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  1. I don't understand this eery feeling of calmness. Apart from the odd flash of MFCSS inspired doubt, I'm not at all nervous. Maybe things will change as the day progresses, but right now, I think I finally trust our team. Go DEES!
  2. Had this conversation with my son this morning. He reminded me that, apart from being the better team, we have Jack. Can't wait to see Jack do his thing. Bulldogs will be looking over their shoulders and second guessing all afternoon. Jack aint gonna wanna lose this one. The Norm Smith will look good around his neck.
  3. Vindication for the past 60 years of supporting. Vindication for putting my children through the pain of being Melbourne supporters. Vindication for the thousands of dollars spent on memberships and merchandise; not to mention alcohol to numb the pain. Retribution to all those who have belittled and patronised us over the years. Joy for my grandchildren who have stuck with me despite being tempted by other, more followable, clubs. Peace for my long suffering wife who has put up with my moods, my frustration and my angry outbursts. Above all, the pure joy of winning the one game that really matters each year. It's been a long haul and there have been times when I've questioned my sanity but I'm proud to say I've stayed the course and been true to the red and the blue. I deserve this. We all deserve this. This is our time. Make it happen Dees! Do it for the fans. Do it for Ronald Dale Barrasi, Robbie Flower, Jimmie, and all of those who've pulled on the red and the blue and given their all over the past 57 years. GO DEES!
  4. Chew fingernails, drink whisky, chew fingernails, drink whisky, chew fingernails, fingernail chews, drink whisky, chew fingernails, drink whisky, chew fingernails, chew whisky, drink fingernails, wink drisky, nail fingers, finger nails, whisk drinky few chingernails, drinky whisk, chew fingers, maybe pray to the footy gods, chew fingernails, drink whisky, chew fingernails, drink whisky, chew fingernails, etc
  5. That is sensational! Give her my congratulations.
  6. How are we celebrating Father's Day? Excuse the lack of reverential clothing. My eldest son sent me this t shirt. I'm planning to wear it until Grand Final day and maybe beyond. CARNA DEMONS!
  7. I guess, in time, I would be satisfied, but the closer we get the more my expectations rise. I know I would be bitterly disappointed if we were to lose the prelim but I would get over it and accept that it was a pretty good year. However, if we were to win prelim and then lose the grand final I'd be absolutely devastated. There's a lot of MFCSS at play here. GO DEES!
  8. Blessed are the Dees for they have earned back the respect of the football world. Two more games and they will become the hallowed ones. GO DEES!
  9. This is mine... QF1: *MELBOURNE* v Brisbane Lions QF2: *PORT ADELAIDE* v Geelong EF1: *WESTERN BULLDOGS* v Essendon EF2: *SYDNEY* v GWS SF1: *BRISBANE LIONS* v Western Bulldogs SF2: Geelong v *SYDNEY* PF1: *MELBOURNE* v Sydney PF2: Port Adelaide v *BRISBANE LIONS* GF: *MELBOURNE* v Brisbane Lions
  10. 12 years old in '64 and two years into my Demon journey. I grew up in Hawthorn amid a family of Hawks supporters. I got tired of walking to Glenferrie Oval and watching Hawthorn get pummeled every week, so decided to follow the Dees. It's been a long time coming, with lots of soul-searching along the way as Hawthorn became a dominant force, but I believe the time is now near. It was my birthday on Sunday and the best gift I got was when my son facetimed me with him and his two young ones all dressed in Dees jumpers and scarves. My whole family, kids and grandkids, are Dees supporters and proud of it. I'm a happy man! GO DEES!
  11. Blessed are the Dees, for they can beat anyone from anywhere. Such an emotional experience, but then I've always loved roller-coasters. Go Dees!
  12. Full body tattoo. Jumper, shorts, socks and boots.
  13. It counts for four points and top place. It counts for experience. It counts for confidence. We won for [censored] sake. Smile and move on.
  14. We won despite the weather, despite the umpiring, despite the lightning break. Back to the top of the ladder where we belong. Go DEES!
  15. You'll have to make your point a whole lot clearer for me LN. I have no idea where your logic is heading. Ignorance and playing the blame game is no substitute for intelligent and rational debate.
  16. Whoa there. "Baby boomer majority populous"? Does that actually mean something? Aren't you guilty of making the sort of gross generalisations that create bias and prejudice? If you're suggesting that 'Baby Boomers' are racist, uneducated and afraid of change, you're showing a clear predilection for swallowing populist propaganda. We 'Boomers' might be a lot of things, but to suggest that we are a racist majority is truly offensive and plain ignorant. I'm getting a bit tired of this inane commentary on a generation that took the opportunities available to them and made something of themselves without waiting for someone else to give it to them.
  17. I don't think that's fair Luther. You do know where we are, don't you? When things have been going well the level of negativity has decreased by at least 3.7%. When we are not going well it has increased by 96.3% which equals a total of 100%. My understanding of statistics tell me that, in this situation, all things are equal and MFCSS is alive and well. What's your problem? Go DEES!
  18. Whilst staring at the gathering grey gloom over Ballarat today I saw something that, at first, I thought was a little ray of sunshine. I was wrong, it was just some of last night's chicken and tomato soup on my glasses. As I wiped them clean with my wife-made mittens, I heard a vague rumble and looked back at the cloud filled sky. Had the rumble been a portent of things to come? Was this a message from on high? Was I being given a glimpse of the Dees fate on Saturday night? I waited for a clearer sign, something more definitive. Another rumble; and then I realised it was probably just another New South Wales removal truck thundering down the nearby Western Highway. As I turned to go back inside, a pair of beautiful crimson rosellas dressed in their red and blue finery flew in to partake of the free seed we provide to our feathered friends. I took a detour so not to disturb their pecking and as I turned my back I swear I heard one of them call out, "Go Dees, we've got this!" I went straight inside and said a little prayer.
  19. Nah, we've got this. Lazy quarter but won't be any repeat of that. Home by 55. GO DEES!
  20. We' d have a better chance of boosting percentage if we played under the roof at Marvel. We will beat them wherever and whenever it's played but dry conditions would be more conducive to the thrashing Hawthorn deserve.
  21. W Well, that just killed this thread!
  22. That's me getting ahead of myself.
  23. Hang on, aren't we playing the Suns?
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