed.

    Oh, I didn't realise I was being so negative. I really like the reference to Brent Grigc. I don't think it's all doom and gloom though. I just think that we've more than come back to the pack and we need to re-invent ourselves a bit. We have a good list and yet we are going through a period where our weaknesses and inefficiencies are being exposed.

    As to Luke Beveridge I think tactically he is superior to Goodwin. Goodwins major move in the last 5 minutes was to send May forward. Dogs couldn't win this year, they over-achieved last year, but they were an improved side on Saturday night from what we have seen. He has done a good job to keep them relevant while they improve their list.

  15. I have a theory that isn't on here so I'll opinionate and if wrong happy to be pulled up.

    Firstly I don't believe we are in a loading phase. I think we have held on to a game plan far too long that has been dissected and beaten and we refuse to change.

    Secondly the major difference for me is mental fatigue. We are not handling being the "hunted". All our losses we have been trying to hold on and our opposition has run over the top of us. It's hard work. It's not as much fun and all we feel after a win is relief. Not a natural uplifting joy. Well certainly not as much as last year. We are not "loading" we are tired. Mentally fatigued. This is easy enough to fix but Goodwin and co. are super slow to do anything at this point.

    Thirdly "Jimmy's wing is Broken". Our defensive wing has been picked apart and is not working anymore. We are slow and predictable and our turn-overs here are killing us. Jimmy Jordan whenever he gets the ball stops and props then kicks down the line to a tall. There is no speed or dare. Jimmy is a lovely bloke but in the words of Jack Elliot he is "a good ordinary footballer". He needs to be re-invented. This wing is the source of the problem with other aspects of our game including Salem, Bowey and Brayshaw. This brings me to number four

    Brayshaw is not being used to his capacity. Goodwin said he was reluctant to move Brayshaw. He should try the opposite. Every position he has played he has mastered. He is a GUN. Look at the way Dogs use their midfielders. Duncan is played everywhere. Bont goes wherever he feels he is needed. They are much more flexible. Brayshaw being stuck in the backline is stupid. No wonder he wants to leave. He should be played in a variety of positions as required from forward to back. His marking is a weapon. His strength is similar to a Dusty. Leave him one out in the forward line and he'd win every contest.

    Furthermore if we lose Brayshaw I'll be ropable. We need to sign him up and promise him the next Captaincy when he and Max think it appropriate.

    So for a start Jordan out. And move Brayshaw. 

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  16. 11 minutes ago, JimmyGadson said:

    I was being highly facetious.

    The potting from me is at those who convince themselves loading is a main contributing factor and go on to provide the evidence they believe supports the theory. When really, nobody has a clue. I've never said that those in support of it think it's the only factor in a win or loss.

    Nobody has a clue because there are too many factors to take into account from the outside looking in.

    Posters have been guessing at which games we might have a dip in vs which ones we might look to have more energy in and from there it becomes confirmation bias for them. But really it could be any number of things. 

    Example, a player has a shocking couple of nights sleep before a game due to a sick child.


    Here are the facts we know:

    This time last year we had a healthier and more settled squad.

    This time last year our game was in far better order, especially defensively even though we lost to the dogs at the G.

    This time last year we had a far easier run home with less travel and more time to recover between games.

    This time last year, teams weren't as prepared coming up against our system vs this year.


    To me, that's all the evidence required when looking at where we are right now as a side. 

    The loading thing is such an overblown nonsense imo. And if it really is so significant come september and what we're seeing now is fatigue which is in part a result of loading, I'd argue that the risk vs reward is simply too great given we're likely to slip out of the top four if we don't improve quickly.

    I would really love to know from someone in the field, (not athletics because AFL is a contact sport), how much loading you can actually be doing at this time of the year with so much travel and so many short turn arounds. And how much impact it would actually have come september. Surely it can only be minimal gains if any given the taxing nature of every game played. Players pulling up sore constantly and the premium on recovery between games. It just doesn't compute.



    Maybe you should head back over to the Fritsch needs to be dropped thread. 

    You were very opinionated on that thread about how Fritsch needs a good telling off and aligning yourself with all the ex Afl players etc. Hows that worked out.

    You'd think maybe you'd be a bit more humble this week. Take a week off.

    But no here you are with your inflated opinions on everything.

    I'll probably get a ban but fair dinkum Gadstom some posters should get banned from having an opinion for a week when they get it as wrong as you did

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  17. I'm a leave him alone fan.

    Some people on here just have it in for him. Last year it was he has to be dropped because he doesn't chase or tackle.

    Now it's he's too selfish.

    I say f### all the nay sayers. It's in his genes. It's why he got to be a player who kicked SIX in a GF. He loves kicking goals. You people that want to change him are #######. ANB clears a path for Trac so Trac can be the best player for our club.

    You give Bailey the ball and he's going to kick a goal. For the team. That's how he works. 

    Embrace him. He's a gun. Stop criticizing him you f####.


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  18. 9 minutes ago, 1964_2 said:

    If Laurie is as slow as you suggest, we should be prioritising Chandler for AFL selection?


    I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic, but Chandler is clearly one of our top performers at VFL level. Laurie is a year behind Chandler in the system and last year he had a bad injury. He is having a great year at VFL level and still improving. He is probably equal with Chandler now and they are just below Bedford who is coming off a poor showing against Geelong. Spargo as a 50 gamer and Premiership player is well ahead of these 3 but at times goes missing. I would love one of Bedford, Chandler or Laurie to put their hand up to take Spargos spot or alternatively go with a taller classy player like a Salem, Hunt or Rivers even. It's all still a work in progress. Spargo has the runs on the board. It's his spot.

    Just for the record I think Moniz-Wakefield has the best chance of owning that spot in time.


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  19. Just a couple of cautionary tales about Laurie and Van Rooyen.

    Laurie probably shouldn't debut this week. He reminds me of Brock McLean who was also slow but had very good games on wet decks. The only proviso to this is if the game in the heat slows down. But early on the game will be too quick for him. Just a note on this . The medi-sub becomes very important up in Alice and should be chosen and used wisely.

    Van Rooyen who I'm a huge fan of was possibly earmarked for an earlier debut but played in the early game at the 'G' against the Swans and fair dinkum hardly touched it. Was hugely dissapointing. Given that he is just a kid, that is entirely excusable, but I think he was pumped up for a big game, seemed to be played as the key forward and the coaches looked at that and thought he needed a fair bit more time in the VFL, maybe even the rest of the year. 

    Happy for either to debut but they are both players that need and should be given circumstances as much in their favor as possible. Someone suggested that Port and Dogs have weakish back line talls so this may be a good week for Van Rooyen but I'd rather see us in winning form and they force their way in as opposed to when we have come off a loss and just want to see something different.

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  20. Out; May doing kick-ins. We are that predictable it's not funny. 

    Out; The complete lack of connection between Salem, Bowey and Brayshaw. Salem is lost out there. He was completely non - effective tonight. Give him the kick ins might help him get into the game and stop our predictability going down the line to Max. Or drop him. He needs to get involved, he just floats.

    Out; Bedford, Spargo and Jordans ability when the heat is raised. 

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