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  1. Harmes is an absolute liability tonight. Has he had a clean effective disposal? Some of the handballs to each other are absolute hospital balls to zero advantage. Combine that with the umpiring again it’s so hard to watch.
  2. Put that one down to Petracca, Hunt and Selection Panel. For the 2nd week in row Petracca absolutely disgusting by foot inside 50. Butchered multiple easy chances to deliver the most basic of kicks. <50% DE again... Hunt, absolute momentum killing last quarter. All the praise we've given him for playing such a more composed, mature role this year slowing down hitting the right target and taking the first option - gone in a matter of 3 awful game losing blunders holding the ball. All the old habits are back, and the same inept forward setup.
  3. Re-watch the game... Brayshaw was sensational as the defensive wing. Don't recall him losing a single one on one, and his 1% efforts were fantastic. He did everything you could ask him to do without the football. Daisy Pearce was on the money all game, that he was doing a brilliant, thankless job on the wing.
  4. As someone that's gone through 3 ACL tears, 4 surgeries and the subsequent recoveries playing footy, 6 months is definitely not "plenty long enough." 9 - 12 months would usually be the minimum to have sufficient nerve and vascular growth through the graft (ligamentisation) to achieve the strength of the original ACL and also provide the brain with enough information about the strain you're putting on your knee. At 6 months unless you're rocking some incredible quads and have one of those rare recoveries, you're taking an enormous risk of redoing your knee, or as is often the case, doing the opposite knee through unconsciously favouring it through a hasty recovery.
  5. Was out for the day, watched it on delay so avoided Demonland - and boy I’m glad I did; the response to a win on here, and the first game of the season is genuinely sad. We were like 1-10 on clearances after the first, so won clearances for the rest of the game. Out defence was fantastic, and the transition out of it for most of the game was also great to watch - Rivers, Hunt, Langdon; even Spargo and Kozzie having decent runs. The link up will only getting better as the season goes. Yes there were fumbles, so did both teams - and so has every game so far. Yes we dropped marks and missed goals, but so has ever game so far in round 1; 29 behinds Tigers v Blues and 20 Pies v Dogs. Lighten the [censored] you sad miserable pessimistic old bastards, footballs back and we’re on the board!
  6. Wow... I had legitimately forgotten just how good he looked marking it overhead with confidence - monstered some of those opponents. Good jump, step and could actually sprint to contests and for those marks... Watching that it's hard to believe it could be anything but an injury (long or short term) that has derailed him.
  7. At no point during that entire game, did Melbourne ever look in the slightest bit like they had a plan or tactic... Watching turnover after turnover turn into a Port Adelaide kick to kick training drill resulting in a F50 mark and goal crushed me... I want to cry it’s that hard to keep watching this team fail with the absolute basics, and doing it for 4 quarters...
  8. Thanks @binman ? Have gone for quality over quantity over the years... particularly enjoy Joeboy’s contribution each game day, and I was irked! Just to stay on topic: Brayshaw - Barbieonions the ball butcher
  9. This would have to be the worst 3-word player assessment I’ve seen in years of stalking this forum... SMH
  10. This year would have been even harder without watching Max dominate his role at times. Am with all those that want him made Captain. Congrats - hopeful more plaudits and jackets to come in a long, illustrious career!
  11. I find a reason to despise these AA teams every year. The fact Hawkins made the side (lucky to be in the top 40 players in the league) and Fyfe Captain does it this year.
  12. As a Queenslander, no. After our improvement last year my partner (Collingwood supporter) and I chose to get Interstate memberships and fly down to Brisbane and Melbourne to see more of the football. I’ll be going back to using my spare time and money on holidays I don’t return depressed and disappointed from. More gutted and disheartened than any of the 30+ years I’ve supported the club 2bh ?.
  13. To those that talk about he would have to spend 40%+ of the time at FF, and doesn't have the speed for the position. Given the Melbourne method is to bomb long and high inside 50, usually to about 20 - 30m out, wouldn't this be exactly the type of person we want sitting at FF? There were times the big fella man handled Kruezer in the ruck and in marking contests. He lost out a couple, but for the most part he competed or brought it to ground. I also recall his intro in the NAB was 2 marks on a strong lead, and careening into a big pack... again, exactly what we would ask for? While again not quick, I saw a tall bloke that was unafraid to throw his body-weight around to win a ground ball in the centre. Something that Melbourne have been criticised for inside 50. Surely they can play in the same team, while he might not get any quicker, the endurance can only improve, and I've been encouraged by the way he plays.
  14. Jones - Can’t hit target Viney - lost his tricks Gawn - gives it everything Oliver - kick the football Brayshaw - leave in middle Hore - better than most May - won his battles Lever - will only improve  Fritsch - look better today Salem - something wasn’t right Frost - missed his dash Hibberd - past his best Baker - deserves another chance Harmes - only composed mid Petracca - untapped potential frustrates Hannan - had little involvement Weideman - given no chance Spargo - coughed up regularly Garlett - physicality is embarrassing Hunt - only moving target T. McDonald - useless legless liability  Wagner - little to commend
  15. Melbourne needlessly rushing, loopy handballs over the top rather than kicks down the line to leading players. Selling teammates into trouble, handballs to stationary players. F50 entries have been woeful once again, but I haven’t seen anything resembling forward structure and leading patterns. Harmes from the boundary seems to be the only player with any kind of composure in traffic. Thank god for Marty Hore. McDonald looks completely out of sorts, and has benefitted Pies more than his own team so far.
  16. McDonald is just awful today... he’s an extra Pie today I swear
  17. Watching Jeff before the first bounce. Kicked it from 35 out through the middle every time. Game time - won’t have a shot. I just don’t understand...
  18. I'm only catching up on Demonland today... Can I ask from anyone that might be closer to the club, why are we playing Brayshaw on a wing? Last year, after what I think were injuries to others, and his own return to football, Gus came back in to immediate effect in the middle, probably underrated even amongst ourselves, and finished up 3rd in the Brownlow - probably deservedly when you go back and reflect on the work he did in there. Come 2019 hes relegated back to the wing, where we always end up whinging about his performances, and where it feels to me like we're wasting one of our biggest talents. Didn't we look our best and play our best last year with Gawn/Oliver/Brayshaw/Harmes(tagging) in the middle?
  19. Couldn't agree more unfortunately RG. A bit like Brayshaw at the moment, they both collect a load of the football, win a lot of their own football, but their disposal has just crucified us at times - either the short hospital handball to a teammate under pressure, the no-look, over-the-head handball to no one in particular, or the long high kick around the body to no advantage or straight turn over.
  20. Wow... just wow. Not ONE [censored] Melbourne player stays down in a marking contest. Are you [censored] kidding me guys! BASICS YOU PROMISED! Basics!!!!
  21. Brayshaw gets a load of football... but how many rushed, pointless bomb-around-the-body kicks has he done tonight that have been to no advantage or straight turnovers. Im getting sick of seeing it... I understand the hundred handballs are tough with Tiger pressure but what about wide spread instead of 0.5m handballs to stationary teammates... The fumbles tonight as well. FMD, what happened to “getting back to the basics.” Watched the half time drill of picking it up off the deck, translated to nothing during game time.
  22. Fritz has been so costly... last year you’d have felt safe with ball in his hands. Once again the turn overs are just absolute basics we were supposedly getting back to tonight have been woeful. As frustrating as it gets
  23. What the hell is going on with our stoppage set up? How are we positioning no one defensive side, you don’t need every player running through. My god some of these problem are things you coach in junior grades...
  24. The uncontested turnovers are absolute killers. We must have had a handful already. Just bombing it from defence and it just comes straight back in.
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