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  1. 10 minutes ago, Neil Crompton said:

    The conclusion being that we cannot afford to not [censored] up the initial fast forward entry, so it doesn't come back out just as quickly. Better skills and forward craft needed.

    100% agree.

    Which is why Windsor is on a glide path for round one selection.

    Though i hope his kicking is better than what we saw yesterday. 

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  2. 13 minutes ago, jayceebee31 said:

    It’s a pity ANB doesn’t get the ball to kick it.

    It's even more a pity that last season our bottom 3 for average kick to score ratio with kicks inside 50 were our three best players (Maxy, Tracc and Oliver), two of whom are our two best mids, most prolific ball winners, and most prolific inside 50 kicks.

    By the by, number one for that same stat? Nibbla. 


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  3. 49 minutes ago, HBDee said:

    To everyone saying we have to stop bombing into the forward 50, but they think we're a tall forward or two short down there, we can't have it both ways. The tall forwards want the ball coming in high or so they can get a run and jump at it.

    Everyone saying we need to lower our eyes and hit up targets, means forget the tall forwards, just play smaller guys and look for them to lead to space/ball carrier. Which by the sounds of it no one wants that either.

    Pressure on in the contest and the ball carrier on the wing for example, means they might have to put the ball on the boot quickly and therefore go long and high into the forward 50.

    We can't expect the ball to be coming in fast with space all the time, given our high-contest game, and opposition zone defences. Sounds like people want perfect leads and passes every time. Not realistic.

    Spot on.

    I'd add that whilst there might be some variation as to where that kick is directed (eg pockets or hot spot), long and high kicks inside 50 is standard practice for all teams when kicking into a crowded forward line (which is not say team do it all the time of course).

    And the reason why is when kicking into a crowded forward line, a long, high kick to a pack at predetermined spot, is the percentage play. It's the risk reward calculation. 

    Teams would have 20 plus years of analytics, and whilst i cant back this is up with the data (because frustratingly the AFL allow champion data to lock up key data), I'm very confident the data would show, that when factoring in:

    • the attacking teams chances of scoring if they mark it or win the next possession  (ie either when the ball hits the ground OR after a stoppage, if one happens)
    • and the defensive teams chances of scoring if they mark it or win the next possession (ie on turnover)....

    .........the net scoring advantage is in favor of the attacking team. 

    That data would change when the forward line is not crowded and the percentage play would be hitting up leading targets (unless as you note HBD, if that kick is under huge pressure, then the percentage play might still be the long high kick)

    But the problem is space inside 50 can only be created through fast ball movement from the back half (hence practicing the handball chains).

    But even then it is a one time deal. If a team moves it quickly, as we did yesterday at times, get it inside 50 to an open forward line, but fail to score and the oppo win the ball back, the go to play is put pressure on the outlet kick, set up a wall and try to win the ball back.

    If we do win it back, in that scenario, the defensive zone usually has had time to get set and players from both teams have flooded into the forward line area. So the kick back inside 50 is into a crowded forward line. And the percentage play is a long, high kick to our forward line.

    I think it was our second goal (perhaps the brown's first?) that we scored a goal from exactly this scenario. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, Ethan Tremblay said:

    Scratch match: purpose is to condition the players bodies to the intensity of things to come. People gotta chill. 


    Avoiding injury is another objective.

    The foundation of our game plan, like every other club, is pressure.

    Pressure creates turnovers.

    As one of the commentators said, 70% of scoring now comes from turnovers.

    But pressure also causes injuries.

    We only applied something even close to AFL pressure in the first 20 mins of each half. And even then it was miles off what we see round one.

    The tigers weren't applying much pressure in those phases

    We dominated in those periods. Kicking five unanswered goals to start the  game.

    When the tigers lifted their pressure ratings, they dominated, kicking 10 straight at one point.

    Until the last couple of years practice games were not broadcast. And rightly people paid little heed to them. 

    Yes, with only one proper preseason game the practice match is a bit more significant - but it remains a PRACTICE match. 

    In addition to getting players conditioned to something like AFL intensity, it's an opportunity to practice things, eg new roles, strategies and ball movement 

    Examples yesterday included Windsor on a wing, Howes at half back, Schache rucking, Verrel rucking solo for a half, more time in the middle for koz, ditto for nibbla, salo on ball, inside 50 kicks, leading patterns and our long handball chains.

    On the latter, i had a memory of old dees fans at the g back in the mid 2000s yelling "JUST KICK IT!!!!!' when we were employing the then standard, yet sometimes frustrating, strategy of moving the ball forward with chains of handballs.

    If we start using chains of handballs again, the equivalent fans might have to yell "JUST KICK IT - BUT DON'T BOMB IT IN - HIT A LEADING TARGET - SO DON'T JUST KICK IT INDISCRIMINATELY !!!!!"

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  5. 5 minutes ago, ThreeOneSix said:

    Take aways from the game.

    Petracca is Kouta the second coming, and absolutely flying. Yet still, will play second fiddle to the GOAT, who clearly has been training hard by himself.

    Viney looks in sharp touch 

    Windsor is already elite (well done JT).

    Bowey has lifted another level.

    JVR could benefit from our long history of bombing the ball inside 50

    Rivers is an A grade footballer. 

    Kozi is in rare air. He could be the most talented player in the league. 

    GOAT will win his 5th Bluey.

    Now to the negatives.

    May has lost a yard or ten.

    Langdon is finished.

    ANB is a bigger liability than ever now he’s fitter than ever - and the ball is in his hands more as a result (he’s a butcher).

    Brayshaw doesn’t look up to it.

    Salem isn’t a mid, or even nearly a mid. 

    Schache isn’t up to VFL standard. 

    Bit tough on Brayshaw.

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  6. Some take aways:

    I suspect they are in a heavy training phase. Cooked after the first 20 min untill half time.

    First 15 mins of third up and about after a break. Then cooked again 

    Being cooked exacerbated our biggest issue  - our kicking skills accross the board.

    Outside of the first 20 mins of the game, even our best kicks turned it over, and our average kicks, of which there are many, were horrendous 

    Very much the classic practice match. 

    One example was the focus on practising hand ball chains to move the ball downfield

    In the last couple of years our practice match has been our main preseason hitout, not the community cup.  I suspect not this year - Max won't be coming off at half time against the blues.

    Verell looked ok.

    Koz is a star.

    Viney was terrific.

    JVR will go up one or two levels.

    Good to see them give schachw a run in the ruck. Makes perfect sense, and i think is the only way he cements a starting 22 position. Assuming he can improve. 

    I know clarry was playing against VFL players, but somehow it made his brilliance even more evident.  Sounds stupid, but I think I had forgotten just how good he is.

    Not bothered at all by the result.

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  7. 7 hours ago, Dee Zephyr said:

    Don’t think Richmond would care all that much if they lost. They would just work on things to get better.

    Statements like premiership window closed and Goodwin will be under real pressure by R5 after watching our first hit out are amusing. 

    Amusing is one word to describe them.

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  8. 11 hours ago, Roost it far said:

    Find it interesting that so many on here deny the fact we crumbled under pressure in the last 2 years of finals, especially 23 and that our culture is not all it’s cracked up to be. Maybe take a listen to Christian Petracca talk about it. He flat out admits both. I know many of you can’t bare to think we’re not the best and talking about it triggers you but we’re not. We’re in it but we need a lot to go right and some very important things to change. 

    What is up with your triggering nonsense?

    You think posters claiming we choked, will slide, are poorly coached, have a boring game plan, have missed our window, im being a realist, just telling it like it is, yada yada, yada is triggering?

    How long have you been posting on Demonland?

    That's been the majority view on this site ever since I started posting way back in 2011.

    We lose round one, and I'm sure the is Goodwin the right coach thread will come roaring back (spoiler alert for 90% of people posting the answer was, and will be, no)

    Anyone who posts on Demonland has well and truly had their triggering innoculations against that sort of palaver.

    In fact, in my experience, it is the contrary view - ie we wont slide, we'll likely make top 4, the reality is we won a flag teo seasons ago and finished top 4 in the last 3 seasons, we have a brutally effective game plan other teams have coped, accuracy cost us, etc etc- that actually triggers people. 

    There's a psychological concept called projection. Might be worth looking into.

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  9. On 13/02/2024 at 13:34, praha said:

    I work in comms and it is a daily battle for me. I argue weekly that we need good quality content that takes time to produce. The outcome is quickfire memes that get good engagement but die in the [censored] quickly. Does nothing for brand recognition or growth and merely boosts your social media klout albeit temporarily. The people you're targeting aren't organically engaged in your primary product and so when you actually start talking about football, they disengage.

    It's the offseason.

    You could run Top 100 goals, marks, plays, and tackles for 2023. Countdown of the best games vs each appointment. Interviews with players. Instead we get TikToky garbage. 

    This is my daily battle.

    Spot on.

    Nothing wrong with some social media fodder.

    But its ridiculous if that's all there is.

    And its not as if anything is going to go viral, and even if it did it is not like it would bring any new fans to the team or sell any more memberships.

    Football clubs are not like a product that could suddenly become popular on the back of some tik tok trend like lyft nicotine pouches. 

    Comms need mutiple strategies in markets where you are trying to reach diverse demographics, interest levels and age ranges.

    I'm not on social media, so the contest designed for it is of no value for me. And even if I was  it wouldn't hold my interest.

    So much could be done for basically nothing.

    As you say, interviews are not only a no brainer, surely they are the bare minimum fans can expect.

    And it needn't be just players- line coaches, data analysts, fitness team could all provide an interesting insight.

    I can't recall there being so few interviews in a preseason in the internet era. What's going on?

    Check freo's website. They have at 20 plus interviews up. Yes, they have an advantage 

    Yes, they have an advantage of being in a two team town, and most interviews are small port training pressers with local media.  But still.

  10. 1 minute ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    And with a Hitler Youth choir right at the end (well, just before the atomic bomb explosion)


    I had well and truly forgotten that.

    But i do remember it included non musical samples, which was very rare in 1968. Maybe Eno was doing it? But few others, not even the Beatles. 

    Well ahead of its time - such sampling has become a staple of electronic and dance music (i'm a sucker for such samples, partic spoken works ones).

    It's strange Molly didn't produce more records.

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  11. On 12/02/2024 at 18:18, forever demons said:

    Boy oh boy did you ever just give up your age


    Though the song was released somewhere around my birthday, so i'm no spring chicken.

    In addition to all the great sixties and seventies rock, this is was what i listening to in my misspent youth (by the by this is the greatest Australian rock song IMHO - crazy to think they were 16 when this was released in 1988):



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  12. 1 hour ago, Jjrogan said:

    I think Max averages well over 4 and is the better player in my view.   Ben is around the JVR mark (pun intended) but not to data mine he did play for a very poor team in his first 2 years. Since then it's trended up with the team improving.  Also Ben has had many matchwinning games, which JVR can hopefully replicate if he doesn't mark it consistently. I

    All i'm saying is JVR hopefully keeps finding more tricks in the bag other than simply filling out and providing a contest. 

    All fair points.

    I agree he could improve his marking. I'm sure he will as he is so obviously driven. 

    I have only been to one training session this year but I could not have been more impressed with his marking, particularly in one on one drills with key defenders.

    He out muscled and out marked May right in front of me and i loudy  sledged May with the old too big, too strong call - much to Maysie's displeasure, who (correctly) pointed out the ball was kicked to JVRs advantage.

    In terms of tricks in the bag, I'd reiterate two points i made earlier that I think are areas he has real edge in.

    For a young KPF in his first full season at AFL level, he did a hell of a lot of rucking.

    I watched him at Casey at the beginning of his first season and his ruck skills were average. By the end of that season they were pretty good.

    But last season I thought they were excellent - particularly his tap work. 

    Great he has the skills, even better that he obviously dud the work to develop them.

    None of the other young key forwards did anywhere near as much rucking as he did, some not at all, other than occasional forward 50 throw ins. 

    And whilst i concede this may well be confirmation bias, my recollection is all the young KPFs mentioned, with the possible exception of Logan McDonald  are decidely average in the ruck - particularly both King brothers.

    JVR will only improve his ruck skills as he gets stronger and bigger (he has another 3-4 years of incremental growth) and as he keeps honing his craft.

    That is a big string to his bow - and point of difference - particularly in a period where every team is playing a ruck and forward/ruck.

    Personally I'd like to see him ruck less this season (so he doesn't get smashed and worn out so much - that might be a factor in his marks per game average).

    But in two to three years time he could become a real weapon in the duel role. 

    If your KPF is as rubbish at rucking as the King brothers, teams are forced to bring in a player like Lobb.

    So having a key forward who can ruck to a high level is a big advantage. Particularly if your main, or second ruck gets injured.

    Also, when JVR is fully filled out he will be a beast and be a weapon at inside 50 ruck contests the way Hawkins has been for the last few years.

    The other point of difference is his tackling numbers.

    With tackles inside 50 being so important now, having a KPF tackling twice as often as his peers is a big tick.

    This particular conversation started with a comment by me that not all is doom and gloom in terms of our supposed forward line woes as in addition to Fritter, JVR (who surely we can agree, if not the best, is ONE of of the best young forwards) will go up a couple of levels. 

    Which, for me points to another curious element in the logic of some who think we will slide because other teams will improve.

    Why curious?

    Because the implication is we won't.

    Yes we have key players like maxy and maysie in the back end of their career. But EVERY team does. 

    But that is more than balanced out by the likely natural progression and improvement of established best 22 players like JVR, Koz, Sparrow, Rivers,  Chandler, McVee and Bowser. 

    And under Goody, every seaon a young player has come into the side and established themselves as a best 22 player and improved the side - some like Bowser and mcvee from left field.

    Any one of Woey, Howes, Laurie, Turner, Adams, Sestan or Monez-Wakefield could be such a player

    And of course, so could one of the first year players like the colt or Windsor.

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  13. 1 hour ago, DEE fence said:


    Really appreciated the comparisons you posted, the thing that stands out to me is the weight, he has the other 3 covered despite being the shortest of the bunch. 

    I also think that Amiss/UE are more Gunston type bodies, so not a direct comparison to JVR who is a power forward in any era. McD from the Swans is a like for like comparison, however has played in the shadow of Buddy(is that a thing?), so I think we will get a better look at him this year, but JVR certainly in the conversation there.

    BTW JVR ended the season with a total of 28 goals and 9 behinds, leading to an accuracy percentage of 75.7%. This performance was highlighted as the highest goal-to-behind percentage among players with 30 or more scoring shots in the league.

    So Binman is on the money with best young forward going around. Then I got curious, how does he stack against others in recent history, in the power forward stakes (at the age of 20), I didn't count first season - He would have been further ahead than most by that metric. Anyway as a 20 y.o. H2H, I checked with:

    3.65 S. Rocca - was a monster.

    3.32 Franklin - surprised was not the best.

    2.95 Cameron - in a gun team.

    2.2 Cloke - pre yips

    2.2 Hogan - Just quietly GWS has made out like a bandit with Hogan.

    1.94 Walker - annoyed at this, don't like the man.

    1.69 Fevola - top of any list for wasted talent.

    1.62 A. Rocca - Bam bam from the flintstones

    1.52 J.Brown - CHF to be fair and still dominant but in a generational team with best mids going.

    1.47 B. King

    1.4 JVR

    1.33 Pavlich 

    1.33 Daniher

    1.3 Hawkins

    1.22 M. King

    1.0 J. Riewoldt

    0.95 Hall

    0.95 C.Curnow

    0.93 N. Riewoldt

    0.71 Lynch

    0.46 J.Kennedy

    Keep in mind 2023 was his first season, the others were not, and also defense is so much stronger now most of those had their start prior to the Lyon/Clarkson floods. Who else wants to chip in $50 for towards a statue of Jason Taylor???? 

    That's goals per game I assume.

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  14. Two other stats that that jump out are disposal efficiency and tackles.  

    JVR averages twice as many tackels as Ugle Hagen, McDonald and Amiss - again not surprising given his competiveness and how ferocious his attack's on the ball and man is.

    And his disposal efficiency is significantly better than that of Ugle Hagen, McDonald and Amiss - particularly UE, who in his career goes at a woeful 56.3% to JVR's impressive 78.2%.

    Good kicking is good football. 

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  15. I noted that the fact JVR has been in the AFL system for a year less than Ugle Hagen reinforces my confidence in JVR going to another level this season. Van Ruin has HUGE upside (not to say UE doesn't).

    So, out of interest i compared JVRs 2023 season (his second in the AFL system) with Ugle Hagens 2022 season, which was also his second in the AFL system. 

    That gives the fairest possible comparison i think. The same number of years in the system, comparing both at the same age, almost identical roles (bar the ruck work JVR did), and a full season's average stats.

    JVR shades  Ugle Hagen in the majority of categories.

    By the by, one stats jumps out in all four comparisons i've posted - JVR smashes, Ugle Hagen, McDonald and Amiss for one percenters. Which doesn't surprise me becuase one of thing i most love about JVR is how competitive he is.

    As he gets bigger and stronger that will give him a big competitive advantage. Ugle Hagen on the other hand has faced some criticism for not being hard at it. 

    Player Statistics Comparison
    Jacob Van Rooyen Name Jamarra Ugle-Hagan
    Melbourne Demons Team Western Bulldogs
    Forward Position Forward
    20 Career Games 45
    Claremont Origin Oakleigh Chargers
    April 16, 2003 Date of Birth April 4, 2002
    20yr 9mth Age Turned 20 in 2022
    193cm Height 197cm
    96kg Weight 91kg
    2021 National Draft Last Drafted In 2020 National Draft
    Round 1, Pick #19 Last Draft Position Round 1, Pick #1
    Melbourne Demons Last Drafted By Western Bulldogs
    Career Stats for Season 2022
    20 Games 17
    4.5 Kicks 5.9
    4.2 Handballs 2.0
    8.7 Disposals 7.9
    3.1 Marks 3.5
    1.4 Goals 1.1
    0.5 Behinds 0.9
    2.1 Tackles 1.1
    3.7 Hitouts 0.2
    1.2 Inside 50s 1.9
    0.3 Goal Assists 0.1
    0.9 Frees For 0.6
    0.8 Frees Against 0.3
    4.3 Contested Possessions 3.6
    4.8 Uncontested Possessions 4.5
    6.8 Effective Disposals 4.7
    78.2% Disposal Efficiency % 59.5%
    1.6 Clangers 1.9
    0.9 Contested Marks 1.0
    1.5 Marks Inside 50 1.8
    0.3 Clearances 0
    0 Rebound 50s 0
    2.1 One Percenters 0.9
    0 Bounces 0.1
    74.0 Time On Ground % 72.9
    0.1 Centre Clearances 0
    0.2 Stoppage Clearances 0
    4.0 Score Involvements 3.5
    113.0 Metres Gained 183.8
    1.5 Turnovers 2.2
    0.5 Intercepts 0.5
    1.1 Tackles Inside 50 0.3
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  16. 7 hours ago, Neil Crompton said:

    I think that's a lot of unfair baggage to be dumping on JVR, Binny. For goodness sake, Melksham missing may have cost us the game. Petty missing may have cost us the game. Brayshaw missing probably cost us the game. BBB missing may have cost us the game. Poor kicking at goal certainly cost us the game. Despite your comment to the contrary, you have "hanged the young fella out to dry" unfairly in my opinion.

    Fair call.

    I wasn't blaming him for the loss as such, but i could see how it might be perceived that way.

    I should have said him missing might have been a factor in the loss. Or some such.

    What i was trying to say is that (unlike Petty, Gus and Melk who were all injured) JVR mised the Blues game because of a lack of discipline.

    He doesn't deserve to be blamed for the loss, and i don't, but criticism is reasonable as its hard to argue our chances of winning the blues game would not have increased if he had.

    It was a stupid and unnecessary act that in the home and away season wouldn't mean much as he only copped a week.

    But it had huge ramifications given that one week ban cost him a place in a cut throat final and we were already struggling to field KPFs. 

    He might be young, but he is a professional athlete and shouldn't be immune from reasonable criticism. I'd be be pretty confident it came up in his exit review. 

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  17. ayer Statistics Comparison
    Jacob Van Rooyen Name Jye Amiss
    Melbourne Demons Team Fremantle Dockers
    Forward Position Forward
    20 Career Games 25
    Claremont Origin East Perth
    April 16, 2003 Date of Birth July 31, 2003
    20yr 9mth Age 20yr 6mth
    193cm Height 196cm
    96kg Weight 86kg
    2021 National Draft Last Drafted In 2021 National Draft
    Round 1, Pick #19 Last Draft Position Round 1, Pick #8
    Melbourne Demons Last Drafted By Fremantle Dockers
    Career Stats for Season Career
    20 Games 25
    4.5 Kicks 5.3
    4.2 Handballs 2.5
    8.7 Disposals 7.8
    3.1 Marks 3.7
    1.4 Goals 1.8
    0.5 Behinds 0.7
    2.1 Tackles 1.3
    3.7 Hitouts 0
    1.2 Inside 50s 1.0
    0.3 Goal Assists 0.4
    0.9 Frees For 0.7
    0.8 Frees Against 0.4
    4.3 Contested Possessions 3.8
    4.8 Uncontested Possessions 4.2
    6.8 Effective Disposals 5.5
    78.2% Disposal Efficiency % 70.5%
    1.6 Clangers 1.2
    0.9 Contested Marks 1.4
    1.5 Marks Inside 50 1.9
    0.3 Clearances 0
    0 Rebound 50s 0
    2.1 One Percenters 0.6
    0 Bounces 0.2
    74.0 Time On Ground % 78.5
    0.1 Centre Clearances 0
    0.2 Stoppage Clearances 0
    4.0 Score Involvements 4.5
    113.0 Metres Gained 139.6
    1.5 Turnovers 1.4
    0.5 Intercepts 0.3
    1.1 Tackles Inside 50 0.7
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  18. Player Statistics Comparison
    Jacob Van Rooyen Name Logan McDonald
    Melbourne Demons Team Sydney Swans
    Forward Position Forward
    20 Career Games 44
    Claremont Origin Perth Fc
    April 16, 2003 Date of Birth April 4, 2002
    20yr 9mth Age 21yr 10mth
    193cm Height 195cm
    96kg Weight 95kg
    2021 National Draft Last Drafted In 2020 National Draft
    Round 1, Pick #19 Last Draft Position Round 1, Pick #4
    Melbourne Demons Last Drafted By Sydney Swans
    Career Stats for Season Career
    20 Games 44
    4.5 Kicks 6.0
    4.2 Handballs 3.0
    8.7 Disposals 9.0
    3.1 Marks 4.0
    1.4 Goals 1.3
    0.5 Behinds 0.8
    2.1 Tackles 1.4
    3.7 Hitouts 0.1
    1.2 Inside 50s 1.5
    0.3 Goal Assists 0.6
    0.9 Frees For 0.7
    0.8 Frees Against 0.4
    4.3 Contested Possessions 3.9
    4.8 Uncontested Possessions 5.2
    6.8 Effective Disposals 6.4
    78.2% Disposal Efficiency % 71.1%
    1.6 Clangers 1.3
    0.9 Contested Marks 0.7
    1.5 Marks Inside 50 1.4
    0.3 Clearances 0.1
    0 Rebound 50s 0.1
    2.1 One Percenters 1.2
    0 Bounces 0
    74.0 Time On Ground % 74.1
    0.1 Centre Clearances 0
    0.2 Stoppage Clearances 0.1
    4.0 Score Involvements 4.4
    113.0 Metres Gained 133.3
    1.5 Turnovers 1.6
    0.5 Intercepts 0.7
    1.1 Tackles Inside 50 0.7
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  19. Player Statistics Comparison
    Jacob Van Rooyen Name Jamarra Ugle-Hagan
    Melbourne Demons Team Western Bulldogs
    Forward Position Forward
    20 Career Games 45
    Claremont Origin Oakleigh Chargers
    April 16, 2003 Date of Birth April 4, 2002
    20yr 9mth Age 21yr 10mth
    193cm Height 197cm
    96kg Weight 91kg
    2021 National Draft Last Drafted In 2020 National Draft
    Round 1, Pick #19 Last Draft Position Round 1, Pick #1
    Melbourne Demons Last Drafted By Western Bulldogs
    Career Stats for Season Career
    20 Games 45
    4.5 Kicks 7.0
    4.2 Handballs 2.6
    8.7 Disposals 9.6
    3.1 Marks 4.3
    1.4 Goals 1.3
    0.5 Behinds 1.2
    2.1 Tackles 1.1
    3.7 Hitouts 0.1
    1.2 Inside 50s 2.2
    0.3 Goal Assists 0.4
    0.9 Frees For 0.7
    0.8 Frees Against 0.5
    4.3 Contested Possessions 4.2
    4.8 Uncontested Possessions 5.6
    6.8 Effective Disposals 5.4
    78.2% Disposal Efficiency % 56.3%
    1.6 Clangers 2.3
    0.9 Contested Marks 1.1
    1.5 Marks Inside 50 2.3
    0.3 Clearances 0
    0 Rebound 50s 0
    2.1 One Percenters 0.9
    0 Bounces 0
    74.0 Time On Ground % 77.8
    0.1 Centre Clearances 0
    0.2 Stoppage Clearances 0
    4.0 Score Involvements 4.9
    113.0 Metres Gained 187.8
    1.5 Turnovers 2.6
    0.5 Intercepts 0.5
    1.1 Tackles Inside 50 0.5
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  20. 1 hour ago, Jeremy said:

    Well it changes it if you're saying 21 and under. Amiss (20) , Ugle Hagan and Logan Mcdonald (21) you'd have to say are better forwards than JVR at this point and the King brothers are still young. Love JVR though, hoping he will improve this season 

    Ugle Hagen better than JVR? Maybe.

    He's certainly going to be star, but he has been more inconsistent than JVR. And he was drafted in 2020 so is a year ahead in terms of development than JVR (he's a full year old than JVR too) - so he should be ahead of JVR.

    By the by, that reinforces my confidence in JVR going to another level this season - he will have the same amount of AFL preseasons and elite preparation as Ugle Hagen did at the start of last season, his best season thus far.

    Logan McDonald? You could mount a case he is as good as JVR. Maybe. But IMO there is no way he is better. In fact i have JVR well ahead, and with a much higher ceiling.

    Like Ugle Hagen he's a full year older than JVR, and was also drafted in 2020, so is also a year ahead of JVR in terms of development.

    Amiss is a gun, but i don't think he is better than JVR, who is also a gun. So i'd say even. A good comparison as like JVR he was drafted in 2021 and is almost the same age. 

    The one thing i'd note, is that JVR rucked a fair bit last year, and was pretty handy at it, and none of the other three did. That's a big tick in his column IMO.

    Here: are the head to head averages for JVR versus those three:

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