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  1. The Highway from Hell would have been better. Doesn't indicate we have got anywhere yet but we know what we want to leave behind.
  2. I have no doubt Collingwood are looking bigger picture with Nev. There is no more respected player on our list. He has been a fantastic player for us, giving everything on the field every week for many years. Even more importantly, he is a marvellous human being. His off field work has been acknowledged by the club and AFL for years and will be his legacy long after he stops playing. Collingwood know this. They also know their history with indigenous and coloured players in general over the years has been abysmal. Eg, Winmar, Long, Lumumba, Goodes etc. The only way to change is from wi
  3. Yeah, we do so well out of these deals with Collingwood. Remember Kennedy and Lumumber? That said - I'd take Mihocek.
  4. Always liked him and felt he was undervalued by our club and supporters at times. Wish him well
  5. North is toxic at the moment. We are in a position to benefit from a fire sale with him and possibly Brown. They are not wanted anyway. Opportunities like these rarely occur in AFL when it's because a club is imploding. I assume we are doing due diligence (quickly) and hope we're not inventing reasons to not pursue.
  6. Tom Morris said he 'sooked it up about finishing 5th in B & F. Clarry believes he should have finished higher. I have to admit so do I, but I have no idea if Tom is on the money.
  7. You do understand this is a supporter forum where we can express hopes, opinions, preferences, guesses etc. If you only want facts before the general public knows you will be forever disappointed.
  8. No, unfortunately. Love to be wrong 'cause I backed him at $100 back in March.
  9. Because of him I went from a supporter to a 42 year member. Still my favourite ever - I don't think that will ever change. A true artist of the game
  10. This is EXACTLY how I'm feeling. Change the 30 years to 60 and it's me. I'm a pensioner and am far from wealthy, but I've still spent around $1,000 just this year on memberships, raffles, fund raising, merchandise etc. to keep the club going. But on Sunday something died. My passion and undying optimism and faith stopped. I haven't watched or listened to anything AFL, let alone MFC which is not me. Like everyone here I have gone through bad patches frequently but this feels different. Terminal. I want to snap out of it but I'm not confident I will. I need to put Groundhog Day behind me.
  11. So he possibly lacked motivation because he knows he's leaving? It was a final!!!! Isn't thst the ultimate motivation?? How did Dangerfield play knowing he was leaving Adelaide? My lack of enthusiasm is based on watching him for a couple of seasons because his name has been raised before. Why replace our existing plodders with another at twice the salary?
  12. Agree completely. Below average career stats in every facet except marking. Has never got a Brownlow vote in his career. Despite having a relatively injury free career, unlike most of his well credentialed teammates, has only 1 top ten club b & f (7th last year) in over 130 games. Not sure what his best position is. Maybe front row in the team photo because he looks like he should be able to play.
  13. Just wanted to say how proud I am of our AFLW team. Another close loss, it happens so often it seems. So I thought I'd check the records. In our short history, we have played 18 games for 11 wins and 7 losses. 5 of those losses have been by less than a kick. In every one of those 5 losses we had more scoring shots than the opposition. The cumulative scores are; Opposition 29.12 Melbourne 22.34 In another loss we kicked 1.4 to 4.1. Only against Collingwood last year have we been comprehensively defeated in our history. It is frustrating to say the least.
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