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  1. No reasonable thinking person would have taken offence TJ6
  2. The exception that everyone looks good in a Melbourne jumper 🤑
  3. Has a milestone coming up some time next year - maybe. 100 career possessions. No thanks.
  4. Briefly, started off describing us as Swiss cheese. Lots of holes. Often contradicted his concerns eg not much in way of very young players but loves Kozzy, Jackson and Rivers. Also said our on-ballers are pretty young. Feels we need more run from half back and said he thought Salem would be a better player than he is. Thinks we need more depth in key position back - too reliant on May but did concede Lever was better this year. Said we need to get a back up ruck to replace Pruess. Thinks Brown is a very good get. Earlier he said we should seriously consider Magpies fire sale players especial
  5. We have already secured a 60 goal a year forward on the cheap and the Trade Period STARTS tomorrow, where we have a good record in recent years.
  6. It seems Covid and isolation issues have tipped some clubs and players over the edge. We have already benefited with Brown and one club will with Treloar. Other moves happening I'm sure can be linked also. Clubs that come out in front at the end of trade may well be the ones that that are best managed. Players from all clubs talked with each other more than ever this year in the hub environment so the perceived pecking order of 'destination' clubs may be changing. It's a new world.
  7. Feel exactly the same. Only difference being I'd try to keep all 2021 picks if possible. This years draft is very compromised by the high number of Academy, Father/Son and every other draft lurk going. Next year not so, and there will be a whole bunch of kids unseen this year that would have rocketed up the order given the chance to play. So some extra gems in what has already been described as (yeah, I know) a great crop.
  8. But Cameron will probably cost them 2. It seemed a perfect opportunity to get 3 very good kids and start planning for the next 12 years instead of 12 months.
  9. His next move will be back to WA.
  10. Geelong's response to having the oldest ever side to play in AFL history is to chase 2 x 32yo's from other clubs and potentially losing young players like Jordan Clark! I can see them dropping quickly - starting next year.
  11. The Highway from Hell would have been better. Doesn't indicate we have got anywhere yet but we know what we want to leave behind.
  12. I have no doubt Collingwood are looking bigger picture with Nev. There is no more respected player on our list. He has been a fantastic player for us, giving everything on the field every week for many years. Even more importantly, he is a marvellous human being. His off field work has been acknowledged by the club and AFL for years and will be his legacy long after he stops playing. Collingwood know this. They also know their history with indigenous and coloured players in general over the years has been abysmal. Eg, Winmar, Long, Lumumba, Goodes etc. The only way to change is from wi
  13. Yeah, we do so well out of these deals with Collingwood. Remember Kennedy and Lumumber? That said - I'd take Mihocek.
  14. Always liked him and felt he was undervalued by our club and supporters at times. Wish him well
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