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  1. With Ryan Valentine debuting this week, there is only 3 listed Casey players who have not played a game yet this year (Aiden Quigley, Kyle Stainthorpe & Jarryd Baker) Primary List James Munro, Mitch White, Thomas Freeman, Jack Bell, Matthew Buntine, Zach Andrewartha, Aiden Quigley, Kyle Stainthorpe Development List George Grey, Corey Ellison, Roan Steele, Riley Baldi, Luca Goonan, Bryce Milford, Ryan Koo, Tyler Edwards, Miles Shepherd, Tommy McCrae, Matthew Johnson, Harvey Neocleus, Wal Wuol, Josh Smith, Ryan Valentine, Jarryd Barker
  2. It's not even worth reading mate, someone posted it as a joke on bigfooty, then someone else copied it to look like a text message. Binman is right, every chance it was written by a 10 year old. i can't believe that any sensible person would take it seriously.
  3. Majak has played 1 game in 4 weeks, can't see him getting a game Round 12 - Did Not Play Round 11 - 7 disposals 3 marks 2 tackles 34 hit outs Round 10 - Did Not Play Round 9 - Did Not Play (Bye)
  4. Zach Merrett had surgery to repair a high ankle syndesmosis injury earlier this year, was expected to miss 6-8 weeks but only missed 3 weeks https://www.sen.com.au/news/2022/03/27/syndesmosis-surgery-to-sideline-merrett-for-six-to-eight-weeks/
  5. Melbourne were no 1 pressure team last year, this year we are ranked 17th, just ahead of Essendon
  6. can our forwards at least privide a contest
  7. Ben Brown must be dropped, absolute liability yet again
  8. if he leaves i hope its not for free through the pre season draft to the Eagles
  9. 23 – Geelong (R12, 1952 to R13, 1953) 20 – Essendon (R1, 2000 to R20, 2000) 20 – Collingwood (SF, 1928 to R18, 1929) 20 – Brisbane (R10, 2001 to R4, 2002) 19 – St Kilda (R1, 2009 to R19, 2009) 19 – Melbourne (R15, 1955 to R13, 1956) 18 – Carlton (R10, 1995 to R2, 1996) 17 – Collingwood (R5,1903 to R2,1904) 17* – Melbourne (R20, 2021 to R10, 2022)
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