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  1. Geez ... those King twins are already over 200cm and 12 months away from being draftable.
  2. Bernie Vince comes in (automatic). Sam Frost and Dean Kent in the wings. Changes!
  3. Now hold on a second. Last week Travis Varcoe nearly knocked Luke Dalhaus' head off its block and got a week. Levi Casboult also hit Vlaustin high and was fined $1,000. Some perspective here people.
  4. Interesting to see the figures after the win and what happens before our first home game next Sunday.
  5. Yeah. Also unlucky because Joe was out to turn the club upside down after the disruption of the merger debacle. On reflection, he was running the club a little like Donald Trump is doing in Washington.
  6. I just discovered this while surfing the net - "Casey was a demon possessing a bartender in Ohio. Unlike her other demon brethren, she did not do any direct harm to humans. She also was willing to follow Sam if he chose to lead the demon army." http://supernatural.wikia.com/wiki/Casey
  7. Geez, Nick Smith could have been a top player if only he wasn't injured all the time. I remember some of his pack marking was excellent but I suppose he was never able to develop any consistency the way things turned out.
  8. I drove past Gosch's Paddock twice today and I can report there was not a single soul on the ground.
  9. I'm delighted that we're commencing our next phase under a new coach who is known for his attacking flair with our young emerging side, fresh, fit, stronger and with some AFL experience added to make us even harder to beat. The perfect launching pad for a new era.
  10. Oscar managed only a 12.8 in the state screening beep test. Even by big man standards that shows he has a lot of work to do on his tank if he gets on an AFL list and wants a game at the highest level.
  11. It would seem Cal Twomey believes that after the end of the Combine testing there are only two candidates for the #1 draft pick: Combine wrap: No.1 pick now a race in two
  12. Motlop & Richmond in discussions today. Some news expected tomorrow.
  13. PJ and his board have received a lot more help from the AFL than the club did when McLardy and the previous boards did and even so it's taken PJ three years and we still haven't made finals. Fact of the matter is that the McLardy quote in the article is relevant and valid because he was there at the time - unless you want to revise the club's history some more. Let's just concentrate on the phenomenon that is Max Gawn which is what the article's all about.
  14. Ox on SEN Twitter: "He is spoken about in terms that I think only one or two players ever at Melbourne have been spoken about"
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