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  1. Nah, no use having a great list with a poor gameplan and system. More years will be wasted with the current football dept. Need an urgent review - new approach, better coaching systems, accountability and ongoing monitoring. Couple of list delistings and additions would be handy too - No. 1 being tall and small forward targets that read the play and implement a proper system No. 2 being smart midfielders that also play well to organised team system. No more chaos ball! (Goodwin's only legacy so far)
  2. Wow so wasteful, reminds me of another team... Can't find a target inside 50!
  3. Glad to have gotten over the line, shame about letting the Bombers back in the last but we lifted at the end there. Now it's a waiting game... Hunt showed what he can do. Lock for starting forwardline if he keeps that up Weid so frustrating, he has plenty of these games where he can't get to the right positions. He really struggles to read the play IMO Melksham nowhere. What is his role? What happened since 2018?? Very lazy
  4. Loss of love for the game/job?? Low motivation. There also seems to be an obsession in the industry to focus so much on adding more strings to a player's bow, to offer flexibility of course, but at the severe detriment to the strengths they had in the first place
  5. Yep and I highlighted that stat because it doesn't matter if you win contests if you butcher the ball Anyway, let's go!
  6. Didn't know that 50% disposal efficiency was considered okay... Compares to 75.3% for Freo Really stupid players and horrible coaching. Still, three quarters left to atone!
  7. I've been overseas since 2012 and that was the first live game I had seen since leaving as I always visit in summer. Still the only live game I've seen us play in 8 years...🤬
  8. Absolutely spot on! Was going to say exactly the same thing. Midfield and forwards very questionable whereas backline has mostly been good (hurt last game by loss of Hibberd and having OMac and Smith back) Also thought another poster's comments about Langdon being a revelation in terms of run. He stands out so much in contrast to our midfield that have really poor movement and structure around contests. He is continually moving, anticipating play and space. We desperately need a better balance in the midfield
  9. Honestly at times they play an auskick brand of footy like a running scrum of kids following the ball. Getting in each others way, fumbling constantly and handballing to players under the pump instead of a release to a running player that has slipped their man. Oh what I would give to be in the inner sanctum and know what they are actually training in terms of setups and scenarios. Comes across like a rinse and repeat, stick to what we do attitude. Other clubs seem to do their homework and have a clear plan for us
  10. His right thigh was strapped right? This may explain the left foot kicks and not being confident taking his set shot. Would have looked even worse if he took the set shot left footed! But if so, then seriously question whether he should have been out there on the field
  11. Bunch of Hollywood prima donnas Too many playing for themselves or trying to pull off the impossible. Where are the fundamentals? Where are the second efforts? Not just in the contest but around the ground. Poor structure and flat today Forward line was invisible. I have no clue what the plan is, so many of our forwards aren't getting close to the drop of the ball. How can this be? Where are they then??
  12. Should have switched to man on man and put an extra or two in the backline to stop the onslaught of goals with the wind Did we have any plan for and against the wind?? Didn't seem to change. The swans certainly did
  13. Is Brown our only forward??? Horrible leading patterns and reading of the play
  14. To be honest, ANB's tackle was a bit worse but for him to get 4 weeks and Dalhaus get off with a fine is ridiculous. 2 weeks and 1 week respectively would have been ok with me
  15. We had no answer to their series of quick handballs out into space for the runners This is due to poor stoppage structure and poor defensive structure around the ground. Partly due to coaching and partly due to poor work rate. But it just seemed to me that we didn't have a plan for them, the plan failed or was poorly executed How much opp analysis and preparation actually goes on? It's meant to be a big area for AFL teams but so many times I get the impression we bring a similar plan each week without adapting it much Also, like many have said I'd be looking to drop Tmac, bringi
  16. This is what I see when I load the homepage without scrolling or clicking anywhere...
  17. Has the Ox hit back? Fairly rich coming from Hardwick...
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