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  1. I immediately googled the entire song list. I came up with the songs Dawn and Bye Bye Baby, which leads me to conclude that we are going to trade Gawn.
  2. May will go to Naughton. He all but confirmed it in the zoom call they had with members this afternoon. Petty on English and I assume Sache will try to take out Lever.
  3. I would like you to tell May he doesn’t deserve a medal if he doesn’t play next week.
  4. Exactly right. Smith did his hammy in one of these. Let’s hope no injuries this time.
  5. I didn’t say the whole list. I said players who have played throughout the season. Flags are not won on grand final day in isolation. You don’t think Hunt contributed to the team’s success this season? Tomlinson? Jones? If JJ isn’t sub, it’ll be the first game he’s missed all season. Does he not deserve a medal? If May doesn’t come up because his hammy is not good does he not earn one? What if Clayton heaven forbid gets knocked out in the first minute? Does he not deserve a medal? We are a club that strongly believes in players competing in their roles and doing the team thing. Anyone who has played during the season to get us to a premiership, should we win, deserves a medal. Just like if the Dogs win I think Bruce absolutely would deserve a medal. He is their leading goal kicker. Deserves a medal more than Martin or Sanche.
  6. They have every right to feel confident. They’re in great form and on a roll filled with confidence. They have an amazing midfield and some in form forwards. They can absolutely win it.
  7. And what about those like Jones and Jetta who don't have another year? They have been a big part of this club and our rebuild for a long long time. Jetta has had a great mentoring role for Kossi, and took him in during Covid. Jonesy, well it goes without saying he is a massive part of this group and their success. I see no harm in awarding a medal to those who have been part of the 22/23 during the season.
  8. Definitely us Melbourne supporters who get through the whole day without dying or killing anyone.
  9. Did you mate find out anymore re: Gus and the gastro?
  10. Also makes a lot more sense that only 2 coaches have it considering they’ve spent a lot of time in close quarters. Food poisoning is a 48 hour thing. So here’s hoping.
  11. On Instagram it looks like he doesn’t have any strapping on any part of his leg so I assume they’re being very precautionary.
  12. Gastro is very contagious. Zero chance it would have taken a full week for symptoms to occur, if we did get it from Geelong. Also Goodwin and Yze would have had a lot less contact with Geelong players than our players, who all appear to be fine. More chance they both caught it out and about. I assume they've been hanging out, maybe went to a cafe or dinner together and got sick. Since it is so contagious, it is a good thing they are isolating from everyone else.
  13. Agreed with this. Any player who played throughout the season has contributed to the success of the team and therefore should be awarded a medal. I wouldn’t give medals to every rookie, but certainly if you’ve earnt a game during the season you deserve a medal.
  14. Hahaha can you imagine?! Not in a million years.
  15. Well done to Tommy. Time to put a steak on the BBQ in celebration.
  16. Not really. We are still in curfew and its only 5 people from 2 households outdoors if you are both double vaccinated. Makes no difference for the actual grand final that will start at 7:15pm.
  17. Nobody would have beaten Essendon in 2000. Definitely wrong time wrong place. On our day we would have probably beaten anyone else, but not Essendon.
  18. I love that they are using this grand final as an opportunity to grow our membership numbers with kids. Gawn, Kossi and Trac would all be really loveable amongst kids. Also great to see them doing a kids focused zoom call again. The younger generations is how we keep the club growing and strong for a long time to come. Say what you like about Pert, but he has done it all before and he knows how to get a club marketed and memberships growing.
  19. I would be very disappointed if we didn't tell the player they had to be back in the resort at reasonable time. I am sure we also have a "no sinking mountains of beer" policy pre grand final. What a dictatorship. A total nothing story!
  20. Straight swap for Cerra? I kid 😅
  21. They can definitely all play together. Lever as the loose intercepter and May can absolutely play small or tall. So can Petty.
  22. Solid question. I presume they’re preparing their posts with “I told you so” in case we lose the grand final.
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