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  1. I don't think that's fair Luther. You do know where we are, don't you? When things have been going well the level of negativity has decreased by at least 3.7%. When we are not going well it has increased by 96.3% which equals a total of 100%. My understanding of statistics tell me that, in this situation, all things are equal and MFCSS is alive and well. What's your problem? Go DEES!
  2. Whilst staring at the gathering grey gloom over Ballarat today I saw something that, at first, I thought was a little ray of sunshine. I was wrong, it was just some of last night's chicken and tomato soup on my glasses. As I wiped them clean with my wife-made mittens, I heard a vague rumble and looked back at the cloud filled sky. Had the rumble been a portent of things to come? Was this a message from on high? Was I being given a glimpse of the Dees fate on Saturday night? I waited for a clearer sign, something more definitive. Another rumble; and then I realised it was probably just another New South Wales removal truck thundering down the nearby Western Highway. As I turned to go back inside, a pair of beautiful crimson rosellas dressed in their red and blue finery flew in to partake of the free seed we provide to our feathered friends. I took a detour so not to disturb their pecking and as I turned my back I swear I heard one of them call out, "Go Dees, we've got this!" I went straight inside and said a little prayer.
  3. Nah, we've got this. Lazy quarter but won't be any repeat of that. Home by 55. GO DEES!
  4. We' d have a better chance of boosting percentage if we played under the roof at Marvel. We will beat them wherever and whenever it's played but dry conditions would be more conducive to the thrashing Hawthorn deserve.
  5. W Well, that just killed this thread!
  6. That's me getting ahead of myself.
  7. Hang on, aren't we playing the Suns?
  8. Not sure about your maths but a great win by any calculation.
  9. Great win to the Swans. They and the saints have done us a huge favour. Makes our win over Port doubly valuable.
  10. I thought Brayshaw was most informative last night. Half way through the game he told us Melbourne were wearing the old school jumpers and how it reminded him of Robbie Flower. I would never have known what colour jumpers we were wearing if it hadn't been for his incisive commentary.
  11. Blessed be the 'roll' players, for their selflessness shall be rewarded with an abundance of beautiful baguettes. GO DEES!
  12. Really good tonight. Much more enjoyable when we have a comfortable lead going into the last quarter. I didn't need to have the defibrillator on standby. GO DEES!
  13. I'm too disappointed to bother reading through 7 pages of reasons we lost. The last quarter showed us that we need a tall forward. Ben Brown kicks two goals for the match and we win. He brings the ball to ground a coouple of times in the last and we win the game. How many times did we go inside 50 and see the ball come straight back out? We had nothing to kick to. Hunt got caught because he had nowhere to go. We lost the game on Thursday. Blessed are they who learn from 'the learnings', for they will see the light and give us a full forward to kick to. Buggered are those that don't, for they are doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again. GO DEES!
  14. Blessed are the umpires, for they saw the light tonight. GO DEES!
  15. 6. Petracca 5. Oliver 4. Gawn 3.Spargo 2.ANB 1.Kozzie
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