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  1. We were crap tonight and there's no use saying otherwise. Anyone wanting to float the idea that this was a positive result is either completely deluded or has no idea how football works. What we saw was pathetic, it is Rd 18, it is not time to let them off and chalk it up as a bad experience. If we bring that to the big games, we are out. It is simply as simple as that.
  2. You mean apart from being the no.1 ticket holder at MFC, having a die hard MFC fan for a husband who hosted Dee TV in the late 90s and several appearances on the Footy Show in a Melbourne jumper? Were you even around in the 90s? :p
  3. Take notes Melbourne, bring A game every week.
  4. If I saw them in the street Id have thought they were just regular guys with regular jobs
  5. Too simplistic. Completely discrediting the opposition coaching and saying the loss was down to one thing and that tactics had nothing to do with it, it's never one thing. We were flat but the game was taken away from us.
  6. Agree. These threads do nothing for me. Want to celebrate a half way line premiership? Go for it.
  7. THought we were great, kept a lot of their players out of it. The umpiring was terrible.
  8. That's disappointing, it's very stylish for a woman in the office to be wearing a nice blouse with cuff links. Definitely not uncommon.
  9. Bullocks, women can wear cufflinks. Real women do at least.
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