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  1. That one disgusted me, could have killed him or at least paralysed him
  2. I hate essendon as much as anyone, but I have never really blamed the players. Hird and club management, absolutely.
  3. I dont think money is the issue with Cerra, its our trade currency. Not sure how we get it done
  4. Yep, all barcodes entered first. Then you should be able to acquire adjacent seats
  5. Viney too was amazing, built for finals
  6. Apologies if posted before, but this is an amazing read https://www.espn.com.au/afl/story/_/id/32157519/afl-finals-how-melbourne-inspiring-new-generation-success
  7. I was just given a "Creme Brulee Stout" by my son for fathers day. Reckon that's appropriate 🤣
  8. I agree with all that, my son cant understand that its one of the best games I've ever been to despite the loss, the comeback was stirring stuff and with TJ being one of my favourites I actually love that game still.
  9. Sadly I had left the Freo game at half time. Would you believe I saw Fitzroy kick 36.22 against the demons at VFL Park, and only just bailed out at the last minute or I would have seen 186. Best game - again QF v Blues 2000 First game? Not sure, but I wish my memory failed me AFTER the 36.22 game, not the games before :)
  10. I'm a long time member with a GF guarantee, only a single though as my kids are on their Mums family membership with GF guarantee. Not sure what they are doing with theirs. I am more than happy to pass on my single barcode to any (legit) demon who can attend in WA. I suppose DM me?
  11. One of the more bruise free finals I've ever witnessed
  12. Wasn't it 32 pts a couple of weeks back? :)
  13. 15 pts, old legs, I haven't given this game away just yet...
  14. I can't stand Sydney and I laughed when they lost, but this would have been a far better game had they won
  15. It doesnt make sense I know but I think I'd be more devastated playing a Prelim against Geelong and losing, than making the GF and losing. Its a reflection on my disdain for Geelong obviously. To beat them twice in H&A and lose to them in a Prelim would be the pits
  16. We're on the path to a flag, or multiple flags. This is the start, so yes. But when you get this close, you need to make the most of the opportunity, as it is very hard to get to the point we are at.
  17. Just looking at your favourite players Skuit, Allen Jakovich, Mitch Clark, Liam Jurrah, not sure they got the most out of their careers either... I admit I loved JW, I loved Travis Johnstone, I loved Allen Jakovich, Mitch Clark, and Colin Sylvia. All flawed in some way. Not everyone gets the most out of their afl careers, but I've learned to appreciate their talents, and I dont profess to knowing the ins and outs of why they didnt "make it" to the level some expect.
  18. Yes I get that but should a semi finalist meet Melbourne or Port , Melbourne or Port to my mind are disadvantaged
  19. GF bye is the key here. If we make it we will have played 1 game in 28 days. Thats not a freshen up, its too long for that and suits any semi final winner who happens to make it.....especially Geelong
  20. Deregistration is only practiced in country and suburban football competitions; it is not practiced by the AFL as of 2019
  21. 100% agree Sue, Trac should have stayed clear of this. Dwayne on SEN keeps playing the grab. Should have just stayed out of this
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