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  1. From the foxfooty article above: “So one of the players took some initiative … took some cash out, a big lot of cash like $10,000, and went up to management and said: ‘Mate, here’s 10K, you open the top level.’ Security escort them straight up. I call BS on that! Who in their right mind rocks up anywhere let alone a nightclub with a cool $10K in their pocket?
  2. There were only a few of the 2016 Premiership team playing: Bontempelli, Wood, Libertore, JJ, Daniels and maybe Hunter. That is pretty much the leadership group, no? Very poor role models if that claim about 'abusing' our players is true. Our leaders walk the talk on humility and respect. If they are upset about our players singing 'Freed from Desire' they are as soft off the field as they were on the field in the GF.
  3. They'll probably trade #2 down the order a bit. But they seem to have free hits in the first round most years when really good players leave eg they got a bunch of them last year when Cameron left.
  4. The issue with GWS or GCS being interested with top 10 picks is that they have so many of them year in and year out, they can afford to 'throw money' at whoever they want with little regard to value. This is especially true of GCS.
  5. In response to Mac Andrew questions, draft guru 'Knightmare' wrote on bf: "He gets completely bullied at ruck contests physically. Put a body in his way and stop him from running and jumping at the ball and he's unable to impact the contest. So he's very much a long term project". "Some may be viewing Andrew as having key position scope. And maybe he could develop as a key defender. But with the way he leaps and so perfectly places his ruck taps for his teammates, I'm still at least projecting him in the long term as best suited to playing through the ruck". He seems some way from the crash and bash of ruck work so it is no place for him for quite a few years. Elsewhere, I've read his one on one work isn't great; not surprisingly given his slight build. These skills can be developed but in the short term he wouldn't fare well as a KPF or a KPD. Jackson took English to the cleaners in the GF. I mention English as he seems to not like the physicality of ruck work. Imagine what Jackson will do Andrew in the ruck if he plays there in the next few years. I'm thinking that even if we were allowed to match a bid for him in the top 20 we would probably pass.
  6. This is the most significant part of the article: "The eight events are being organised outside the Melbourne Football Club’s control by event company, DAPS Entertainment". And odd attitude by the promoter: "I’ve got large overheads. I book all the players though their agents, not the club. I’ve got to hire the venue and the venues aren’t cheap. There’s tech crews, memorabilia and it all adds up... “I will not run these events at a loss. I’m not in the events business to lose money. I’ve got to cover my costs and hopefully make something in return from it". It sounds like he has engaged the players directly through their managers. Presumably the club has no control over their external promotion/appearance contracts. But gee whizz this is effectively promoting the MFC's Flag and importantly using the MFC Brand which could so easily be tarnished by this guy, so hopefully someone at the club has endorsed it. I wonder if he is using an official AFL replica Cup...
  7. I don't get GCS using a top draft pick for someone who is unlikely to make an impact for several years. They need more ruck support now if they have any hope of climbing the ladder. Also, he isn't really a buddy/replacement if King returns to Victoria at the end of 2022. Even if they split pick three for a lower pick (and a future 1st) they will still be using a top 8-12 pick to draft Andrew. From afar, their interest doesn't make a lot of sense.
  8. A real improver this year. Helped by being played in his 'best' position. It was really sad that he missed the finals after missing the 2018 finals. Who knows if he wasn't injured he would be a premiership player. Nonetheless, his sheer joy after the GF showed how well he dealt with any disappointment and exemplified 'being a good teammate'. . Its no secret that he is my equal number one favourite player. He is OOC next year and a RFA. A bit of talent and competition coming up the ranks. Hope he stays.
  9. He did an excellent job on Hawkins in the Prelim when May went off with hamstring issues. If he puts on a bit muscle, learns a few more tricks from May and in due course can replace him. Contract renewal is for 3 years 'til end of 2025. By end of 2025 May will be a smidgeon under 34 (January birthday) if he is still playing. Petty will be 26. Great signing not just now but for future list planning. Edit: Just noticed that he will be an RFA at the end of the contract. Imagine if he has another premiership medallion or two and will be 26; at his peak. Will be in huge demand. Oh well. Let's make hay while the sun shines with him and the other premiership youngsters.
  10. Yes. Last year clubs were allowed to move senior list players to the rookie list without the player having to go thru the draft. The AFL treated these moves as delistings. Thereafter the player is an RFA every time they are OOC.
  11. An article about draft pick wheeling and dealing: picks-clubs-most-likely-to-swap "The Demons entered the trade period without a first-round selection and walked out with Pick 17. But they mightn’t be done there, with rival teams wary the Dees could still try and force their way up the draft order because they have a specific player in mind. Melbourne also has Picks 37, 49 and 57, but is weighing up whether to use two or three live selections at the draft". Who might be our 'specific player'? Obviously likely to go before #17. Let the guessing games begin! Who will be our two or three picks? Based on info in other threads (not in order of pick): A first round player, be it pick 17 or a better one if we can trade up. Taj Woewodin Andrew Mac if he slides past 20 or Andy Moniz-Wakefield (who could slide to a B rookie). We currently have 4 overall list spots (Seniors + A Rookies) and 2 B Rookies. With two or three draft selections we will have at least one overall list spot for a DFA, the PSD or MSD.
  12. The interesting thing about the JJ mark was that Max immediately set up to block an easy run into goal. Bowey on the other hand was walking away from JJ and Max to appeal the umpire. The kid will learn. In a similar 50/50 situation a few games earlier Rivers was appealing a decision with the umpire when Lever slapped him on the chest and yelled: 'Focus'. The kid will earn. Even JV has been 'tamed' (an oxymoron concept, I know) when it comes to appealing umpire decisions. McCrae rammed his head into Jack's legs and was paid a free for 'high'. Jack just stood the mark and shook his head. Those antics just make Jack tackle harder! While our players are showing respect to umpire decisions, more importantly they stay focussed.
  13. Very expensive gigs when all costs considered. And do the players want to be presented 5 times to paltry crowds. They deserve the full shebang of a packed house of the demon faithful that they worked so for, to bring the cup home.
  14. I would guess it is in line with the Vic average; around 70% heading for 80% so currently 35,000 heading to 40,000 members.
  15. The umpires were too mesmerised by the torrential storm of goals to notice the bulldogs antics, let alone interrupt such a spectacular show...
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