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  1. Sack Goodwin now. Dumb football verses smart footy. Our coach has no idea.
  2. Yeah, I know. This year I'm adopting an attitude of optimistic indifference. I've promised myself I will not repeat last year's unbridled pre-season enthusiasm that saw me lash out early and buy memberships for my two sons and my lovely lady. Oh, it was so promising, and then we got hit with the demon stick once again. This year I'm pretending to be oblivious to all pre-season hype and maintaining a calm and rational demeanour . Hope you're well young man.
  3. Just training the house down. Everyone does it!
  4. Mitch Hannan Bayley Fritsch Steven May Christian Petracca Ed Langton No reasons really, I'd just like to see at least five of our guys have a great year in 2020. Can't think of five from this year! Go Dees!!!
  5. Absolutely. It was beyond belief and that's all that consoles me. I hope to wake one day and find it's all been a very bad dream.
  6. Craptastic! A win is better than a loss but I'm not sure how much more I can take.
  7. Stopped watching. Just appalling. Do we have a coach? Does he have a clue? Do our players care? I'm over this stuff. I don't mind watching a loss if it's a contest but this is just surrender.
  8. It's only a practice match but ffs it would be nice to look like a team with some system. Forward entries are pathetic.
  9. Arrived in Nanjing to do a few weeks work filling in for someone needing to go home for family reasons. When I met the guy, talk soon turned to football and he asked me who I followed. I did my usual, slightly embarrassed, "Ahh, the Dees mate." His response, "How good is Clayton Oliver?" Turns out he's a lifelong supporter. Who'd have thought you'd be in China and the first Australian you meet is a Dees fan? Go DEES!
  10. Greetings to all Demonlanders from rainy Nanjing. I'll be back in time for the JLT fiasco and looking forward to a big year ahead. Let's all lift our games to new heights this year! Go Dees!
  11. Absolutely, certainly, positively correct Mr Webber. We are looking like a better team already. Our backline stocks are now most impressive. Our forwards will get the job done and our backs will limit opposition scoring. We may just be unstoppable. GO DEES!
  12. Go DEES! One win away from a grand final; and a chance to bury the tiges under a mountain of pressure. Clearly the best tackling side in the comp. I'm so proud of what these guys have managed to do. Praise the Lord!
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