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  1. If St Kilda get their high pressure game going we will fold like a deck of cards as usual.
  2. I’m happy to persevere with Goodwin if the players really do love him as much as they say they do. Heck, Hardwick was a poor coach until last year. He’s making mistakes though, the camp was the first. His off the square tactics were worked out last year and he is still doing It every game. His coaching seems stubborn at the moment. I don’t think he’s ready to be honest.
  3. The coaching last night reminded me of Paul Roos first year. Ultra defensive, almost minimising the damage. There was no way kicking the ball slowly down the line was going to win us a game. Goodwin is in full preservation mode. Absolute garbage. Anyone think the camp disaster was a storm in a teacup anymore? We are going nowhere fast. We almost beat the same team last year with no players on the bench. This year losing to them by 50 points is a “step forward”.
  4. No finals again this year. We are nowhere near the good sides.
  5. Needed another tall if we are just going to play a bomb it on their heads game plan.
  6. That was some sort of game from Grundy. Looking forward to queens bday.
  7. Yet to see our best form IMO. Hopefully it all clicks this weekend and we belt them.
  8. It’s been a while since you could say we have some great foot skills. Considering the conditions our efficiency was superb.
  9. They will be up and about. Weve had some great wins in the last few years, but spoiling this party would top the lot.
  10. Straight after a Centre bounce. He dived to tackle him.
  11. I don't think I've ever agreed with anything that has come out of Tim Watsons mouth. This doesn't sway me either.
  12. Love Jack, but this reminds me of the colin Sylvia decision. If we get someone of Vinces quality I'd be wrapt.
  13. One of the Dee's all time greats..... Walks away from the game with as many friends as Aker.
  14. I've already received the 2018 calendar with him on the cover in the mail. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. Lewis peaked at the right end of the season. Shame most of the rest didnt.
  16. He def makes the most of any contact he receives.
  17. He's on less money. Fair enough he wanted to go but what did we get in exchange? Ben Kennedy. Shocking trade.
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