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  1. Our problem is with the mcg. We Don't play it well and always end up knackered. We're more suited to The smaller grounds.
  2. Why were we though? Why can't people take a hint of criticism? Why are we bad fans just because we call it like we see it? The definition of a good fan isn't just sitting there, smiling and nodding. That's being a sheep. Be original, don't just say the right stuff because it's cool or makes you seem like a good fan.
  3. Glad you're having a good night because it's apparently us who care who are the bad fans
  4. All you brilliant mensas who want to attack us for being negative, how can you sit there and say everything is going great. You're a bunch of ignorant fools who cant take a hint of criticism.
  5. You're the legend you brave soldier. Tell everyone what a perfect non fair weather fan you are who only comes on after flags using the account he made in 64. What a bum.
  6. Well good on you mate, you're a true Australian hero. Thank you for your service..
  7. Mate, get pitted seriously. For someone who's only rocked up here since we won a flag that is the richest thing I've heard today. All you do is run your mouth attacking people here who go week in week out, it's fitting that your name is 1964 you belong there you big dinosaur.
  8. We really should just turn it in. We aren't going to do [censored] this year, anyone who thinks so just take a deep look at how crap we were today. May has ruined the fabric of the club he's a total [censored] for saying what he did.
  9. Absolutely pathetic Melbourne, total disgrace. I really hope the blowtorch comes down hard we are a shell of ourselves. Those players today were a disgrace to the jumper. I wish Glenn Bartlett was still here to tell them that they don't just come in Wheaties packets. We lose to the damn flith again on QB. How grimly [censored] predictable. It is such an ugly feeling losing to this mob I hate them. We were pathetic today, smashed in just about every facet of the game. Our midfield got torched and some of our players look like VFL players all of a sudden. Why are we getting leads and then throwing them away? It's almost looking a bit suspicious. Either they get this stuff right or there could be some heads rolling soon.
  10. I'm sorry if this offends some people but why does everyone have such a big problem with identifying areas of improvement? I don't doubt the people in this group work very hard at what they do and maybe it is not their fault. Maybe the club needs to do more to support them? But why is it when we're on a message board for discussion that people feel so threatened? Again I apologise to all the people here involved in the Demon Army this is not meant to be attacking you personally and you most likely do a good job. We need to keep striving for improvement in all areas of the club and if we can improve this area then why not?
  11. I've never heard this talked about so much. What a ridiculous excuse for losing a game of football that in insane.
  12. There isn't a damn reason you should apologise for this post. You've made some very good points and don't let those arrogant people come on here and bully you because that's exactly what they are doing. There is clearly a problem here and this is a message board where we can discuss it. If there is a better forum to discuss this then I don't know what it is. Good on you for calling this out. When the relevant parties want to grow up and listen then maybe we can have a conversation because right now this group sits wooden spoon on the cheer squad ladder.
  13. In all honesty I think the demon army cheer squad and their presence on gameday has been pathetic. These people will come in and tell you that you have no clue but they are in complete denial. I have often sat near them and half the time can never even tell who they are. The OP hit the nail on the head, they are the worst cheer squad in the league by a country mile. I've heard country footy cheer squads louder and their chants are an absolute joke. Why the hell are you in the cheer squad if you don't want to make noise and support the team? I'm not quite as reasonable as the OP, I am not going to have this conversation in private because I've seen enough to know what I'm talking about and I think they could really use some of the feedback on here to get better like a team would try to do. Get off your butt and do something about it.
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