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  1. The draft is now ever 2 nights? Round 1 is going to take 2 and a half hours? For 18 picks? What.... what is going on here? I must have missed something. Surely it doesn't take 2 and a half hours to call 18 names?
  2. Oh it's a hole alright. Not sure it's the 'rabbit' variety though.
  3. My brother is a north supporter. I don't think I'd ever stop giving him crap if this happened. Doubt it though. Already giving him heaps about Preuss, who he rates and doesn't want to lose.
  4. I have no words. You could feel it in the song when we were belting it out. There's something here.
  5. I'm so up and about right now I'm drinking the bath water by the keg. After the last decade of [censored], I'm throwing myself face first into optimism. I'm gonna enjoy every bit of the media coverage, even if it is way over the top.
  6. Facebook says we offered Tyson but it was rejected. But, you know, Facebook.
  7. Surely by this stage, the question needs to be asked the other way around. Who will Hawthorn try to stop? Viney? Oliver? Brayshaw? Seriously who do you tag if you're the Hawks? Looking at form over the last few weeks, they should be looking to curtail OUR stars, not the other way around. I am quite bullish about this game. The way we've gone about it the last few weeks has been tough and brutal.
  8. Is there a word that covers nervous, excited, hopeful and worried? Cannot wait for the bounce.
  9. Found this on Reddit: Mark Robinson says Melbourne will make the Grand Final, but tips Geelong to tonight by 8 points. This is the guy who got done by an email asking him for all his bank details a few months ago. Someone else posted a link earlier this week of Robert Walls predicting West Coast to win the spoon and Freo to make finals. As I stated in the OP, BT cannot tell the difference between Jetta, Garlett and JKH. He constantly interchanges them during commentary. He also spends more time in his commentary circle-jerk with other 'personalities' than he does commentating the game. The man is ego personified. Not sure the whole "media knows best" angle Blighty is pushing is stacking up too well.
  10. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-08-31/the-most-overrated-award-in-the-world-blight Apparently players voting on each other is stupid because "half of them don't watch the games". This is my favourite bit: "Blokes in the media ... would know who played better than most players in the whole comp and I think the media awards are actually higher, they know more about the players who play well." Yeah ok. BT can't tell the difference between Jetta, JKH and Garlett, but media people know better than players. Sure Blighty, sure.
  11. He might need time to build up his idiot charge and unleash the mother of all stupid comments. I have faith that he'll say something stupid about this at some point. Not sure he can help himself.
  12. Fair enough. The man clearly isn't perfect. Just saying I thought he had great potential and was worth a shot, so much so that I voted for a party that often presents policies I disagree with based on the notion that he might move them more to the centre. You might want to lay off the Nazi references though, that sort of of stuff is why these discussions got shut down in the first place IIRC.
  13. I voted for Turnbull. I would never vote for Dutton, Morrison or Abbott. I was never part of the 'Liberal base' (obviously), after alternating between Labor and outright destroying my ballot. No other candidate, Labor or Green, has motivated my vote more than Turnbull did. I really believed he had great potential and was saddened when he was brought down by his own party. Liberals can be great reformers. Howard instituted gun control against the outrage of the 'Liberal base'. Queensland MPs lost their seats, but it was the right thing to do. I saw this potential in Turnbull and that's why he won my vote. I doubt I'll see that in another candidate any time soon. I think his knifing, and the backbench plotting and sniping that proceeded it, was childish and selfish in a way that should exclude those who were guilty of it from a job that requires them to represent the Australian people. Exactly what I thought when it happened to Rudd/Gillard.
  14. He wasn't. Original article was incorrect. He attended a briefing, that is all. The story on the link in the OP seems to have been updated with the facts, but with no mention of being incorrect in the first place. Your comment on the AFL being a joke however is accurate.
  15. Lol, so he attended a briefing? That's it? Is it just me or has the contents of the article linked in the OP changed? https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/afls-consultation-of-waleed-over-state-of-game-slammed-by-warne/news-story/11be37c902141bc483372e9e99196d56 Could have sworn it was different a few hours ago. Edit: link to Herald Sun Tweet, explicitly reporting Aly was consulted on rule changes: Some top-notch journalism going on here.
  16. QFT. Although Waleed appears on the ABC's Offsiders and comments on AFL regularly. He definitely has interest, but by no means would have thought him an expect to be consulted on rule changes.
  17. I suppose without Lever and Hibberd, Lewis has to run harder to make more contests rather than receiving and distributing the ball. @rpfc is correct IMO, our makeshift backline has been impressive. Lever and Hibberd going down really really hurt. Fix f50 entries and we are contenders, even with the injury depleted backline.
  18. When the AFLW was announced a few years ago, I simply assumed this would be how it worked. Trying to take the most generous interpretation of the AFL here - maybe they don't want the women's league to be considered as a opening act? The cynic in me however leans towards suspecting that the AFL only want the AFLW to fill in broadcast gaps before the men's comp starts. That this was never about building the women's game, but about finding an opportunity to make some cash when the TV networks have no major sport to televise. Everything the AFL does is about business. The rule changes are all about the 'product' and the 'look of the game'. It's a shame the administration is so terrible, given the game itself at its purest is such an exciting one to watch and be a part of.
  19. Every time I hear about these rule changes, someone is talking about the 'product'. The game is a 'product' to be sold and marketed. People are apparently not watching the AFL's 'product'. Well, fine, how about these product improvements then: - Commentators who don't spend all their time talking about each other in some sort of in-joke circle jerk - Commentators who know the players' names - Commentators who will get excited about games without escalating into hyperbolic hero-worship - Not compromising start/end times of games in order to lead into other network programs - High-Def internet subscription service that can be played on a TV and not restricted to a 7 inch mobile device - Not packaging games with a cable provider's other bloated, useless content - High-Def cameras for score reviews (I assume they have strapped some old Nokias to the top of goal posts, such is the quality we have right now) - Removal of gambling advertising - Camera operators who can follow the game properly (especially the northern states where they seem to be used to rugby and we struggle to get a sense of how the ground is set up) There ya go. Didn't change a damn thing about the game itself and already I'd watch more footy.
  20. I don't know you from a bar of soap, but mate those are some red flags right there. I've called Beyond Blue a few times and it's helped enormously. Even for just a sanity check of "is what I'm going through normal or not?" it's worth a call. Best of luck.
  21. Love it. But it doesn't meet the AFL requirement of "all new rules must result in additional complexity and confusion in the game". Sorry Sue.
  22. NRL aren't hamstrung by BT. It's a significant advantage.
  23. There was a passage last year I think where Frost tried to switch play and kick it down the throat of an opposition player who just strolled forward for an easy goal. He can't be relied on to provide the half-back run/springboard attack. Disposal just isn't good enough. Of all the backs we have in Lever's absence, Hibberd's is the best IMO.
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