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  1. Melbourne players and coaches reprimanding him for having a beer I can understand; Melbourne fans and AFL fans reprimanding him is depressing.
  2. Hope to join you there at Carrara being a temporary Queenslander. Go Dees!
  3. As supporters, we should support! Talking about trading players when we're losing, is a bit like backst#%@&ng.
  4. True. I was talking to a friend just today about the differences between a commentator from a media background and a commentator from a football background; the latter are getting more and more airtime and i believe they're lowering the professionalism of match calling.
  5. As soon as i saw him sort out Aliir, i liked him. Then Scoring two very good goals, what a beast! Without him standing up to and standing over Aliir, I feel we would have most likely lost this game to Sydney's physical mind games; They have been beating us and many with this tactic for years. I was overjoyed seeing him react aggressively to Aliir's attemp to boss our players. My god we need that. We have mostly passive type players compared to Sydney's and Viney can't be everywhere at once. Hopefully his shoulder will be alright.
  6. Your last two statements i agree with. I haven't given up on Hibb's yet though.
  7. Your statement here is as depressing as our last defeat.
  8. I agree beelzebub. Our club has sunk low. We need to restore pride. 'Melbourne' Football Club! Travelling to away games or practices matches is okay, but not for 'home' games.
  9. Thankfully common sense prevailed and he was selected for first team games again.
  10. Classy year. A confidence building potent player. In short, a gun!
  11. Hopefully his back problems dissipate. When fit, he makes our list stronger. Plus he's awesome to watch carrying the ball under his arm!
  12. A mates giving his membership details to my brother who lives over there, so we all know each other and are all Dee's. Maybe people can get a guarantor. Sounds a bit funny I know. Just trying to help Dee's get to the game.
  13. I don't he has they necessary skills in engagement to interview people well when their too far from the know players. His manners are forward, crude and assuming.
  14. I agree. I find it hard to listen to Brian. I'll admit he's helped create any interesting viewing point with Roaming Brian, but it's laced with self and afl promotion. Our list is full of interesting and lovable players. It's really nice watching the joy and affection shared by family members, close friends, staff and players.
  15. Gold Coast viewers? My brother and I will be looking to watch it somewhere around the Silver Strip. Any ideas on a good place to view? Ps, not Waxy's.
  16. Hawthorn Football Club = Generic, robotic, characterless, bland and god awful dress.
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