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  1. 56 minutes ago, Cyclops said:

    I don't believe we are heading for a fall either but our forward line is also now without Joel Smith who kicked a few late season and finals goals. I thought Joel was quite handy and will be missed. Hopefully JVR has learned to let the opposition worry about him rather than the other way around. You cannot contribute by sitting on my side of the fence.

    Agree on Smith - would love to know when he is back. 

    JVR is not too bad discipline wise i don't think - i could be wrong but i don't think he was ever suspended at Casey and last year was reported twice, but got off one (the hit to Ballard when spoiling) on appeal.

    That said, getting rubbed out for the blues game was a shocker. A complete lack of discipline. 

    I might have mised it but i don't recall him getting much criticism in the media or on here, at least not in terms the potential impact on the reuslt in the blues game.

    I dont' want to hang the young fella out to dry, and it was such a heighted match, but he deserves some criticism (and no doubt he has given himself plenty of it).  

    He hadn't been in great form, but I don't think its hyperbolic to suggest him missing cost us the game.

    He would have taken their best defender, and likely any chances he had as he is an excellent kick for goal.

    I also reckon he is the sort of player who can be difference maker in big games - even if quiet for most of it - for example the Tigers Anzac day game last year.   

    Another big factor is if JVR played, Schahae wouldn't have been the sub (becuase JVR could give Maxy a chop out) and we would have selected another runner/utility as a sub and brought them on for fresh legs in the last q. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, Roost it far said:

    I think you're forgetting the costly reversal due to poor discipline, several 50's gifted and Viney burning Petracca and instead setting up carlton's final play. Not to mention the basic kicking for goal errors in the QF. You're way to kind IMO.


    They were errors. All teams make errors. Lots of them

    I was talking about evidence of choking and I wouldn't characterise any of those examples as choking (bar the viney one which i referenced ie the kick thst went to weitering).

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  3. 1 hour ago, Roost it far said:

    It's also exactly why we might be headed for a fall. The margins are so fine and with Petty, Melksham and likely McAdam out who exactly is going to kick the goals?

    Petty won't be out long.

    Same is true of tmac

    McAdam? Give me a spell. Besides he'll also be fit soon enough

    Melk? We missed him.come finals but he wasn't even in rhe team until the mid point of the season. 

    He'll be back at a similar point in this season as he was 

    JVR is arguably the best young key forward in the AFL.

    Only still a kid and his third season, and still a few years from his peak.

    But he'll be stronger and fitter than last year and go up a level or two. A true forward who takes his chancex

    Fritter was our leading goal kicker in 2021 and 2022. And by all accounts is in good nick and over his foot injury that caused him issues last year. Another brilliant kick for goal

    How does that add up to heading for a fall?

    Unless you think a loss against the swans kills our season.

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  4. 5 hours ago, FriendlyFellow said:

    Disclaimer: Saw on the socials they were down at Gosch’s Paddock so headed down for a quick look. Little to no presence of other track watchers and no current live thread, so as a first time contributor, giving what the people need! It won’t be as expansive and comprehensive as what we’re used to… but it’s something.

    Conditions: Hot and windy (no explanation needed).

    Training Format: Tailored match sim; line grouping skills; running.. and lots of it.


    Tailored Match Sim:

    Offense orientated simulation. Focus on transitioning the from defensive wing to forward 50. A team forwards appeared to play on the A backs, with Midfielders having cross representation of personnel.

    General observations – We still bias to target kicking into the pockets. Attempted to lower the eyes on several occasions to get into the corridor, but the defensive group were strong at intercepting and pushing the rebound. Goal kicking was accurate in windy conditions.

    Oliver – completed his 2km Time Trial pre-session and was fully integrated with the main group for match-sims (so yes, first session back with the group). Was on a modified running session program separate to the others. Had plenty of the ball in match sims. Was great to see close to the start of the season.

    Schache - appeared to be the A forwards, along with Fritsch and Van Rooyen. Assume he’s in the starting line up whilst Petty is out. Was a key target on the long kicks into the F50.

    Pickett – so active and such a livewire in the FWD line. Was the most dominant and damaging player.

    Billings – genuinely looks to add class synergy in D50 and F50 connection.

    VanRooyen – not quite as big as May (direct opponent), but is the closest thing we have to a big bustling forward. His development this year will be so important.

    Tomlinson – looked very settled in the A defense team. Played a lock down defensive role on Schache.

    Viney and Trac looked very silky in the midfield, as did Sparrow. Other observations on the mids were challenging… I’m bamboozled by the detail you guys can provide on the mids at training. They all look the same to the untrained eye.

    Line grouping skills:

    Only observation was that Windsor and Langdon were with the defenders. Perhaps Windsor is the emerging winger for Prac Games if Hunter remains out?


    Various running drills, split into running groups that have been well documented on previous threads. To my surprise, Kolt was in the second group, albeit on a modified program - clearly has some speed and tank to build on in coming pre-seasons. Started to feel nauseated watching the efforts in the conditions so decided to call it a day there.  

    Anticipated and frequently asked questions:

    Petty was not partaking in training – stuck to the side with a ball in hand.

    Salem was on the track and fully training in at least the match sims and line grouping skills.

    Hunter & Fullarton were on a modified running programs sticking to the boundary line. Fullarton was doing some larger kms so looks to be recovering well. 

    Don’t have a comprehensive list of non-trainers, so would only be guessing - which I want to avoid!

    That is all I have. Enjoy!

    Awesome first report.

    With the heat and your posting name, this song popped into my head.

    So here is a theme song (or avatar) for your consideration as thanks for such a top report on a hot, blustery day:


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  5. 1 hour ago, Vipercrunch said:

    2023 was an opportunity blown.  I used to say it was a choke but that was obviously triggering for some. Expected scores are absolutely no comfort at all, but it does show we are not the basket case some in the media (and many around here) think we are.  Like in the lead up to every season, we need to improve to stay in the contest, but we also shouldn't be throwing the baby out with the bath water.  We were a damn good team last season, possibly the best in it, but we blew it.

    Pies vs Dees.PNG

    Dees vs Blues.PNG

    Top post.

    Small margins. It's exactly why predictions of our downfall are so silly. 

    The Pies game wasn't an example of choking IMHO.

    But the boys would love to have the last 6 or so minutes of the blues loss back.

    I haven't been able to bring myself to watch replay, probably never will, 

    Perhaps choke is too harsh and/or triggering - tightened right up, costly pressure related brain fades?

    But even though my memory is hazy (so i could be wrong), these events all felt like examples of bad mistakes under pressure that in isolation could have cost us the game, let alone all of them:

    • Maxy's poster from 15 metres
    • Maxy inexplicably trying to hit Oliver's kick back into play rather than shepherding it thru for a goal (would have that gone though if he had shepherded?)
    • Koz shooting for goal when trac was free inside (this might be a bit tough on Koz, he kicks it and we win - and he's there to kick goals and he probably didn't see trac. That said i'm no fan of the dribbler kick when a punt kick is an option)
    • Viney not getting his kick over Weitering's head 
    • And unfortunately for the young fella, the big one - the Juddster electing to spoil Docherty, and fail to do so, rather than allowing him to mark and holding him up

    On that list I'd have to say Maxy's errors were the most egregious, and perhaps closer to choking than the others.

    Seems to me he's escaped bit of criticism for those errors, but i went into media black out after the game so perhaps i missed it. That said i don't recall much on here.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, drdrake said:

    The big difference between Gws and us they have better skills with ball in hand. 

    Yes the introduced being harder at the contest, but there ball movement was much better then ours especially late in the season.

    Agree on the first part - they have more highly skilled kicks for sure. I'll be really curious to see if they look to get the Colt and Windsor in early to address our kicking issues.  

    Partially agree on the second, but it depends what you mean by ball movement.

    Ball movement wasn't our issue. We were in the top three in terms of transitioning the ball from the back half but as we all know that broke down with the kick inside 50 and/or inncaruacy.

    The Giants have better kicks and hit a higher percentage of their inside 50 kicks. A good example of that was our loss to them in the Alice.

    We absolutely  smashed them for indie 50s but could take our chances. The super skilled Josh Kelly won them the game with a sublime kick in the rain from 60 metres. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, drdrake said:

    I liked watching GWS in the last part of the season,  they had dare and skills.  We played a boring predictable game style the last 2 years.  

    They played EXACLTLY like us. Their game plan was completely based on ours.

    Come finals EVERY team pretty much adopted our game plan, in particular the blues, giants and Pies. 

    Forward half (ie get it inside 50 as quickly and directly as possible and keep it there - hence the hated long bomb), transition, brutal football with insane pressure and huge tackle numbers is now the template for modern finals football.

    Basically the tigers template with a dees tweak.

    It is the model that has won EVERY since 2017, bar the 2018 Eagles win (after the raging favorites the Tigers got rolled by the Pies in the prelim)   

    The eyes say this is true. And the stats and data back it up completely. 

    Clubs now employ game two styles a season.

    The finals (and any high stakes, high pressure games during the season like our last blues game) method as above. 

    And the home and away method - there is more variation between clubs with this method, but come finals last year they all reverted to our game plan. 

    The home and away model is faster and more attractive. The goal is to win games obviously. But the secondary goal is to make it the finals not too banged up. 

    I haven't listened to the audio clip, but i'm guessing the pies are rated the most attractive team to watch. 

    In their 3 finals the Pies averaged 69 points.

    In the blues three finals they averaged 69 points.

    On the back of easy kills against the Saints and Port (both defenses were woeful) the giants averaged 83, but  could only score 57 against the Pies in a brutal smackdown game. 

    We averaged 62 point in our two losses 

    The lions were the outlier averaging just over 100, but again thta was padded by smashing the defensively woeful Port.

    The Lions averaged 82  in their other two finals (for what its worth, i think the Lions have the most attractive style). 

    So only the Lions averaged more that 100 points in the finals - the total that is the benchmark for a decent score in the home and away season, particularly in the first half of the season. 

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  8. 58 minutes ago, jnrmac said:

    Interesting thought on Grundy. It has to be the reason. The club (and grundy) have been very tight lipped and I haven't heard a word of disparagement from either party.

    I personally can't believe they didn't play Grundy given A) it was final, B) it was against his old club and C) we beat then in rd 13 with two rucks.

    It was weird, absolutely no doubt.

    I have no intel on this, and maybe i'm being unfair on Grundy, but i have also wondered if he had he checked out. I wasn't convinced by his body language at Casey i have to admit. 

    And perhaps more than that was hesitant, even if only sub consciously, to play for fear of getting injured and scuttling the trade to the Swans. 

    Even in those circumstances you'd think they might still play him.

    But my sense of Goody is that he would never play someone that wasn't 1000% invested and all in - not least because of the message that sends to the rest of the team, last season and beyond. 

    After all, he was gone at season's end and if was any concerns about Grundy's investment all the players would have been aware of it. 

    Goody thinks long term and his sense may well have been that Tmac at 80% was a better bet than an ambivalent Grundy, with the added benefit of strengthening team culture by rewarding a stalwart of the club, a premiership player no less, who is staying at the dees in 2024 and beyond.  

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  9. 16 hours ago, ANG13 said:

    I think Fox has done a very good job with some of the commentators they have added. Agree Isa Guha, Harsha Bhogle and Michael Vaughan are amongst the best in the world. I am not so big about Gilchrist and Mel Jones but I also like Ian Smith and thought Wasim Akram was also pretty good. 

    Yeah, you're probably right about Gilchrist, not world class. Voice is too grating 

    Ian Smith is funny in similar way to Kerry O'Keeffe. 

    I really enjoyed Wasim akram too - particularly when talking about bowling.

    Helps that he is one of my all time favourite cricketers. A joy to watch bowling.

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  10. 2 hours ago, WalkingCivilWar said:

    Our season starts a fortnight earlier than usual. We have the scratch match and practice match, the Golf Day (yesterday), the Season Launch, and likely other events of which I’m unaware. Then a week after the practice match we’re off to Sydney for opening round. There just isn’t enough time.

    All very reasonable points.

    Why has the club not communicated to member's and fans why the club has decided not to have a stand alone family day this year, something that is immensely popular among young fans and their parents? 

    If the reasons WCW has noted above are accurate, why not communicate them to fans and members?

    Instead all i can find about the family day is the short article on the MFC website WCW links above dated 31 January, with this headline, sub headline and opening two paragraphs (I'm not sure about others, but i didn't get an email with any info). 

    Demons launch Family Series

    It will be easier than ever for Demon families to get their footy fix in 2024.

    'MELBOURNE’s family day has been super-sized in 2024 to include three epic family events, kicking off with the Demons taking on the Tigers in the side’s first inter-club match simulation of the year. 

    The Demon Family Series, presented by Beyond Bank, will feature events stretching from Casey Fields to Gosch’s paddock, making it easier than ever for Demon families to get their footy fix.


    Personally  i find that disingenuous at best, dismissive of fans at worst. And i expect better from my club. 

    I mean, c',mon ditching the super successful family day that people look forward to and claiming it has been super sized?

    Super sized? What does that even mean? It certainly doesn't mean a bigger family day event with more free rides and activities.

    What i assume they mean is they have split family day into 'three epic family events' that make it 'easier than ever for Demon families to get their footy fix in 2024'

    C'mon, i get enough spin in advertising without my club trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. 

    The three supposedly 'epic events' are:

    1. Demon Family Match Simulation at Casey Fields, with: seven-quarter match simulations (that little kisd wont sit through), signing opportunities (after the players have played 7 quarters of footy?), kids' activities and partner giveaways
    2. Demon Family Series April School Holiday Open Training at Gosch's Paddock or nearby location, with: players training (? like wow - they do that twice a week), signing opportunities (after the players have trained?), kids' activities and partner giveaways
    3. Demon Family Series July School Holiday Open Training, at Gosch's Paddock or nearby location, with: as above

    Perhaps i'm out of touch as my kids are young adults now, but when say they were 6 or 7, it would have been a lost cause convincing my kids any of those 'events' were 'epic', let alone actually getting them to go.

    And we had all three of those 'epic events' last year - in ADDTION to the family day. 

    Easier than ever for Demon families to get their footy fix? Please.

    Casey is total non starter for any one with little kids who lives anywhere but in the south.

    Again, my kids are young adults, but i live in West and the thought of packing up two little kids into the car for a 3 to 4 hour round trip to watch seven quarters of footy at Casey and bounce on a jumping castle swaying in the Casey wind gives me cold sweats.


    (To be clear WCW i'm in no way knocking you or the quoted post. And i'm not trying to make you a spokesperson or proxy for the club. 

    I love how supportive of the club you are. You have worded your post in a really balanced way that provides the reasons behind the decision not to have a family day without dismissing legit concerns about that decision. 

    I've quoted you because in relation to the focus of this thread - the clubs poor comms - your post is very useful in terms of highlighting my concerns about the club's comms to fans, and in particular to members )

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  11. 5 minutes ago, whatwhat say what said:

    that was made by a third party organisation, not the mfc media dept

    Yes, but that doesn't matter.

    The club made an investment. Plenty on here knocked it atm, but it was brilliant insight, and it won over most.

    It engaged fans. 

     I went back and watched it again after we won the flag and found it fascinating all over again connecting the work the players did that created the foundation for our flag.

    Its about the choice to make the investment. 

    And besides I'm guessing alot of club's video content, like the giants one above, is done by outside contractors.

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  12. 4 hours ago, Dannyz said:

    I think it's time to place on record how poor our media output has been since the departure of Ben Gibson.

    Training photos, the odd awkward interview and generic reprocessed information. I understand the strategy of the club this off & pre-season has been to close up shop and let their footy work do the talking but I truly believe the lack of insightful and creative media content will impact membership numbers, engagement and anticipation ahead of the season.

    Our website still shows the exciting launch of the 2023 merchandise range. We never hear from Gary Pert or Simon Goodwin unless it's a members forum or AGM. Andy Moniz Wakefield's re-signing was never announced, we are none the wiser on his contract length.

    I've just gone on to a few other random AFL club pages for context. The Bulldogs have a unique video feature where Cody Weightman (and others) have been filmed from their morning coffee, routine once they get to the club with even a snippet of Luke Beveridge's whiteboard strategy session. It's a unique insight without giving too much away. 

    Sydney have released a 15 minute video from their training camp at Coffs Harbour which shows the player bonding up close and how these camps play out.

    We know the powers at be read the forum so please place more resources in this area. Love from all of your fans! 

    Could not agree more.

    But to be clear i don't blame the current comms team (though i take Georges point about the content 'creators'. I'm not on social media and the only place i see their content is what is linked out here. But how many photos with captions like 'the colt horsing around' can you look at before wanting something with a bit more depth   - i mean how hard is to write something up say describing the purpose of the drills - or do a quick interview with a line coach, trainer or player at training talking about an element of their training - as opposed to who chose the music. With tech now that sort of content is basically free to create)

    The club has got a lot of things right in the last few years. Coms isn't one of them. And i mean comms in the broad sense, not just fan engagement stuff. 

    On the latter, i get the argument that with the soft cap restrictions the focus has to be on investments in the players and on field results. 

    But the two are super inter related. 

    For one thing, as i understand it growing the membership (to 80k) is part of the current strategic plan. Good comms is absolutely critical to achieving that strategic goal.

    Which makes sense, becuase that is how you bring in the income to drive on field performance. 

    With the cost of living so high, if you are asking fans to fork out hundreds of dollars for a membership good fan engagement is part of the value proposition. Sure memberships gets you into games, but for many a membership is more akin to a donation. 

    When making decisions about how to spend money all but the most hard core fans (and even many of them depending on their circumstances) to a greater or lesser degree will consider the value proposition of a membership before forking out for one. 

    For me the website is an important part of the value proposition. And ours is woeful.

    As someone interested in stats and players histories our website is terrible. I just checked then, and credit where its due, the players info is now current - but it was all 12 months out of late last season. That is amateursville. 

    What i'm most interested in is analysis. And again, there is nothing on our website that give me any insight into the game, how we are travelling, what our tactical thinking is etc etc. I just had a look at and the 'news' is training galleries and AFL articles.

    Carlton last year had video blogs previewing upcoming games. I watched it prior to our games and it was really interesting. Useful. Engaging. And no cost to create (apart from the employee time - but i assume we have employees doing comms?). 

    I barely ever visit the MFC our website. I'd say no more than once a month in season - and not at all out of season. That's crazy. 

    I get i'm not representative of what most fans want, but that's the point - a comms strategy has to include strategies of how to engage with all demographic's, including footy nerds like me. If for no other reason that if you ask people why they barrack for their team, 75% would say because my mum or dad did.

    And not investing in fan engagement is also incredibly short term thinking as it limits attracting new fans and keeping current ones. Fans become members. 

    I've noted before Freo have really good content on their website. I just had a look and this video from a few days ago is a good example of what i mean about content that adds to the value proposition of supporting freo.

    As a freo fan i would find this really interesting because it gives a bit insight into a key role at modern footy clubs - the data analyst (i found it is interesting as a dees fan!) and introduces me to a a club employee who is part of the huge group of people behind the scene it takes to make a club successful (i watched it on their website, but the link is to their you tube channel as it links out better).


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  13. 21 minutes ago, IRW said:

    You are being very kind to the cheer squad of Australian Test Cricket  "commentators "

    A fair criticism of the old channel 9 coverage.

    I can't speak to 7's team because i've only washed the fox coverage this summer. The fox lineup this summer was:

    Adam Gilchrist, Brett Lee, Mark Waugh, Mel Jones, Mike Hussey, Kerry O’Keeffe, Wasim Akram, Ravi Shastri, Isa Guha, Harsha Bhogle, Brian Lara, Michael Vaughan and Ian Smith.

    Of that group, the only commentator i don't really like is Mark Waugh.

    And of the others  Isa Guha, Harsha Bhogle, Michael Vaughan. Mel Jones and Adam Gilchrist are among the best in the world in my humble. And i really enjoyed the insights of Lara and Akram this summer too. 

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  14. 52 minutes ago, Roost it far said:

    I yearn for the day when the gravy train of poorly educated ex footballers with too many head knocks is stopped. I don’t think we’re far off much better football analysis and commentary becoming mainstream. It’s there with some great podcasts and articles written. Problem is you then turn the TV on and you have gorillas on serious money commentating. Then you have FOX and it’s myriad football shows either attempting comedy or telling you the plainly obvious. It’s no wonder I come here. 😂🤓

    One of the things things that has struck me about watching EPL and NFL, two sports i know bugger all about, is how insightful the commentary and general coverage is. And how much it helps me understand the game and adds to my enjoyment as a viewer.  

    They are obviously generally speaking to fans who know the sports super well, but their way of discussing the game as they commentate is so illuminating.

    EPL has few breaks in the flow of the game, but they effortlessly weave really interesting info in about the teams, tactics, records etc -all while doing a great job of calling the game and not allowing their comments to destroy their flow.

    The games nver have more than two callers, and when they do have two, one is the clear special comments expert who doesn't bang on about irrelevant rubbish, bang on about their pet topics or interrupt the caller. 

    And in the NFL, with all its breaks, the graphics and analysis is simply amazing. I have learnt so much about different tactics and what the game is all about js from watching the coverage. the NFL also has a great balance between journalist/professional callers and ex players providing legitimately interesting and useful special comments. 

    I have also been watching the Aus v West Indies and India v England tests, and the coverage is uniformly excellent.

    Test cricket is a sport i DO know a lot about, yet i am constantly learning new info and deepening my knowledge about tactics, the game I'm watching and the history of the game.

    On the above, this is one of the best things I've ever seen in the coverage of any sport. Just awesome: intelligent, insightful and i learnt new information that as someone who played a lot of cricket a player and lifelong lover of cricket really surprised me (for example Lara taking about premediating shots - not when slogging or chasing runs, but as part of his technique - breaking one of the immutable rules of good batting technique that was drummed into me growing up):


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  15. 48 minutes ago, The Jackson FIX said:

    We’re committed to bombing it to a contest in the F50 with the intent to either mark it or bring it to ground AND we have a high number of F50 entries every game.

    Isn’t a stay-at-home forward (who is either strong in the contest OR has a good pair of hands) exactly what we need to be developing?

    Seems a missed opportunity to me that they’re not using the pre-season to get contest after contest (against the best defence in the league) into him.  

    If he can’t run out games in the early part of his career, you always have the opportunity to sub him off. 


    With all team defensive systems and zones teams in 2024 simply can't carry a 'stay at home forward'. They haven't been able to for at least 5 years. 

    This is an (educated) guess - but i reckon ten years ago of the 22 players in each team, perhaps as few as half of them would run more than 10kms in a game.

    Now EVERY player, barring injury or being subbed out, runs north of 10kms a game - including the key forwards (I'm pretty sure I'm right in saying that the key forwards cover more distance than even the key defenders).  

    You could see the impact of basically carrying Hawkins for the first third of the season on Geelong's ability to defend. It was made worse by Cameron's injury issues and reduced running power. They simply could not defend the ground and as a result repeatedly got opened up.  

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  16. On 07/02/2024 at 11:59, dpositive said:

    I hate the emphasis on the gambling industry in our society, and always want to gamble responsibly. 

    I know that losses always exceed wins and that winners profit on losers decisions. 

    BUT geeeez thats a pretty generous return.

    I hope there are many and only demon supporters who win this one as those who dont gamble at all win the flag brag. 

    Personally, if i was framing a market for the flag i'd have the pies and the lions just about equal favorites, with us just behind (in large part because we've had more players with interrupted preseasons).

    There is very little separating those three teams. You only need to look at the exposed form from last season in terms of head to head games between them for clear evidence of that fact (ie small margins, pretty much 50 50 for all head to head combos)

    That said, 9.50 is not good value at all (and 5.00 for the pies to win just simply ridiculous). 

    Futures bets, particularly for an event seven months away, is a total sucker bet created by the bookies to siphon money from punters (not that there would much money in GF  pools at this point). 

    As Webber notes above:

    • 'Where we finish depends on injuries/players available through the season. As it does for all clubs. It’s the single greatest determinant of success, even if the least sexy.'

    There is no way of knowing which teams might cop key injuries at key times (like us losing every key forward, and then melk, at the business end of the season). 

    Or which team might just have run of really bad luck - for example imagine taking a futures bet before the 2023 season on the crows to make the finals (or even win it), only for them to miss out because of a complete howler of a video review that knocked them out.

    For the same reason, futures bets on say the Melbourne Cup are a scam by bookies (though at least if you had an interest in a horse that you knew was a star, and others didn't, you might get crazy good odds). The current favorite for the Melbourne Cup is Without A Fight at $15. I wouldn't take $15 for it to actually run!

    On Webbers comment about the impact of injuries on teams chances of success, quite frankly, it amazes me that in 2024 this is just not an accepted fact.

    Since the end of the last season I've taken more interest in other football codes (and to a lesser extent NBA). 

    For example I've been following the Spurs fortunes closely in the EPL and the 49ers in the NFL.

    The impact of injuries (and in the EPL also players missing due to international games) is forensically analyzed - and factored into predictions of how teams might go, previews of games and reviews of games.

    Unlike with AFL footy, noting the impact of injuries is not reflexively dismissed as making excuses, but rather factored in as logical reasons contributing to predictions, a particular result, or run of results.   

    My sense is that it is uniquely Australian phenomena that the impact of injury is not realistically factored into the media's analysis of footy, and hardly at all by fans.

    I think the footy media plays a key role as it is dominated by the voices of ex footballers, many of whom played last century ,and the ridiculous make no excuses, soldier out, soldier in palaver is baked in to the coverage and therefore also the culture of the game. 

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  17. 1 hour ago, Demonland said:

    I can't recall hearing a reason but he has been doing a separate modified program away from the main group for the past few months at training. Over the past weeks he has slowly been integrating into the main group initially for the warm up drills and then doing a modified program when the contact drills began. Yesterday was the first time I have seen him in the contact drills but before the end he left the field (not necessarily because of anything sinister) to ride the bike in the shed.

    I have not seen him much in a match situation but from limited viewings at trainings he has a great pair of hands, takes a good grab and has nice skills and a good kick. Can't comment on whether he has any mongrel in him but he laid a nice ferocious tackle at training yesterday. He got a lot of kudos from his teammates for it and I can only surmise that it was the type of congratulations you would receive if it was the type of actions the team wanted to see more of.

    My guess would be his fitness is not yet at AFL level.

    I only went to two VFL game last year , Coburg mid season and the blues later in the season - he looked gassed late in quarters in both, particularly the Coburg game. 

    A modified program might suggest they are focusing on building his aerobic base (the same might be true of Mcadam). 

    I suspect Jefferson dominated at junior level as key forward who was strong, had good hands, good one on one and and read the ball well. And his lack of aerobic tank was not exposed. 

    But the days of a key forward being able to get by just on physical strength, clunking a few marks and slotting sausage rolls are well and truly gone.

    Hawkins is a good example - for the first two thirds of his career his role was pretty much to stay inside 50 and play the big gorilla, wrestling role. And he was just about the best at it too. 

    But in the last few years he dropped weight and clearly improved his tank and running ability, getting up and down the ground much more. Arguably his 2022 season was his best.

    But last year he had an interrupted preseason and started the season nowhere near peak aerobic fitness. Forced to go back to his stay inside 50 style, he was nowhere near as effective as he had been.

    The same could be said of Tmac coming back into he side late in 2023.

    And Jefferson ain't no Hawkins (yet?). 

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  18. 5 hours ago, daisycutter said:

    it was more than just kill 1 in 10 for a group

    the military unit to be decimated (due to rebellion, performance etc) was spit up into groups of 10. within the group of 10 they drew straws to determine who would be killed. then the other 9 in the group had to kill their comrade who drew the short straw..

    tough love, huh

    today, in common usage, decimate tends to used for more like 10% surviving rather than being killed

    Sounds like vfl footy coaches in the 70s.

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