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  1. You live inSydney and don't even attend games so your thoughts mean Jack [censored]
  2. Dermie has 5 flags and you have none , The Hawks have multiple champs we have none guys like you are pathetic and accept low standards and I don't Thats why I earned big bucks and worked hard for today and your probably posting during lunch break at school, if you think the hierarchy are not questioning those 2 pea hearts contracts your dumber than your posts suggest .
  3. Dermie played with a [censored] punctured Lung [censored] some people have no idea.
  4. And another thing RF I do have friends on Ology like Dawi who actuay owns the site , so as Biffen said the sooner your sitting in a retirement village farting in front of a photo of the Queen the better.
  5. This is coming from you who backed CS to he was sacked , you gave them money and YOU admitted they had you down the back of the room to they realised what you bought to the table , you got used but that has no relevance to this situation we have two highly paid KPP walking up to an ATM every Friday and pulling out about $ 60,000 between them there duds that can't play through pain FMD Dermie got up in the 89 GF with a punctured [censored] lung and produced the goods because he's a hard core champion , you people are absolutely pathetic private school boy girls, men play through pain! guys like Robbie F need to stick to political threads be because that's all he has in his aresensal !
  6. Lol those peahearts would take a swing fall over and break there ACL and be out for another 6 weeks there brittle barbie dolls and there games played justify that call .
  7. I find it hard to take anyone like yourself serious when people like you backed Cameron Schwab to the last day he was in power, similar to Robbie F you have NFI about football some guys like Stynes play through pain and guys like precious Chris cant the guys a spud and that's why the pies off loaded for a pick in the 20s.
  8. Some guys play through pain and some just refuse to, I think Dress fits Dawes perfectly.
  9. Thats a fair call you have to remember they get paid millions throughout there careers to play and we pay big $$$$$ every week to watch them lose , if this club actually won a few games here and there the negativity probably wouldn't be here but it is what it is.
  10. Hes a bit like a politician Roosy he does the same on 360 he tells you absolutely nothing , you know the clubs coming from a long way back and so forth .
  11. Lets not forget how you handled the Tom Scully situation NB.
  12. You simply have no idea you don't pay millions to players for off field leadership, you want on field as well so run along back to class young man.
  13. You must swallow Missions weekly reports then hardly surprising .
  14. If I recall people hear didn't have the sympathy when Fev broke down maybe someone should reopen that thread?
  15. They have to honour his contract I never said that , I can guarantee you there will be no more contracts for him in the future anyway and you would have to be an absolute idiot to think there would be, you can be an assistant coach alot longer than you can play ask Brian Royal this guys futures not in playing anymore, it's amazing that people think he's going to play again he needs to think about the next phase of his life though I hear he takes a good photo .
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