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  1. Watts should be at CHF with Clark and Dawes out and Dunn at CHB.
  2. Pics 74 - 79 Jones did well to get that one out to Sylvia!
  3. Thanks 666 been awesome to see so many quality pics of the boys. Pic 57 and 58 was that Jamar tapout straight down the throat of the opposition??
  4. so is that 2 goals to Mitch in the first quarter or just the one? Sounds like hes really throwing the body in.
  5. Is there likely to be updates here or will KC from Casey have another thread? Love to keep an eye on Mitchs progress but but get to the game.
  6. Can all you Dawes haters not see that him and Cloke was probably the most potent Forward duo in 2010 and I'm sure you all would have only dreamed to have him back then. Then the spuds moved him into a backup ruck role that he could not play and thereafter fell out of form. If we plonk Dawes in the square and have Clark crashing packs, and perhaps Pederson we will have 3 100kg monsters that are impossible to match up on. Because not only are they monsters, they are also have great agility. How easy is Howe gonna find it to take hangers when the 3 best defenders are all preoccupied with monsters! And then we have a 17 year old 195cm 95kg on the way. Once the midfield is fixed and is able to give these guys enough opportunites, look out! Sometimes I wonder if all the Dawes bashes on here are infultrator Bulldogs supporters that are cut because a week ago they thought he was theirs! I for one cant wait for 2013 and beyond, bring it!
  7. Is it not locked in kind of like father/son? If this kid grows to 200cm and 110kg and averages 5 goals a game can GC change their mind?
  8. Do you think we have almost certainly missed out on Toumpas now? Silky smooth speedy Barry on one wing and Silky smooth speedt Toumpas on the other with Viney and Jones getting dirty sounds soooooo good? Probably a different thread and feel free to move it but who do you think GWS will take with 123? My guess is Whitfield, Toumpas, Grundy.
  9. I would suggest that GWS, GC, PORT AND W.B may all finish below us and we would have been no chance in hell of landing Hogan. Other thing is people are saying what if this kid slides like Darling and we have paid overs.. What if he grows another 6 cm and is 200cm and 110kg at 18 years old? Good luck trying to get him even with pick 3 next year. Well played Dees!
  10. Has already been asked what number he would like a while back and his response was "24.... because I'm twice as good as the old man" Cheeky bugger!
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