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  1. The interesting thing about the JJ mark was that Max immediately set up to block an easy run into goal. Bowey on the other hand was walking away from JJ and Max to appeal the umpire. The kid will learn. In a similar 50/50 situation a few games earlier Rivers was appealing a decision with the umpire when Lever slapped him on the chest and yelled: 'Focus'. The kid will earn. Even JV has been 'tamed' (an oxymoron concept, I know) when it comes to appealing umpire decisions. McCrae rammed his head into Jack's legs and was paid a free for 'high'. Jack just stood the mark and shook his head. Those antics just make Jack tackle harder! While our players are showing respect to umpire decisions, more importantly they stay focussed.
  2. Very expensive gigs when all costs considered. And do the players want to be presented 5 times to paltry crowds. They deserve the full shebang of a packed house of the demon faithful that they worked so for, to bring the cup home.
  3. I would guess it is in line with the Vic average; around 70% heading for 80% so currently 35,000 heading to 40,000 members.
  4. The umpires were too mesmerised by the torrential storm of goals to notice the bulldogs antics, let alone interrupt such a spectacular show...
  5. That would be awesome but we have 50,000+ members! Who misses out?
  6. A whipping boy? Only in the eyes of impatient fans. In his first year (2018) he played 18 of 25 games including all 3 finals. Shows how highly he was rated by coaches almost from the day he was drafted. He may be in our bottom 6 but our best and next best players are so good that our bottom 6 is equivalent to the 6th -12th player in other teams. He is such a cool cat, rarely gets really animated. Love him.
  7. In today's 'Road to the Draft', Cal Twomey suggests we will take him and he will go in the back end of the draft.
  8. Good pick up. Thanks. Will show Dunstan as an FA in next updates.
  9. Thanks. I will update Sam's AF status next time. As I understand it Dunstan won't qualify as an FA as the 8 years needs to be continuous at one club. Happy to hear if that understanding is incorrect.
  10. I have little doubt only vaccinated people will be allowed at the football. The part of the Premier's statement that was less than encouraging were the words the GP "would likely have crowds". Have you seen your belief stated somewhere by the Premier?
  11. Saw this in the Premiers covid update: "The Premier said the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, scheduled for April, would likely have crowds made up exclusively of people who were fully vaccinated". Not sure if that is encouraging for attending the football or not... ...unfurling the flag without fans (or limited numbers) doesn't bear thinking about.
  12. Updates for delisting of Hore and Declase and Hibberd one year contract. We have no more players OOC. A few points: I've corrected the Allowed A Rookie numbers to be: 1 - 6. Jordon has been shown as a senior all year so I left him there for the sake of consistency. He is contracted until 2023 so a late pick will be used (94 or 112) to make that official. Chandler has been assumed to be an A rookie, pending further clarification. If he is promoted to the senior list a late pick will be used to make it official (94 or 112). In summary, we have 38 senior and A rookie players giving us 4 overall list spots. Based on Jordon/Chandler assumptions herein that is 3-4 senior spots and 0 -1 A rookie spots. (Plus two 'B rookie spots). The classification of A Rookie vs Senior is a bit academic regarding list numbers and eligibility to play. The benefit is that being a rookie helps manage the sal cap as a portion (I think the first $80,000) isn't include so their is an incentive to max the rookies. As @Turnercorrectly noted if Andy Moniz-Wakefield gets thru the draft we can take him as a 'B' rookie. Some forthcoming dates may clarify our list intentions: List Lodgements, NGA and F/S nominations. Refer to this thread: . Re our draft picks: Collingwood and Bulldogs currently have 10 draft picks between our 37 and 57 and will use them for their respective F/S, and/or trade/consolidate them. This means our picks 49 and 57 will come in a long way. My current estimate is that 49 will be in the low 40's and 57 will be high 40's. I won't make it too exact as it will change with more pick trades. The next update will be after the Draft, unless their are significant changes to our draft position.
  13. So 3 direct goal assists we can add to Kozzie's own GF goals. The Gus goal and the Petracca 'soccer' goal were pivotal to us getting back into and control of the game. We never looked back. On Weightman. Anyone else think he should have gone off for a concussion test in the first qtr. His head collided with the goal post at about a meter high then he cannoned head first into the ground. He got up, looked quite ashen and for a kid who had just come back from concussion I couldn't understand why they kept him on (other than not wanting to be a player short early in the game when there is no tomorrow). I really felt for the kid. Never seemed go get into the game and his usual spark was completely absent.
  14. Tomlinson will probably miss the first 6 rounds and then Hibberd is the most likely to make way. But then again Bowey is still young and he may not be ready for a 22+ game season and might be rested at times. Kozzie was an under the radar star in the GF. His harassing of a bulldog player (Williams??) on the boundary directly resulted in the Spargo goal. Early in the game he dumped Dunkley, stood over him and gave him a spray for good measure. He again targeted Dunkley which resulted in Petracca having enough space to line up his 'soccer' goal. Bear in mind there is about 20cm and 20 kg difference between Kozzie and Dunkley. Fearless! There were many 'moments' of aggression in the GF by Kozzie but they do not show up in any mainstream stats. I onlly noticed them on re-watching the game. Absolutely love his work when off the ball.
  15. Would anyone on the Gold Coast even know who he was? In civvies he would like another bogan especially around midnight!
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