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  1. He forgot to mention North's dumb trading when they swapped high draft picks for Nathan Thompson, Jade Rawlings & Jon Hay
  2. Is there a conspiracy going on ????? In this day & age with mobile technology & up to date everything Casey Scorpions have played 2 practice games & there is absolutely NO INFORMATION - Not on the Casey site MFC site Demonland or Demonology How did the players go.
  3. Spot on matey. So far Baileys match day coaching seems pretty insipid. John Northey was a pretty conservative coach but when things weren't working he threw players around Grinter to FF, TC to full back, Stynes to CHB, Allan Johnson on the ball. They didn't always work but sometimes they did. PS - look at the way Malthouse has been able to take good ordinary footballers & develop them into elite players ie Swan, Pendlebury, Maxwell, Johnson, O'Bree Mark Williams has done the same at PA with Rodan,Carlisle & Pearce. Bailey has been unable to do this as yet.
  4. Yes but he's on his 3rd year & we expect a better performance in Round 1 - where was the fire & passion ? Bailey talks well & I'm sure he interviews well but we don't know if he can coach or not. A cardboard cut out could have slashed the list like he has - that requires no skill. Tactically he is disappointing & he was very poor last week and he has not yet been able to develop player like Dunn, Miller, Newton & others.
  5. What a mob of yes men & apologists we've got. The rookie draft has been a gold mine for us in the past & the 2009 rookie draft was a pearler. Our list management people mucked things up so that we had no room to recruit any rookies. Other clubs are laughing all the way to the bank while we watch donkeys like Hughes, healey, Meesen, Newton & Bell run around. Oh sorry I forgot Hughes is gonna be a champion. No wonder we are looking at 3 straight wooden spoons. You sound like the same posters who insisted we sign DB up for another year.
  6. I know I've been banging on that our list management is poor and resulted in our recruiting staff missing opportunities to take some rookies in 2009. How come Freemantle managed to recruit Barlow from Werribee & he gets 33 possies plus they get Alex Silvagni from under our nose at Casey. He had 14 poseessions and 7 marks in his first game. Did our blokes just sit back & bludge because they had 4 picks in the top 20 ???
  7. I can't believe Melbourne supporters sometimes. They come out salivating about players & tipping them for awards before they hae ever played a game. Then after 10 games they cme out & bag them as duds.
  8. Well I'm tempted to call you a moron but I'm too polite for that. I'll try and keep it simple. Freo had picks 1 and 4. Instead of using pick 1 to recruit Judd, Hodge or Ball they traded pick 1 to Hawthorn for Croad. They then used pick 4 on Polak.
  9. Its not clear cut but thats effectively exactly what they did. In 2001 Freo had the no 1 Pick which they could have used to select Judd, Luke Ball or Luke Hodge instead they traded the pick to Hawthorn for Trent Croad and threw in pick 36 (Sam Mitchell). My point is that after 2 wooden spoons & the last decent draft for a few years we should have cleared out the dead wood & taken a punt with a few new rookies - we may have unearthed another Jurrah.
  10. Your comments that you assume that list managements are run by professionals show that you have a lot to learn about footy. Some clubs do it well others do it badly. Ask why did the Freemantle "professionals" clear Lucas, Lloyd, Mcleod, Farmer & Bell (& took Polak ahead of Judd) sight unseen & you will understand why the club was a wreck for the first 10 years. Richmond are not far behind in bad list management of the last 10 years. It was noteworthy that Chris Connolly allegedly admitted he stuffed up when he had a chance to rookie Lewis Jetta in 2008 (& lets not mention Alwyn Davey) We had first pick in the rookie draft we could have drafted Roberts, Barlow or Howlett all of whom would have been in this weeks team v Hawthorn. As to Hughes - he might be a nice bloke but this is his 3rd year on the list & he is not going to make it - at Casey he is not much more than a solid contributor. Healy virtually didn't play last year so statistically he has about a 5% chance of making the grade.
  11. Pig's arze we haven't missed anything. Those rookies at other clubs were elevated because they played good footy in the pre season and showed they are capable of being on their Clubs senior list. We stuffed up our list management so that we could not pick up any more rookies in 09 because we had 3 or 4 list cloggers. The 4 rookie players you mentioned all showed they could play in their first pre season at the club although I agree that ruckmen are the exception to the rule.
  12. In my view both should have been delisted as they will not make it (along with Hughes). The 2009 rookie draft contained a lot of talented players but we stuffed ourselves up by not being able to take anyone. By my count 6 of those rookies have already been upgraded to the senior list. Most rookie that succeed show ability do so very early on ie their first year.
  13. If you are a struggling Club & you play carp football in the pre season it will clearly keep fence sitting members away from signing up. We were well ahead of Footscray in memberships but they have gone way past us because they have shown good form in the NAB Cup.
  14. Come on guys you must be kidding. Is this now 3 or 4 years on the list without playing a game. Having Hughes on our Rookie list meant we could not take a punt on a number of potential talents including Grimes junior. Are we a footy club or a benevolent society.
  15. Load of krap. Anyone would think the MFC is here for the benefit of Dean Bailey. Wouldn't give him an inch until we have evidence that the team has improved in 2010. We will look really stupid if he's given an extension then the team goes backwards in 2010.
  16. What a load of rubbish. Typical supporter who builds up huge expectations of players who have yet to play a senior game. For all you know Blease & Tapscott Could be completet duds.
  17. Great clips but who put on that dreadful American soundtrack about Brooklyn ? Put on a decent soundtrack Paul Kelly maybe. Even Slim Dusty would be better.
  18. Yeah I remember when Paul Gardner gave Daniher an extension 18 months before it was necesarry. The team went downhill quickly
  19. Average lifespan for AFL players these days is 30 or 31 so Lake has 3 years left. The other problem is that the backline is the least of our worries as we have Warnock, Frawley, Rivers plus Garland & Martin. What would be handy would be a ruckman, goalkicking forward or on baller with leg speed.
  20. Good player but compared to say Bruce & Green he has played about 70 fewer games due to injury. That's 3 full seasons he has missed and at 28 things are not going to get any better.
  21. I can't think of any instances where Clubs have suffered by NOT giving serving coaches contract extensions in a timely fashion. I CAN think of lots of examples when Clubs have been burned by prematurely extending coaching contracts - Us with Bob Skilton in 1976 & Daniher in 2004. I'm sure Richmond regretted giving Wallace 5 years. 3 or 4 weeks is a long time in football.
  22. Swap Boak for Bell & Newton plus pick 34. Done deal.
  23. Why on earth would a 19/20 year old have a betting account !! For Chrissakes get a life. May as well just light up $100 notes and burn them up. Gambling is a mugs game - if Addam wants to make money go & buy sghares in Crown Casino or Tattersals
  24. In that case you must have been drunk because I only recall seeing one bad kick from Shane otherwise his disposal was very good. For the record he had 18 disposals with a disposal efficiency rating of 72% compared to the teams average of 71.77%
  25. Beautifully put by Jaded. There should be some sort IQ footy knowdge test to weed out some of the clowns who post here. Robbo reminds me a lot of Yze who could also have played a few more years but was not able to adapt to the demands of the modern game & the directions of the coach. Still its been a great career - a B&F & should have been AA the same year.
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