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  1. 6. Viney 5. T. McDonald 4. Gawn 3. Pederson 2. Harmes 1. Stretch
  2. Yes Pedo was outstanding, contested marking, goals, contests, loved his game.
  3. The best win I have seen in 10 years. Wow. T Mac I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lewis you idiot, he better make up for that!
  5. Harmes has been good tonight, keep going mate!
  6. I agree Chook, if we bring a A-game I cant see us losing. My only concern will be the 6 day turnaround after a WA road trip.
  7. Sucked in bummers. That was beautiful to watch!
  8. Play the man. Perhaps give him a running role with Mitchell as leg speed wont be an issue.
  9. So basically because Shuey ran past the ball and hit Dangerfield partly in the head this does not warrant a suspension? If it wasn't Danger, they would have been carried off hence a difference result. Bring back the tribunal I say!
  10. Fantastic result, best performance this year for me.
  11. yes I'm hoping its just player management more than anything else.
  12. Yes putty about Hunt. Defensive pressure has been awesome today. Consistent effort all-round.
  13. Best game so far: Round 8 vs Adelaide Worst game so far: Richmond for the occasion and if not for injuries we had that game in the bag, North a close second. Most improved player: Clayton Oliver A player who needs to lift: Tyson and Kent. Both of them up and going would make a huge difference. Who is currently leading the Bluey?: Clayton Oliver Best recruit: Hibberd Will we make the finals?: Not this time. Were just not consistent enough.
  14. I agree absolutely zero application. North will win this easy. Sick of this yo yo crap!
  15. Were were not good enough today; simple as that really. Our 1st half was a disgrace and you cant win at this level playing one good qtr.
  16. I agree. We have to many players who make bad decisions whether by hand, foot, going for contests and now it hurts. I hope the boys realise they are not that good!
  17. I agree not sure why we persist with O Mac. Not looking good here.
  18. Ahh McDonald, punch not mark the blood thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. ANB should never play again. We should be 20 points up but thats life. Big effort needed in the 2nd half specially being a player down plus a proppy Spencer.
  20. I agree, Hawkins could kick 1o today!
  21. I agree, we are playing crap football. No backline or muscle ATM. Port by 50.
  22. Ball movement into the F50 is a big difference ATM. Giants look more dangerous. But Pederson WTF??
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